Hebrews To Negroes 2 Volume 2 Wake Up Black America

Author: Ronald Dalton Jr
Publisher: G Publishing
ISBN: 9780997157918
Size: 58.43 MB
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"From beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia My worshippers, My dispersed ones, Will bring My offerings." - Zephaniah 3:10 Modern Jewry has been looking for the "10 Lost Tribes of Israel" in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Arabia, and India but they never seem to look in Africa. The Ethiopian Jews and the Lemba Jews have been recognized by modern Jewry as having a connection to Ancient Israel but other African countries are often overlooked. Why is this? Jews today now boast to have "Israelite" heritage based on the "Cohen Model Haplogroup" genetic marker that they say links them to the High Priest Cohenite clan of Aaron, the brother of Moses. But what exactly is this "Cohen Model Haplogroup"? Who else in the world has it and is it really an "Israelite Genetic Marker" as they claim? In the Book, "Hebrews to Negroes 2: Volume 2, I dive in deep into the "world of genetics" to debunk the lies that has been spread about who we call "Jews" or the "Chosen People" today. Using Linguistics, Ancient written records from Arab historians, Craniometry, Tooth records, Ancient maps, Ancient archaeological relics, Ancient pictures, the Bible, Genetics and "Critical Thinking" one can find out the TRUTH about who the REAL ISRAELITES of the Bible are. It will tell us where we should be looking in regards to finding the "authentic" scattered "Children of Israel," not "outsiders" who have invaded Judea for the last 2,000 years and decided to convert to Judaism. In this Book many clues to our "many" questions about the Bible will be answered and explored. Such as: Who are the descendants of the Ancient Egyptians, Canaanites, Cushites and Phuttites today? Who are the "Original Arabs" and where are they at today? What is the connection between the Lemba Jews, African-Americans, Caribbean Blacks, Afro-Latinos and "Bantus" West/East Africans? Who are the indigenous Native Amerindians? Are they descendants of Ham, Shem or Japheth? Are the Native Amerindians Israelites? Do Latinos have any "Israelite" heritage? Where did the 10 Lost Tribes of Northern Israel (Samaria) go after they were exiled in 700 B.C. and is there any DNA proof of this? Who were the Jews that were exiled from Spain and Portugal in 1492 A.D.' Were they "Black Jews" or "White Jews"? Who are the Sephardic Jews and are they "imposters" as well? Who were the Moors? Were they mixed with "Israelite Blood"? Can we trace the migration pattern of the Edomites? If so, where are the Edomites today and what nations of people can we find the "bloodline" of Edom in? How do we know that the Ashkenazi Jew, the Sephardic Jew and the Mizrahi Jew today are "Gentiles" and not "Jews"? Are there any Israelites in Asia or the Middle East? A LIE CANNOT LIVE FOREVER! It is time for "Black America" and the World to know the Truth!"

The Taxing Of Ke Sha Dennis One Woman S Journey Embracing Serenity Self And Spirit

Author: Ke'sha Dennis
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1943616205
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Fear is the critical enemy, but most people are so trained with fear that they create strength without muscles, accounts without finances, dreams without discipline, and constructs without connection. In other words, people don't believe that they can do it-whatever it is. They work hard attempting to control and earn what they could simply accept as theirs. Meanwhile, the real work goes undone. This book strips away the blinders placed in your life due to survival. You can thrive if you reprogram your mind.

Wake Up Part 2

Author: Devret CLARKE
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"WAKE UP! PART 2", Is a second addition to the original "WAKE UP!". Dedicated to the 12 Tribes of Israel, the Black Hebrew Israelites (African Americans, Negroes, Caribbean, ext.) Spreading the true gospel of the King James Version Holy Bible. Hoping to wake up the lost sheep, the unlearned, and those who continue to sin freely. It's time to WAKE UP!

Winds Can Wake Up The Dead

Author: Eric Walrond
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
ISBN: 9780814327098
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A new anthology of works by a major writer from the New Negro Movement.

A Pure Solar World

Author: Paul Youngquist
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 1477311181
Size: 75.96 MB
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Sun Ra said he came from Saturn. Known on earth for his inventive music and extravagant stage shows, he pioneered free-form improvisation in an ensemble setting with the devoted band he called the “Arkestra.” Sun Ra took jazz from the inner city to outer space, infusing traditional swing with far-out harmonies, rhythms, and sounds. Described as the father of Afrofuturism, Sun Ra created “space music” as a means of building a better future for American blacks here on earth. A Pure Solar World: Sun Ra and the Birth of Afrofuturism offers a spirited introduction to the life and work of this legendary but underappreciated musician, composer, and poet. Paul Youngquist explores and assesses Sun Ra’s wide-ranging creative output—music, public preaching, graphic design, film and stage performance, and poetry—and connects his diverse undertakings to the culture and politics of his times, including the space race, the rise of technocracy, the civil rights movement, and even space-age bachelor-pad music. By thoroughly examining the astro-black mythology that Sun Ra espoused, Youngquist masterfully demonstrates that he offered both a holistic response to a planet desperately in need of new visions and vibrations and a new kind of political activism that used popular culture to advance social change. In a nation obsessed with space and confused about race, Sun Ra aimed not just at assimilation for the socially disfranchised but even more at a wholesale transformation of American society and a more creative, egalitarian world.

Encyclopedia Of African American Culture And History

Author: Jack Salzman
Publisher: MacMillan Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780028973654
Size: 19.89 MB
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Contains 2,200 entries that provide information about African-American history, arranged alphabetically, and featuring a large number of biographies, as well as information about places, events, historical eras, legal cases, cultural achievements, professions, and sports.