Evidence Not Seen

Author: Darlene Deibler Rose
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Separated from those she loved, Darlene faced beatings and torment for a crime she did not commit. Yet despite the horrors of suffering, her future was secure. Her life was in God's hands. This book follows her story from the New Guinea jungle to four years in a Japanese Prisoner of War camp.

Imperial Japan S World War Two

Author: Werner Gruhl
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351513249
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Gruhl's narrative makes clear why Japan's World War II aggression still touches deep emotions with East Asians and Western ex-prisoners of war, and why there is justifiable sensitivity to the way modern Japan has dealt with this legacy. Knowledge of the enormity of Japan's total war is also necessary to assess the United States' and her allies' policies toward Japan, and their reactions to its actions, extending from Manchuria in 1931 to Hiroshima in 1945. Gruhl takes the view that World War II started in 1931 when Japan, crowded and poor in raw materials but with a sense of military invincibility, saw empire as her salvation and invaded China. Japan's imperial regime had volatile ambitions but limited resources, thus encouraging them to unleash a particularly brutal offensive against the peoples of Asia and surrounding ocean islands. Their 1931 to 1945 invasions and policies further added to Asia's pre-war woes, particularly in China, by badly disrupting marginal economies, leading to famines and epidemics. Altogether, the victims of Japan's World War Two aggression took many forms and were massive in number. Gruhl offers a survey and synthesis of the historical literature and documentation, statistical data, as well as personal interviews and first-hand accounts to provide a comprehensive overview analysis. The sequence of diplomatic and military events leading to Pearl Harbor, as well as those leading to the U.S. decision to drop the atom bomb, are explored here as well as Japan's war crimes and postwar revisionist/apologist views regarding them. This book will be of intense interest to Asian specialists, and those concerned with human rights issues in a historical context.

When God Happens Angels Miracles And Heavenly Encounters

Author: Angela Hunt
Publisher: Salem Books
ISBN: 1621578909
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PRAISE FOR THE WHEN GOD HAPPENS SERIES "Reading When God Happens is like receiving an intravenous dose of hope in a world parched by hopelessness. It will remind you not just to hope for miracles but to expect them."-- Melanie Hemry, Guideposts magazine writer and author of fifty-four books "A powerful read."-- Dimas Salaberrios, author of Street God "True stories like these require those who don't believe in angels ... to explain the unexplainable."-- Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist A diesel mechanic is smashed under the weight of a logging truck. A child's inner tube is sucked out of a peaceful stretch of water into a frothing patch of dangerous rapids. A woman searching for peace is met with an icy chill when she begins arranging runestones.... In all these stories, there is one common thread--God's angels are waiting and ready to powerfully intervene. If you have ever doubted the presence of angels or questioned whether God is still acting through them, this book will inspire you to look beyond your everyday perceptions. In the follow-up to their 2018 title When God Happens: True Stories of Modern Day Miracles, bestselling authors Angela Hunt and Bill Myers invite you into the miraculous--sharing nineteen true, firsthand testimonies of angelic appearances, perfectly placed protection, and unforeseen interventions that will encourage you in your faith and cause even the most skeptical minds to take a second look. Hear from a father whose family was saved from back-alley cutthroats by a mysterious Scotsman, a woman whose spiritual battle was inexplicably resolved through a tattooed pickup driver interested in potted plants, and a newlywed home economist whose generosity to an unexpected visitor transformed her life. If you have ever doubted what angels are, where they come from, or how God is working through them today, we pray these stories will open your eyes to the mighty work that is done when God happens.

God Must Be Weeping

Author: J.D. Winston
ISBN: 9780615681948
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RIVETING A MUST READ*****5 STAR FOREWORD REVIEW (rarely accepted from a first time author, generally authors/publishers must pay them to review their novel). GOD MUST BE WEEPING is a bracing account of a young man's journey in the backdrop of WWll, a riveting drama abounding in conviction and passion and faith.The story unfolds through the eyes of MONTGOMERY Mason, a young Italian-American consumed with patriotic fervor who strives to follow his dream of becoming a soldier. In defiance of his beloved mother's wishes, MONTY, an aspiring writer, forfeits a job at "The Times' and enlists in the army. In boot camp, he forges lifelong friendships with three men who hail from such disparate backkgrounds, their Drill Sergeant tags them with the moniker, "The Misfits." HUNTER, a striking soldier, has a flair for raising his fists, and paradoxically, easing the tenor in troubled times; MO, a Southerner, with deep religious convictions struggles between the moral implications of warfare and fierce patriotism he sports in his gray eyes-and MAKO, who comes from a gilded upbringing and shines in every maneuver. The genesis of their camaraderie remains a mystery, and is tested once their deployed to the war-torn iridescent beaches of the Pacific Theatre. Forced to endure the human shuffle of war, these men examine the intangible questions of free will, faith and mortality. ____MONTY gets wounded and falls in LOVE with an Australian nurse he encounters in a field hospital. Memories of their star-crossed affair compel him to persevere when he is captured. In his cell, he ruminates on the past and reflects on the lovely vision that had rendered him speechless: JANE____A prison guard slips MONTY a coconut and stack of paper in the hopes he will 'break.' Instead, he chronicles his life story, and his scribbling becomes the heartbeat of the novel. The cadenced splendor of MONTY's account set against the shuffles of prison life reveals an engrossing tale of redemption, faith and love.____MO scours the jungle for his buddies and collides with a courageous African American soldier named SHANGO. Both men are reticent to join forces and filled with preconceptions about the other. Inevitably, their relationship becomes a crucible of wills. MO & SHANGO soon discover the inanity of prejudice, and come to realize they share more than a uniform. A poignant historical fiction, GOD MUST BE WEEPING is a vivid illustration of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's sentiment: "It's not miracles that generate faith, but faith that generates miracles."____AN EXCERPT FROM THE NOVEL :On many a Carolina morning, I awoke before the sun rose over the snowcapped mountains and the colorful light of dawn puddled at my bedside. I lay on my side awaiting the sound of that vexatious bugle. Once the army raised its colors, a commotion unfurled in the barracks; men shuffled out of their upper and lower berths, stumbling here and there like wooden soldiers, marching toward the latrine. I scarcely budged. I pulled out my journal from my footlocker and emptied my thoughts onto a cold page. It wasn't easy. A ruckus seemed to always be going on in the early hour. In general, MAKO was first to rise. His morning routine consisted of running three miles and leaping over sun-dials before he followed the smell of pine needles back to the barracks, anxious to get a move on. He showered and shaved by the time any of the men rolled out of bed.__MO, on the other hand, turned out to be a heavy sleeper like me. He preferred to lounge under the army's drab sheets and peruse the same leather-bound volume. Every time I caught a bleary glimpse of him, his shoulders were hunched, and his gray eyes peered deep into the book's raggedy pages. I made a vow that one day I would swipe it out of his hand. Until then, I would simply have to remain curious.