From Buddy To Boss

Author: Chase Sargent
Publisher: Fire Engineering Books
ISBN: 159370075X
Size: 69.61 MB
Format: PDF
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Whether youre a new officer or in need of a mentor, From Buddy to Boss: Effective Fire Service Leadership, is a must-have management book youll turn to over and over again. Fire service veteran Chase Sargent has taken his popular course and written a no-holds barred leadership book for the fire service in a conversational and easy-to-read style. He tells you how to accept and survive politics, deal with the fringe employees, and keep your cool -- tricks of the trade that usually takes years to acquire. In this book youll learn: ***Your credibility is a valuable currency that takes time to build up. What you do, not what you say, is the ultimate test of your credibility, reinforcing your expectations*** ***That leadership requires individuals and organizations to create an environment where people and their ideas can thrive*** ***How to use stories to impress upon our new members the necessity of doing certain things*** ***That the quickest ways to lose trust are to inconsistently apply and enforce rules and to allow your personal feelings to dictate what you will and wont enforce*** ***Why leading by example and from the front, doing not saying, is critical to you success*** Reading From Buddy to Boss is like turning to a trusted friend for wisdom and advice you can count on to improve your job performance. Use this book to master your leadership as well as your management skills and successfully make the transition to boss.

Effective Fire And Emergency Services Administration

Author: Robert S. Fleming
Publisher: Fire Engineering Books
ISBN: 1593702299
Size: 31.65 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Dr. Fleming's new book -- drawing from an array of business and administrative disciplines -- provides a solid conceptual foundation for understanding, meeting, and exceeding the expectations of organizational stakeholders and preparing for professional, personal, and organizational success in fire administration. The book addresses the various course objectives and learning outcomes for both the Introduction to Fire and Emergency Services Administration course within the FESHE Associate's Model Curriculum and the corresponding bachelor's course, Fire and Emergency Services Administration. Effective Fire & Emergency Services Administration will be an invaluable resource for students (both undergraduate and graduate), and current fire and emergency services personnel of all ranks who are preparing for career advancement, including promotional examinations. It also will serve as a very useful reference for current fire and emergency service operational and administrative officers.

In Command Of Guardians Executive Servant Leadership For The Community Of Responders

Author: Eric J. Russell
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3030124932
Size: 17.33 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In Command of Guardians: Executive Servant Leadership for the Community of Responders, Second Edition spotlights the philosophy of servant leadership and offers a pathway for strengthening first responder organizations. Responders work in high-risk, critical situations under the pressure of time and consequence. Being a responder means one must become an active player in the tragedies of others. Because these situations can change the responder over time, a special type of leader is needed to walk beside them while they navigate the realities of public safety and emergency service operations. This book illustrates how being a servant leader to these guardians allows the community of responders to strengthen their resiliency, foster individual growth, and perform at peak levels. “The book spans a wide breadth and depth, and is written in a way that engages the reader immediately. It is packed with sensitive and wise insights, as well as eminently practical advice for today’s emergency services leaders, as well as those of tomorrow.” - Emily Hough, Editor-In-Chief, Crisis Response Journal "Emotionally moving, research-based, and a compelling case for why any organization can benefit from a servant leadership organizational culture. Eric debunks the myth that servant leadership is "soft" and shows how the hard work of skilled servant-leaders is exactly what is needed in the alpha worlds of public safety and emergency services." - Duane Trammell, President, Trammell McGee-Cooper & Associates, Inc “Eric Russell is a pioneer in applying the principles of servant leadership to the communities of brave police, fire, and emergency services responders. This book is destined to be a classic reference work for the field.” -Don M. Frick, PhD, Authorized Robert Greenleaf biographer and co-author of Seven Pillars of Servant Leadership: The Wisdom of Leading by Serving. “In Command of Guardian speaks great leadership truths to first responder communities throughout the world. This is an important work for those in command of the men and woman who put their lives on the line to save others.” – Christophe Libeau, Lieutenant Colonel, Brigade de Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris

Invitation To Human Communication

Author: Cindy Griffin
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 0495501964
Size: 56.36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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INVITATION TO HUMAN COMMUNICATION, working in partnership with National Geographic, acknowledges the complexity of today’s world, the power of communication, and the necessity of teaching students the foundational skills they will need to both compete and succeed in this complex and exciting environment. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Las 21 Leyes Irrefutables Del Liderazgo

Author: John C. Maxwell
Publisher: Grupo Nelson
ISBN: 9781602550278
Size: 16.93 MB
Format: PDF
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En Las 21 leyes irrefutables del liderazgo, John C. Maxwell combino conocimiento perspicaz aprendido en sus mas de 40 anos de exitos y errores de liderazgo con observaciones del mundo de los negocios, de la politica, de los deportes, de la religion y el conflicto militar. Algunas de las partes mas destacadas de la edicion revisada de este libro de gran exito de ventas segun la lista del New York Times, la cual ha vendido mas de un millon de ejemplares en ingles, son: Cada capitulo ha sido revisado. 2 capitulos, "La ley de la adicion" (que reemplaza "La ley de E. F. Hutton") y "La ley de la imagen" (que reemplaza "La ley de la reproduccion"), son completamente nuevos. 17 historias nuevas han sido incluidas. 6 capitulos estan corregidos en un 50%. 5 capitulos estan corregidos en un 75%. Secciones de aplicacion practica acompanan a cada capitulo. Se ha incluido una evaluacion de liderazgo.

From Courage To Courtesy

Author: Marla Harr
ISBN: 9780996867405
Size: 15.97 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Will culture shock send your career up in flames? It doesn't have to. You've put in your time, spent endless hours studying, and passed the promotional exam. Congratulations - you've made it to the officer ranks of the Fire Service! Making an effective transition from being a firehouse buddy to being a boss will take more than a firm knowledge of the job. You need people skills, manners, and the ability to rapidly adapt to a culture you've never experienced. Developing good etiquette is an important investment in your future. It allows you to feel at ease in any situation and gives you the confidence and polish of a true leader. From Courage to Courtesy explains exactly what you need to know to become the collaborative, gracious, and poised team leader that the Fire Service values. It contains easy to implement etiquette advice for today's modern world. -How to effectively use the 5 C's of interpersonal skills: Communication, Connection, Collaboration, Critical thinking, and Creativity. -The skills that govern proper professional behavior in any situation (introductions, meetings, dinners, public speaking) and will make you stand out as a "class act." -How to work in a multi-generational environment -Email, text, and smartphones - working in the technology age


Author: United States Armor Association
Size: 28.59 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The magazine of mobile warfare.