Good Morning Holy Spirit I Love You

Author: Luke L. Chapman
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781481201032
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As I woke up out of sleep this morning, the first thing that took place was that I was conscience, of the presence of the Holy Spirit that lives and abides in me. I was aware of Him and, the first thing I did, was to pray unto God, by yielding unto prayer, as He gave me, the thoughts to pray. I began to talk unto God and immediately; the Holy Spirit began to pray in tongues through me. I was conscience of the Holy Spirit and I said, “Good Morning Holy Spirit…” because He is the person of the Holy Spirit that God sent and baptized in me, as a Believer, when I wanted, His baptism. Can you say, “Good Morning Holy Spirit; I Love You…!” and be truly conscience that He is in you?The Holy Spirit, once you receive His baptism and the gift that He is, sent from God, He lives inside of you, He is now a part of you. He has come to live and abide in you, or dwell in side of you now, forever, because He Will never leave us, as scriptures teach us.As a Child of God, you need to realize that the Holy Spirit isn't just any ol'body. He is Heavens representative that God sent and baptized, the promised Comforter, inside of us. He is in all reality; the person of the Holy Spirit that God gave, unto you and me.Your being conscience of the presence of the Holy Spirit, is very important that you realize, who truly is living in you and listening unto you. There is nothing that He does not see you do. He is The Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost and the Comforter, living and abiding inside of you, My Dear Reading Friend, once you have received, His baptism, He is going to live and abide in you, forever. The precious Holy Spirit needs your respect and you becoming conscience and aware of Him and His ministry in you, He is your Spiritual Teacher, sent unto you from God. He is the promise that Jesus gave unto the Church of Jesus Christ that He would send, Him unto you. Can you say, “Good Morning Holy Spirit, I promise to honor You and realize that You are living, inside of me, I Love You?”All of these verses of scripture tell about the promise of the Comforter and things that He Will work in you, for the purpose that God sent Him unto you, as Jesus promised you that He would come. We know that He was sent because; we have received His baptism, with the evidence of speaking, in other tongues.Gods building a scriptural based teaching, of the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, the promised Holy Spirit, that God sent Him unto the Church of Jesus Christ. Then once you received, His baptism, you were given the gift that God sent unto the Church, which is you, the Body of Christ. However though, one of the biggest problems in the Body of Jesus Christ, is that Gods Children, by many, not all but by multitudes, grieve the Holy Spirit and the Bible says not to. Are you grieving the Holy Spirit? When you do, you can feel Him grieving inside of you. You can sense Him actually grieving, inside of you, a Believer. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE When I was twenty-one years old, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I was a young man and full of energy but my time, was mine, so I thought. I was always building a race car or riding a motorcycle or trading and just running around, doing whatever I wanted to do, as a young man. However, I never knew that this feeling, in side of me, was the Holy Spirit, grieving, inside of me. When I prayed and read the Bible, it left and went away. What was happening was this. I was so busy that I over looked the Holy Spirit that I was just baptized with and I grieved Him, unto the point that, I could actually feel Him grieving inside of me. I had to learn to give time unto God and myself in many times of prayer but I had to learn these things, the hard way. I never had a mentor or a Minister, with Spiritual understanding, to instruct me, as to what was truly going on, as I grieved the Holy Spirit that God sent and gave unto me.

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Author: Stephen O. Esele
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1491831685
Size: 52.98 MB
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Jesus Christ is the greatest man who ever walked on earth in a bodily form. He is the greatest teacher humanity ever known. He is the Only Savior of the Human soul. The Holy Spirit is continuing the works of Christ on earth working with and through the believers in Christ to bring salvation to lost souls. Take His Words and apply them for your daily victory. Good Morning Jesus & Holy Spirit devotional book feeds you every morning with a word from Jesus to meditate upon and to inspire you throughout the day. Jesus is the Word according to John 1:1 and a word from him will keep you close to him, thereby strengthening your relationship with God. The Holy Spirit takes the word of Jesus and makes it real and applicable. The Holy Spirit gives us insight, revelation, illumination, and inspiration through the words of Jesus Christ.