Finally Out

Author: Loren A. Olson
ISBN: 9780997961430
Size: 16.79 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Dr. Loren A. Olson has frequently been asked two questions: How could you not know that you were gay until the age of forty? Wasn't your marriage just a sham to protect yourself at your wife's expense? In Finally Out, Dr. Olson answers these questions by telling the inspiring story of his evolving sexuality, into which he intelligently weaves psychological concepts and gay history. This book is a powerful exploration of human sexuality, particularly the sexuality of mature men who, like Dr. Olson, lived a large part of their lives as straight men--sometimes long after becoming aware of their same-sex attractions. Readers will come to understand: - That there is no universal model for coming out - Why many older LGBTQ men came out late, do not come out at all, or come out to varying degrees in different environments - How stigma has created mental health problems for isolated and closeted men who have sex with men, particularly in geographical areas and cultures where there is little or no acceptance of homosexuality - How sexual function changes but perhaps even improves for older men - That aging creates opportunities that one has never had and may never have again, e.g., freedom from the tyranny of ambition - That some people consistently prefer an older sexual partner and this can lead to stable, intergenerational relationships - How same-sex sexual activity was considered prior to the Stonewall uprising in 1969 contrasted with the way it is perceived after Stonewall - How age, culture, geographical location, heterosexual marriage, and children impact a person's decision to come out - Why "conversion therapy" does not work and may be harmful - The difference between homophobia and homonaïveté - The archetypes of self-identified straight men who seek occasional or regular sex with other men - How to overcome the shame and guilt experienced by men who are sexually attracted to other men

The Lgbt Casebook

Author: Petros Levounis
Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub
ISBN: 1585624217
Size: 35.87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The LGBT Casebook provides a general overview and roadmap for clinicians new to treating LGBT individuals, and it deepens and updates knowledge for those already seeing these patients in their practices.

Crazy Relationships

Author: Alan Elangovan
Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore
ISBN: 154374771X
Size: 13.88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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When one partner is unfaithful to the other, it can seem nearly impossible to repair the damage that has been done. But what do you do if you suspect your partner is cheating on you—on an emotional level or worse? Cheating does not happen in a vacuum, and the signs that you may be a victim are usually right in front of you. In this guide to spotting and responding to infidelity, Elangovan Alan examines topics such as: • What constitutes cheating in today’s world? • How do you bring more intimacy into your relationship? • What signs should you look out for to spot an unfaithful partner? • Why flirting can quickly escalate into a physical relationship. The author also examines how to reduce the chances that you’ll be cheated on in the first place, why men and women cheat, and ways you can respond when confronted with the ultimate betrayal. You are not alone in wondering whether you’ve been cheated on. Put your suspicions to rest and enjoy better relationships with the steps and insights in this guide.


Author: Jack Dunsmoor
ISBN: 1483428540
Size: 62.73 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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OK2BG is narrative nonfiction, a Memoir about a guy who wants to be a Mentor preferably to a teenager, so they can have a decent & meaningful conversation about stuff & preferably with a kid at-risk, or just otherwise lost, in order to help both the teenager as well as the determined subject of this story realize their unique potential & find or reinforce their place in the world. Overall, a chronicle about the author’s attempt over several years to understand the question of ‘why do I want to be a Mentor’ which eventually helps him become a more insightful person. Subsequently in September, 2010 after a plague of teen suicides, Jack turns his attention to researching gay biographies into optimistically appropriate groups of books for gay kids at-risk, from bullying. After 5 years Jack has categorized 2,000+ books in the form of Memoirs, Biographies & Autobiographies written by or about 1,000+ allegedly gay men. The primary message in OK2BG is to read & reassess before you run asunder!

Letting Go

Author: Judene Elizabeth
Publisher: Booktango
ISBN: 1468919113
Size: 79.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Let go of resentment, hatred and anger. Be free to participate in the now. Includes an exercise to start fresh with yourself and others as well as practices designed to clear out negativity and keep you in your bliss. Break out of old patterns, clean up your thoughts and start living an empowered life. All with this one little guide.

Live And Let Live

Author: William A. Jeffries
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469122790
Size: 25.64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Novel highlights one-man battle for righteousness against a murderous thieving gang of businessman Toronto-Bill Schultz was born to a poor, religious catholic family. He went to church every Sunday, prayed before and after meals and learned the difference between right and wrong. After jumping on the opportunity to go into his own business he finds himself on the wrong side of the fence facing deception and debauchery in William A. Jones new novel, LIVE AND LET LIVE. An extended trip of Europe as a young, single man sparks Schultz commitment to a live and let live philosophical approach to life. Using his new philosophy, Schultz excels in his business, despite the treachery immersing from his three business partners: Mark Adamson, Jim Wormald and Patrick Carter. After refusing to partake in a money laundering scheme, Schultz finds himself facing a slander crusade initiated by Wormald and backed by Adamson and Carter. Using his new philosophy of live and let live, Schultz endures the onslaught of his partners and continues to develop his end of the business in a professional fashion, free from the fraud, theft, activities of the others. While continuing to treat all colleagues in a fair and equal manner, he single-handedly extracts business from every nook and cranny around the globe, and is elected as the new president of an associate represented in forty countries. Traumatized by the corruption, Schultz wife succumb to cancer and he resolved to dedicate every fiber of his existence to have the gang outlawed. Read the suspenseful and intriguing conclusion to LIVE AND LET LIVE and discover if Schultz finds justice amidst the deceit and criminal activities of his partners. William A. Jeffries left school after high school graduation to help support his family. He studies evening courses in French, German, law and Marketing. He completed extra-curricular courses in business management and corporate governance, transportation, public speaking, board governance and conducting meetings. During his free time traveling Europe, he studied the history of the world and of the universe. He is now widowed with two adult sons. LIVE AND LET LIVE is his fist book.

Daily Words Of Encouragement To Live By

Author: Dr. Jim Bostic Th. DS.
Publisher: WestBowPress
ISBN: 1449780156
Size: 37.66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Life for many people does not offer much to be celebrated. Finances are tight, relationships have gone badly, health concerns have risen, children are becoming unmanageable, and it has caused many people to feel defeated. The Daily Words of Encouragement will lift the broken hearted, give hope to the hopeless, and bring healing for your soul.

Blood Rose

Author: Nina T. Beasley
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1483675793
Size: 52.74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Katherine Henderson is a woman who grew up from a rather poor background and went to school with peers she could not fit in with. After a past fail of two potential romances, she decides early in life that she is done pining for love. She settles down with a young man during her college years, but fate deals her a few twists, and he develops habits that she either can learn to accept and can never change or walk away from. Ingrained with the heavy belief that her children can and will not be without their father, this battle with self-esteem problems plus her and Lances two children together both wears her down and keeps her turning back every time no matter what. When she finds some other things she really doesnt like, and truth becomes more real than love ever was to her, what is she to do?

Living In Atlanta

Author: David Rector
Publisher: David Rector
ISBN: 0989458911
Size: 11.30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Living in Atlanta is a wonderful love story, hilarious comedy and a drama all rolled into one. The cast of characters includes the handsome Dude Hardy and the lovely Baby Winterhaven. You'll also meet the hilarious Wollfred Clark and his not so lovely wife, Shitteria Clark. You'll laugh out loud and you'll cry tears of joy as you read this page turner.