Enduring Love

Author: Ian McEwan
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 9780385494144
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On a windy spring day in the Chilterns, the calm, organized life of science writer Joe Rose is shattered when he witnesses a tragic accident: a hot-air balloon with a boy trapped in its basket is being tossed by the wind, and in the attempt to save the child, a man is killed. A stranger named Jed Parry joins Rose in helping to bring the balloon to safety. But unknown to Rose, something passes between Parry and himself on that day--something that gives birth to an obsession in Parry so powerful that it will test the limits of Rose's beloved rationalism, threaten the love of his wife, Clarissa, and drive him to the brink of murder and madness. Brilliant and compassionate, this is a novel of love, faith, and suspense, and of how life can change in an instant. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Enduring Love

Author: Bonnie Leon
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 0800731786
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Just when things seem to be looking up for John and Hannah Bradshaw, their world is turned upside down. This conclusion to the Sydney Cove trilogy will draw readers in with its suspenseful, romantic, and tender narrative.

An Enduring Love

Author: Michele Ashman Bell
Publisher: Covenant Communications Incorporated
ISBN: 9781577343332
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Ian Mcewan S Enduring Love

Author: Roger Clarke
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 9780826414786
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This is an excellent guide to 'Enduring Love'. It features a biography of the author, a full-length analysis of the novel, and a great deal more. If you're studying this novel, reading it for your book club, or if you simply want to know more about it, you'll find this guide informative, intelligent, and helpful. This is part of a new series of guides to contemporary novels. The aim of the series is to give readers accessible and informative introductions to some of the most popular, most acclaimed and most influential novels of recent years - from ‘The Remains of the Day' to ‘White Teeth'. A team of contemporary fiction scholars from both sides of the Atlantic has been assembled to provide a thorough and readable analysis of each of the novels in question.

Ian Mcewan S Enduring Love

Author: Peter Childs
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0203567102
Size: 51.69 MB
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Ian McEwan is one of Britain's most inventive and important contemporary writers. Also adapted as a film, his novel Enduring Love (1997) is a tale of obsession that has both troubled and enthralled readers around the world. Renowned author Peter Childs explores the intricacies of this haunting novel to offer: an accessible introduction to the text and contexts of Enduring Love a critical history, surveying the many interpretations of the text from publication to the present a selection of new and reprinted critical essays on Enduring Love, by Kiernan Ryan, Sean Matthews, Martin Randall, Paul Edwards, Rhiannon Davies and Peter Childs, providing a range of perspectives on the novel and extending the coverage of key critical approaches identified in the survey section cross-references between sections of the guide, in order to suggest links between texts, contexts and criticism suggestions for further reading. Part of the Routledge Guides to Literature series, this volume is essential reading for all those beginning detailed study of Enduring Love and seeking not only a guide to the novel, but a way through the wealth of contextual and critical material that surrounds it.

Enduring Love

Author: Peter Rollins
ISBN: 9780692124123
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Enduring Love is a graphic novel exploring the exquisite sufferings of love. Set in the Lonely Forest, these tales follow the lives of various creatures who are navigating the difficult terrain of desire, drive and death.

Intertextuality In Ian Mcewan S Novels Enduring Love Atonement And Sweet Tooth

Author: Dijla Gattan
ISBN: 9783668470491
Size: 34.61 MB
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Master's Thesis from the year 2016 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Literature, University of Al-Qadisiyah, language: English, abstract: This thesis deals with intertextuality in Ian McEwan's novels. The aim of this study is to show how McEwan uses intertextuality and how this technique is used to develop the themes, characters, and narration of his novels. This study tries also to label the different kinds of intertextuality that McEwan uses. This thesis is divided into an introduction, three chapters, and a conclusion. Intertextuality is an important subject in literary and linguistic studies. As a term, it was introduced by Julia Kristeva in 1966. The main idea of intertextuality is the shaping of a texts' meanings in the light of another. Consequently, there is no text, rather intertext. Other critics and theorists developed this theory. Mikhail Bakhtin has a social approach to it. Roland Barthe adapts a textual analysis of intertextuality, and focuses on the role of the reader rather than of writer. Chapter one of this thesis is an introduction and is divided into three sections. Section one tackles the theory of interextuality. It discusses its definition, applications, roots and history, development, and its pioneers, while section two focuses on the multiple types and devices of intetextuality. Section three focuses on Ian McEwan's life and career. Chapter Two studies McEwan's Enduring Love (1997). It tackles important issues such as the controversy between human studies and literature on the one hand, and science on the other. The researcher tries to discover what kind of intertextuality this novel has. Chapter three discusses McEwan's masterpiece, Atonement (2001). It is a very rich intertextual novel. The researcher tries to discover McEwan's aim behind this aura of intertextuality, how he exploits them for the sake of the themes, techniques, narrative, and finally for the sake of metafictionality. In chapter four, the rese

Footprints On The Sand

Author: Judith Lennox
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472224086
Size: 65.86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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'I have fallen completely in love with Judith Lennox's writing - she's a fantastic storyteller!' Jill Mansell With the onset of war, everything changes... Judith Lennox writes an unforgettable novel of enduring love and the tides of fortune in the compelling novel Footprints on the Sand. Perfect for fans of Dinah Jefferies and Lucinda Riley. The Mulgraves are a rootless, bohemian family who travel the continent, staying in crumbling Italian palazzos, Spanish villas, French vineyards - belonging nowhere, picking up friends and hangers-on as they go, and moving on when Ralph Mulgrave's latest enthusiasm dwindles. Faith, the eldest child of the family, longs for a proper home. But in 1940, Germany invades France and the Mulgraves are forced to flee to England. Faith and her brother Jake go to London, while Ralph reluctantly settles in a Norfolk cottage with the remnants of his family. In the intense and dangerous landscape of wartime London Faith finds work as an ambulance driver, and meets once again one of Ralph's retinue from those distant and, in retrospect, golden days of childhood. Through war and its aftermath, it is Faith on whom the family relies, Faith who offers support and succour, and Faith who is constant and true in her love. What readers are saying about Footprints on the Sand: 'Curl up and get lost in this wonderfully written book that takes you from early 1900 through to the 1960s' '[Judith Lennox] can paint a picture so vividly in your mind, make you care about her characters, make you feel the anguish, the partings, the love that is taken away and then given back. A wonderful read' 'Such wonderful escapism - well written and compelling!'

Cascara De Nuez Nutshell

Author: Ian McEwan
Publisher: Anagrama
ISBN: 9788433960603
Size: 58.20 MB
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Trudy has betrayed her husband, John. She's with his brother, the profoundly banal Claude, and the two of them have a plan. But there is a witness to their plot: the nine-month-old resident of Trudy's womb. Nutshell is a classic tale of murder and deceit from one of the world's master storytellers.