From Dude To Dad

Author: Chris Pegula
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101635371
Size: 67.85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 5008
Congrats: You’re going to be a dad! Now what? Dude, relax; you’re going to be fine. But it wouldn’t hurt to get a few pointers—a road map of what lies ahead. That’s what this book is for. From Dude to Dad gives you the need-to-know essentials on pregnancy, birthing, and parenthood, and how it’s okay to be scared out of your mind. You’ll learn what the expecting mom is going through during each trimester, how you can be the best partner and dad-to-be, and how to immediately start bonding with baby. Be prepared for the arrival that will ultimately change your life in the best way possible.

Diaper Dude

Author: Chris Pegula
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101992611
Size: 35.69 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 2649
Dude, you're a dad now! Picking up where From Dude to Dad left off, author and founder of the popular Diaper Dude parenting brand Chris Pegula dives into the first two years of parenting and furthers his deeply held belief that you don't have to lose yourself when you become a father. Once again written in Pegula's everyman voice and filled with humorous takes on fatherhood from the front lines, the book is an easy-to-read resource for new dads, combining hard-won lessons learned, pitfalls to avoid, and practical advice from a dude who hasn't lost his identity (or his sanity). Filled with useful information, hilarious stories of dad madness, a little psychology and science, and engaging sidebars, Diaper Dude covers everything from bonding, babyproofing, and when you'll have sex again to toddlerhood, tantrums, and tag-teaming with your partner to cover all the bases while staying (somewhat) sane. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Birth Guy S Go To Guide For New Dads

Author: Brian W. Salmon
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
ISBN: 1684031613
Size: 48.89 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 2964
A must-have baby shower gift for expectant dads! In this one-of-a-kind guide, dad, doula, and certified lactation counselor Brian Salmon and perinatal mental health and relationship expert Kirsten Brunner offer practical, modern-day survival tips for expectant dads and birth partners. Gone are the days when fathers would nervously pace the waiting room while their partners gave birth. Dads are participating in childbirth now more than ever before. However, if you’re like many men, you may feel unprepared, uncomfortable, or even unwelcome in the birth room. For you, this book offers battle-tested tips to help you get in the game and prepare for one of the most incredible adventures of your life. Based on the author’s Rocking Dadschildbirth course, this book will teach you everything you need to know about supporting your partner through birth, breastfeeding, and beyond. In this guide, you’ll discover pointers and advice you won’t find in any other childbirth or breastfeeding guide, including: A list of items to pack for the hospital that will help mom’s labor go more smoothly Stealth communication skills that you can utilize during early labor to support mom and keep her in a positive state of mind How to write a birth plan that the labor and delivery nurses will actually pay attention to What to say and do—and what not to say and do—when mom is in active labor and feeling all the feelings A detailed account of what to expect in the delivery room as a birth partner, and how to navigate the unknown terrains when things don’t go as planned How to help mom achieve proper nipple latch when she attempts breastfeeding for the first time Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll find tips for maintaining a strong relationship with your partner before, during, and after the birth so that you feel closer than ever when you launch into the wild yet wonderful world of parenthood.

Dude You Re Gonna Be A Dad

Author: John Pfeiffer
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1440505365
Size: 31.35 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 376
There are approximately 3,712 ways for a guy to look stupid during pregnancy—this book's here to help you avoid all (most) of them. And here's your first hint: Focus on what you can be doing for her rather than what's happening to her. She's pregnant. She knows that. You know that. And her 152 baby books tell her exactly what she can expect. Your job is to learn what you can do between the stick turning blue and the drive to the delivery room to make the next nine months go as smoothly as possible. That's where John Pfeiffer steps in. Like any good coach, he's been through it. He's dealt with the morning sickness and doctor visits, painting the baby's nursery and packing the overnight bag, choosing a name, hospital, and the color of the car-seat cover. All the while he remained positive and responsive—there with a "You're beautiful" when necessary—but assertive during the decision-making process. (He didn't want to wind up with a kid named Percy.) And now it's your turn. She might be having the baby, but you have plenty of responsibilities.

