Fyi For Your Improvement

Author: Michael M. Lombardo
ISBN: 9781933578590
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"We designed this book of development tips to support any motivated person with a need to serve as a guide for managers, mentors, and feedback givers. It is a versatile resource intended for all levels of organizations, for problems at work or in one's personal life."--Introduction.


Author: Michael M. Lombardo
Size: 54.43 MB
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"For learners, managers, mentors, and feedback givers."

10 Steps To Successful Mentoring

Author: Wendy Axelrod
Publisher: American Society for Training and Development
ISBN: 1949036499
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Reach New Heights as a Mentor Broaden people’s perspectives. Sustain momentum for development. Drive significant career growth. It doesn’t take a workplace superhero to accomplish all of this. You can do it—when you become a masterful mentor. While mentoring resources typically center on the mentee or the program, 10 Steps to Successful Mentoring is devoted explicitly to helping you excel in the role of mentor. In this book, Wendy Axelrod helps you stretch your mentoring abilities to yield substantial rewards for you and your mentee. Drawing on more than 20 years of work with mentors, she delves into proven approaches to use in your ongoing meetings, such as elevating the power of questions, leveraging experience for learning, and expanding growth using everyday psychology. Come away inspired to take on a fresh challenge. Whether mentoring is a calling or a choice, you’re new to it or a seasoned veteran, or you’re in a formal program or on your own, 10 Steps to Successful Mentoring is the resource you’ll return to again and again. It’s filled with real-life examples and 40 tools to help you master the nuances that drive deliberate development. Woven throughout are Wendy’s seven guiding principles that distinguish the most successful mentors (hint: “Start where your mentee is, not where you think they should be”). Become the best possible mentor, and deliver memorable experiences to your mentees and create a lasting legacy for yourself.

Rule Of Thumb A Guide To Peak Performance Through People

Author: Todd Conkright
Publisher: BQB Publishing
ISBN: 1608081206
Size: 18.24 MB
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In order for your company to achieve its goals, you need the right people in the right places, motivated to achieve success. Once you have the right talent, they need something from you - consistent, inspired, and effective leadership. While this sounds like common knowledge, many businesses run below standards they once held high for themselves because of inconsistent leadership, lack of accountability, and poor customer service. Learn how to grow your business and ensure your employees are performing their best by: 1) Defining your staffing needs; 2) Knowing what metrics and results to measure; 3) Coaching for maximum performance; 4) Providing positive discipline; and 5)

How To Build A Nontraditional Career Path Embracing Economic Disruption

Author: Ron Elsdon
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440831599
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An invaluable resource for general readers at any career stage, this book explains why, when, and how to engage in a fulfilling, nontraditional career path that is both inspiring and practical. • Identifies the skills needed to be successful and the key questions to ask when considering a nontraditional career—and provides the tools and a "road map" to move forward in a nontraditional direction • Establishes the relevance and value of a nontraditional career, addressing both strategic and practical aspects • Provides authoritative, experience-based information derived from the author's own success in creating a nontraditional career path as well as his broad experience in the career field working with individuals and organizations

Mission Driven Approaches In Modern Business Education

Author: Smith, Brent
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1522549730
Size: 19.91 MB
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In a globalized world, it is essential for business courses to adapt to the current economic climate by integrating cross-cultural and transnational approaches while remaining focused on the mission of the curriculum. Mission-Driven Approaches in Modern Business Education provides innovative insights into the ways that mission values can be seamlessly, efficiently, and effectively integrated into the core of any business course to inspire and influence quality business education. The content within this publication represents the work of educators in finance, management, marketing, international business, and other fields. It is designed for business managers, academicians, upper-level students, researchers, administrators, and organizational developers, and covers topics centered on mission as it relates to teaching, leadership, experiential learning, mission statements, sustainability, cultural engagement, and several other topics.

Discovering The Leader In You Workbook

Author: Sara N. King
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470605316
Size: 69.15 MB
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Discovering the Leader in You Workbook From the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) comes a highly accessible workbook based on the concepts outlined in the revised and updated edition of Discovering the Leader in You. The workbook contains a variety of questions and exercises designed to help professionals reflect on, examine, explore, and discover concepts and issues related to their role as leaders. Most of the activities can be completed while working through the book, others require more time, and some involve other people. To gain the greatest benefit, it is suggested that all the activities be done as thoughtfully and as honestly as possible. Once you have completed the exercises and tasks outlined in the workbook, you will be able to Clarify your purpose for leading, based on a clear leadership vision and a core set of values Articulate your leadership strengths and areas for development Understand who you are as a leader in the context of both your work and your personal life Determine when and why you feel unclear or stuck in your leadership journey While you may want to tackle this workbook on your own, leaders often find that the leadership journey is more rewarding when they work with other people. You can review the workbook with a coach or mentor, or work with colleagues who are also using the workbook in order to discuss ideas and gain feedback. If you are a leader (or an aspiring leader) who works in a highly complex and competitive environment and wants to tap into the qualities that characterize success, this is the resource for you. The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) is the world's largest institution devoted exclusively to leadership research and education. Since 1970, CCL has studied and trained hundreds of thousands of executives and worked with them to create practical models, tools, and publications for the development of effective leaders and leadership.

Fyi For Learning Agility

Author: Robert W. Eichinger
ISBN: 9781933578217
Size: 31.66 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Who is this book for?This book was designed for any motivated person seeking to develop skills that lead to increased learning agility. The suggestions provided are aimed at gaining insight on learning strengths and remedying skill needs. The content will also help anyone who is serving as a manager, mentor, or feedback giver.We know that anyone who has not yet recognized and accepted a learning agility need, limitation, weakness, or development opportunity will not be helped by what's in this book. If you are in denial, rationalizing, confused, or being defensive about having needs, nothing in this book will help.People who do accept that they have a need to increase their learning agility but do not have the motivation, drive, urgency, or energy to do anything about it also won't be helped by what's in this book.So, this book is intended for people who believe they have a need and want to do something about it. There are hundreds of tips and workarounds in this book that will help you develop skills that lead to increased learning agility.