Guarding Her Body

Author: Olivia T. Turner
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9781091243699
Size: 37.20 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1920
He thinks I'm his. He thinks I was made for him. Made to please him. Made to follow his orders.I gulp as he towers over me.I think he's right. A whole lot happened at my first concert.I snuck backstage. Met the band.But when the lead singer made some unwanted moves, his rough and mean bodyguard stepped in and decided to protect me instead.Now I have a huge obsessive alpha male throwing me over his shoulder and carrying me up to the top of the jumbotron where we can finally be alone.Just me, him, and twenty thousand people below us as he claims what he keeps saying is his.I shouldn't want my first time to be like this.In public with a rough gorilla of a man who seems to have a soft spot for me.But there's something about the way he uses those hands that will have me screaming 'encore.' You down with OTT? This is an Olivia T. Turner book, which means it features a possessive and totally obsessed Over The Top alpha male who isn't afraid to take what he wants! If you like your book boyfriends sweet and cuddly than shut the computer off and walk away. If you like your heroes, rough, dirty and possessive to the extreme, come on in and have some fun...

Guarding Her Heart

Author: Robin McNeil
Publisher: Laura Haley-McNeil
Size: 35.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Artist Victoria Whitlock escapes the clutches of a stalker only to stumble into the arms of the man she never wants to see again, bad boy prosecutor Garrett Reynolds. To protect Victoria, Garrett whisks her away to an isolated lodge. Major problem for Victoria—how does she help Garrett capture the stalker while guarding her heart against the man who broke it once before. Garret thought his heart had healed when Victoria left him ten years ago. Garrett’s bigger problem—capture the stalker determined to imprison Victoria. Keeping Victoria safe is no easy task for Garrett, but getting her to trust him is an entirely different challenge. He puts his life on the line to guard the woman who is more deserving of love than woman he’s known. But love takes a back seat to the Whitloch-Reynolds feud. At the center is the Crystal Creek Ranch. The Whitlochs own the ranch. The Reynolds are the rightful heirs.

Guarding His Body

Author: A.C. Arthur
Publisher: Kimani Press
ISBN: 1426819250
Size: 52.89 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The ex-marine spoke with confidence and steely determination, but all Renny Bennett saw in his new bodyguard was a petite, doe-eyed nymph. Sabrina Dedune's feisty, take-no-prisoners attitude proved she took her job seriously. But suddenly the gorgeous body under that T-shirt seemed far more dangerous than any threat on his life. Sabrina was good at her job, but this talented sculptor and his erotic works of art left her reeling. Staying focused was hard when her body ached to taste all Renny had to offer. But after one searing kiss, she was guarding more than his body. Now her heart was at risk.…

Guarding Cultural Memory

Author: Flora María González Mandri
Publisher: University of Virginia Press
ISBN: 9780813925264
Size: 76.55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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In Guarding Cultural Memory, Flora González Mandri examines the vibrant and uniquely illuminating post-Revolutionary creative endeavors of Afro-Cuban women. Taking on the question of how African diaspora cultures practice remembrance, she reveals the ways in which these artists restage the confrontations between modernity and tradition. González Mandri considers the work of the poet and cultural critic Nancy Morejón, the poet Excilia Saldaña, the filmmaker Gloria Rolando, and the artists María Magdalena Campos-Pons and Belkis Ayón. In their cultural representations these women conflate the artistic, the historical, and the personal to produce a transformative image of the black woman as a forger of Cuban culture. They achieve this in several ways: by redefining autobiography as a creative expression for the convergence of the domestic and the national; by countering the eroticized image of the mulatta in favor of a mythical conception of the female body as a site for the engraving of cultural and national conflicts and resolutions; and by valorizing certain aesthetic and religious traditions in relation to a postmodern artistic sensibility Placing these artists in their historical context, González Mandri shows how their accomplishments were consistently silenced in official Cuban history and culture and explores the strategies through which culturally censored memories survived—and continue to survive—in a Caribbean country purported to have integrated its Hispanic and African peoples and heritages into a Cuban identity. The picture that finally emerges is one not only of exceptional artistic achievement but also of successful redefinitions of concepts of race, gender, and nation in the face of almost insurmountable cultural odds.