Dude You Re Pregnant

Author: Steven Randall
ISBN: 9781650593777
Size: 47.81 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 316
"Dude, You're Pregnant! --An Unserious Guide for the Pregnant Husband and Newborn Daddy" is a humorous, tongue-in-cheek, irreverent "manual" written from a guy's perspective. It offers dubious advice and pokes fun at the vast majority of males who are rightly considered to be incompetent dunderheads in the arts of dealing with a pregnant mate and the newborn poop machine. Though this is written by a man making fun of men, it is for all current and prospective parents of all genders--who also enjoy laughing at men. "Dude, You're Pregnant!" is a simple, fun and fast read. The first half of the Guide shepherds the oblivious man through his mate's various pregnancy crises and his expected roles in support of her. These include dealing with her heightened suspicions of his monogamous resolve, her radical body changes and fanatical nesting instincts, as well as the baffling world of birthing classes, baby showers, and childbirth professionals. It describes the panic that erupts when her labor begins, as in this passage from Chapter 15: "Another contraction. While digging through the Baby Bug-Out Bag for the car keys you realize with horror that you drank the Johnnie Walker and hadn't replaced it. Plus, you're out of beers. In the dark, you stub your bare toe against a wall, and looking down while cursing, you realize you aren't wearing pants. You consider stopping by the store to get some birthing center beers. No, no! No time for that! Besides, it's after 2 am; the stores are closed. Wait, do you even have any cash? Where the hell's your wallet? Do you have to pay the middle-wife? What do you tip a doodah? Another contraction. Her water breaks and floods the floor. She looks at you, eyes wide, hoping you have the competence to get her to the birthing center. Should you get some rags to clean up the floor? Or paper towels? Is the baby going to come out on the floor next? Should you get a pillow for it? Another contraction. Your wife is looking at you hopelessly, her eyes glazed, as she crawls for the door." The second half of "Dude, You're Pregnant!" offers guidance for the befuddled Newborn Dad on important baby-related topics such as burping, bathing, and transporting baby; as well as excuses to avoid changing diapers and--when those fail--how to change a dirty diaper without vomiting. Additional how-to advice includes the intricacies of childproofing, finding a babysitter, and Dad's postpartum depression. The guide's grand finale is a frightening and comical description of Dad's vasectomy.

The New Dad S Survival Guide

Author: Scott Mactavish
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 9780316028660
Size: 64.47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 1987
FATHERHOOD DEMYSTIFIED! Finally-a manual for new dads that deciphers the immensely confusing world of fatherhood and gives crucial tips and advice from a man's point of view. No psychobabble, no warm fuzzies-just a hilarious (and surprisingly practical) military-style guide to surviving and thriving through even the queasiest moments of pregnancy, birth, and babyhood. Seasoned father and master infant-tamer Scott Mactavish breaks the Baby Code down and lays it out in straight-up guyspeak. The New Dad's Survival Guide includes declassified information on such topics as: * Cutting the Cord: The Moment of Truth * Feeding and Cleaning the NFU (New Family Unit) * Surviving Sleep Deprivation * Relieving Stress Without Booze * The Great Boob Irony * Pee, Poo, Hurl, and Snot: Getting Used to the Bodily Functions * Critical Survival Tips Never Before Revealed * Sex: Let the Games Begin Again...Finally * Dozens of Essential Terms Defined, Including Binky, Onesie, Diaper Genie, Passy, and Sippy Cup GRAB YOUR BOOTS AND STRAP ON YOUR HELMET! THE BABIES ARE COMING!

Video Source Book Video Program Listings J T

Author: James M. Craddock
ISBN: 9780787689780
Size: 79.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 6170
"A guide to programs currently available on video in the areas of movies/entertainment, general interest/education, sports/recreation, fine arts, health/science, business/industry, children/juvenile, how-to/instruction"--T.p.