Harmony Black

Author: Craig Schaefer
Publisher: 47North
ISBN: 9781503950429
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Race Harmony And Black Progress

Author: Mark Ellis
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253010667
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Founded by white males, the interracial cooperation movement flourished in the American South in the years before the New Deal. The movement sought local dialogue between the races, improvement of education, and reduction of interracial violence, tending the flame of white liberalism until the emergence of white activists in the 1930s and after. Thomas Jackson (Jack) Woofter Jr., a Georgia sociologist and an authority on American race relations, migration, rural development, population change, and social security, maintained an unshakable faith in the "effectiveness of cooperation rather than agitation." Race Harmony and Black Progress examines the movement and the tenacity of a man who epitomized its spirit and shortcomings. It probes the movement’s connections with late 19th-century racial thought, Northern philanthropy, black education, state politics, the Du Bois-Washington controversy, the decline of lynching, the growth of the social sciences, and New Deal campaigns for social justice.


Author: Harmony Notebook Publisher
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Let yourself be carried away by our notebook with the cover full of abstraction. We design our notebooks carefully thinking about every detail. Everything is important - from the color to the font, its size and text. We cannot afford any mistakes here. Inside our notebook, you'll find 120 blank black dot grid pages (60 sheets), 8.5 x 11 inches (Letter size). You can use it as a diary, diary, notebook or just a draft. Our notebooks are the perfect gift idea for girls, boys, teenagers and adults who like to write or just want to start their adventure with writing. You will probably ask yourself - what is the notebook for? You never know when it might be useful to you. Empty notebooks can be great gifts for: - children on children's day - students at the beginning of the school year - students for creative activities - travelers to record important tourist information - writers would never lose their inspiration - artists, because sometimes it is worth creating on various levels - all who ensure that the written word never disappears. Harmony Notebook Publisher

Harmony In Flesh And Black

Author: Nicholas Kilmer
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
ISBN: 1466879475
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Nicholas Kilmer's Harmony in Flesh and Black exposes a deep knowledge of the sometimes tricky and treacherous haut monde of art dealers, collectors, and curators. Smartly tailored, well-to-do Beacon Hill collector Clayton Reed has habits so refined that he doesn't even venture out to pick up his own acquisitions. He leaves that sort of work to Fred Taylor, a veteran of clandestine action in Southeast Asia who is presently working as Reed's factotum. A passionate noncollector, Fred researches possible purchases and fights for them at auction--but he is really more interested in his blossoming relationship with Molly Riley, an independent-minded Cambridge librarian. In this series debut, Reed suspects that there may be a Vermeer painting worth millions lying underneath the oils of an unexciting nineteenth-century landscape. Tension mounts as he and Fred try to keep the vultures away and their hunch to themselves before auction. Meanwhile, Reed buys an unsigned nude smacking of 1890s Paris--it could be a Whistler, something he might have titled Harmony in Flesh and Black--from a down-and-out porno photographer who is soon afterward found murdered on the floor of his filthy studio. Their success depends on keeping a low profile, but now Clayton and Fred are in danger of being implicated in a very sleazy crime--which may at best jeopardize their plans to get the Vermeer, and at worst put their lives in danger.

Harmony Dissonance

Author: Sidney M. Bolkosky
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
ISBN: 9780814319338
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Analyzing one of the most vital and significant Jewish populations in the United States, Harmony and Dissonance chronicles the intellectual, cultural, and social history of the Jews of Detroit from 1914 to 1967. Sidney Bolkosky has drawn upon resources from religious and secular Jewish institutions in Detroit and supplemented them with information and interpretations from numerous oral testimonies to place this material in the context of the city of Detroit and its unique economic and social history. Thus the book includes discussions of the effects of Detroit events on the Jewish population, from Henry Ford's promise of a five dollar per day wage to the Detroit riots of 1943 and 1967. The author contends that the peculiar history of Detroit plays a determining role in the history of its Jews. Organized chronologically, Harmony and Dissonance examines the historically shifting dynamics among Jewish groups and individuals, addressing such controversial topics as assimilation, intermarriage, religious conflicts, anti-Semitism, and East European versus German Jewish identities. In pursuing the central thesis of the problematic search for Jewish identity, which runs throughout the book and ties the work together, the author has also explored the multifaceted nature of the Jewish population of Detroit, its landsmanshaften, German Jews, "establishment" organizations and their antagonists, cultural forces, and numerous Yiddish groups. This focus on identity is sharpened as the author perceives two events increasingly directing Jewish life and thought--the Holocaust and its aftermath and the founding of the state of Israel. How those events influenced the attitudes and behavior of Detroit's Jews contributes to what one Detroit patriarch called "the Detroit difference."

Harmony Understanding

Publisher: Blake Education
ISBN: 9781741641301
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Explores the beliefs, traditions, symbols and practices of the five world religions - Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. Companion book to the titles in the 'World Religions' series of Harmony and Understanding). Ages 8+.