La Terre Qui R Sonne

Author: Micheline Dusseck
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1493122681
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"The land that resonates" is the story of three generations of women, essential elements of an attractive rural atmosphere despite its poverty , which scrape the margins of international turmoil , political instability, foreign intervention, causes of extreme disorganization of their existences. Simone Francilia, Charity, authentic Haitian farmers, cultivating the land, caring for their children, not to mention their men shoulder to honor their dead and their gods. Guarantee of a subsistence economy in decline due to the gradual exodus, they struggle in a climate of economic exploitation, including sexual social. Despite this awkward atmosphere Zette, Erzulie, Lamercie, Altagrâce live bluntly pages heartbreaking love, tender and fierce. These are the true pillars of a valiant people, the wonderful uniqueness of land that resonates far beyond its geographical and financial limitations, since it was the flagship of other postcolonial nations and its epic founders, the emblem of the great thinkers. This is what makes them fascinating characters, spontaneous, wonderful and unforgettable.

Emballe Moi

Author: Isabelle Duplé
ISBN: 1291975454
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