Guarding His Body

Author: KS Augustin
Publisher: Challis Tower
ISBN: 0987317490
Size: 44.21 MB
Format: PDF
View: 5199
Yves Nerin has a problem. A bad business decision has serious repercussions and the only way Yves can get some breathing space is to run away to the end of the world–Australia. He doesn’t like it, but if it means keeping his sister and her family safe, he has no choice. It isn’t such a penance. He has business in Australia and, as a contingency, has requested a bodyguard. He expects someone dangerous, discreet…male. Instead, what he gets is decidedly female. Helen Collier may not be built like a brick outhouse, but she’s fast and capable. And she needs this job. After the recent death of a very close friend, she’s not after romantic entanglements. She just wants to start anew somewhere else, leaving her bad memories behind. But fate has other things in store for the imperious Frenchman and his spirited Australian bodyguard.

Guarding Pax

Author: Viola Grace
Publisher: Devine Destinies
ISBN: 1554877660
Size: 44.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Tricia Williams has been handed over to the Sector Guard, her talent for tranquilizing those around her has become dangerous and uncontrolled. The Sector Guard techs rise to the challenge and in no time, Tricia has been outfitted with a uniform that will let her eat and converse in public without putting her in a bubble. Guardian is her new commanding officer and they have met before. When she was a mediator and he was joining the Alliance, she mediated his contract and he took a place in her nocturnal fantasies from that day onward. Now, assigned to Guardian as a partner, Pax has several things to deal with, and her life depends on his attention to detail. If he would stop staring at her butt, things would go a lot smoother.

Guarding His Heart

Author: Annie Seaton
Publisher: Entangled: Bliss
ISBN: 1633752194
Size: 17.17 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 658
Bestselling author Liam Wyndham needed an escape, and Half Moon Bay, with its small town charm and beautiful ocean, is the perfect place to enjoy his writer's block in sweet isolation. But all of his plans to become a surly recluse disappear when spitfire carpenter, Georgie Sacchi, marches into his house. Georgie wants an adventure, and she has a plane ticket that promises her everything she needs—excitement, independence, and a way to escape the memory of her last ruined relationship. Still, she has one last job to complete before she can leave the country. The last thing she needs is a recalcitrant author with a gorgeous face (and a hot body) distracting her from her plans. But life doesn't always give you what you think you need... Each book in the Hope Springs series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order. Series Order: Book #1 Tangling with the CEO Book #2 Brushing off the Boss Book #3 Guarding His Heart

The Longest Way Home

Author: Andrew McCarthy
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451667507
Size: 26.44 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 5800
The actor-turned-travel writer meditates on how travel has helped him to overcome life-long fears and confront his resistance to commitment, tracing his soul-searching visits to such world regions as Patagonia, the Amazon, and Kilimanjaro.

Guarding Secrets

Author: Patrick Jones
Publisher: Darby Creek
ISBN: 1467776947
Size: 72.22 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 6027
Everyone has secrets in high school. But no one has a secret quite like Camila Hernandez's. For as long as Camila can remember, her mother has been in prison. And Camila has tried to make sure no one finds out. She avoids all friendships. She keeps to herself. Because if people get too close to her, they might find out the truth. And once they know, they will see her only as a criminal's daughter. Sure, some of Camila's classmates also have parents doing time. But her mother isn't any ordinary criminal. Her mother is on death row.

Guarding The Spoils

Author: Heather Boyd
Publisher: Heather Boyd
ISBN: 0987261983
Size: 75.93 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Elizabeth Turner once loved Oliver Randall, but was blind to his desire to travel without the encumbrance of a wife weighing him down. When she learned the truth, Beth settled for the security of a loveless marriage. Now a widow with a son to support, desperation has driven her into service at Romsey Abbey and directly into the path of the man she’d loved and lost. Oliver has no intention of letting his dream of travel slip away again, even for a pretty face from his past. Since his return to the abbey, he’s planned a grand tour to the continent even while examining the astonishing emotional changes a decade apart from his brothers has wrought. The last thing Oliver wanted was stronger ties to the people living at Romsey. But then fate offers him both an affair and an unexpected friendship. Is it curiosity alone that stirs him, or the beginning of an unexpected adventure? A regency romance novel