Her Name In The Sky

Author: Kelly Quindlen
ISBN: 9781310545313
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Seventeen-year-old Hannah wants to spend her senior year of high school going to football games and Mardi Gras parties. She wants to drive along the oak-lined streets of Louisiana's Garden District and lie on the hot sand of Florida's beaches. She wants to spend every night making memories with her tight-knit group of friends.The last thing she wants is to fall in love with a girl - especially when that girl is her best friend, Baker.Hannah knows she should like Wally, the kind, earnest boy who asks her to prom. She should cheer on her friend Clay when he asks Baker to be his girlfriend. She should follow the rules of her conservative community - the rules that have been ingrained in her since she was a child.But Hannah longs to be with Baker, who cooks macaroni and cheese with Hannah late at night, who believes in the magic of books as much as Hannah does, and who challenges Hannah to be the best version of herself.And Baker might want to be with Hannah, too - if both girls can embrace that world-shaking, yet wondrous, possibility.In this poignant coming-of-age novel, Hannah must find a compromise between the truth of her heart and the expectations of her community. She must break through her shame and learn to trust in the goodness of her friends. And above all, she and Baker must open their hearts to the saving power of love. Raw, moving, and teeming with unforgettable characters, Her Name in the Sky is a modern love story about the teenage quest for identity and the redeeming power of the human heart.

Changing The Norm Of A Heteronormative Society Kelly Quindlen S Her Name In The Sky And Teresa Mummert S The Good Girls

Author: Veerle Tierens
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This thesis researches how the lesbian romantic relationships in two young adult novels, Her Name in the Sky by Kelly Quindlen and The Good Girls by Teresa Mummert, follow or deviate from the heteronormative model described by the theoretical research by Cook, Rostosky and Riggle, named: Gender Role Models in Fictional Novels for Emerging Adult Lesbians and related research. Various examples from novels are ordered into the six categories, three positive and three negative ones, that the framework provides. This framework and its categories are supplemented with additional theoretical works to enrich this research. The fields this thesis aims to contribute to, are those of queer studies, heteronormativity and young adult literature as a subcategory of childrens literature.

Walk Like An Egyptian

Author: Ramona Louise Wheeler
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
ISBN: 0809550954
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The calendar material in this expanded edition of Walk Like An Egyptian provides further insight into the mind of the ancient world, a glimpse into a world in which every element of reality was a manifestation of the divine and the cosmic, a time in which even the counting of days and months into years was a mystery of divine proportions. The calendar of ancient Egypt is older than astrology. The Egyptian calendar itself is almost forgotten, yet it is the direct ancestor of the Western calendar in use today. The ancient Egyptians were keenly focused on the concept of life as a journey through time, and the calendar was their map. In Walk Like An Egyptian, you will find one of the world's oldest guides to self-navigation in an easy-to-use format, a daily horoscope from the dawn of history. Each season, month and day is listed with its ancient name, together with the warnings and requirements, stories and scenarios of the gods involved in the story of the year. The day is divided into eight-hour segments of morning, afternoon and night. Sacred ceremonies and ritual feasts are also listed, making the calendar a complete guide to the Egyptian year, a horoscope unlike any other available in the modern world. The earlier editions of Walk Like An Egyptian brought the concepts of ancient Egyptian religion and philosophy into the context of the modern world. Readers around the globe found the once-obscure ideas of ancient wisdom interpreted as profound contemplations of the reality of human nature. Many familiar names in the ancient pantheon were revealed in modern terms, such as: Osiris, the divine and immortal portion of each human's soul clothed in mortal flesh; Re, the divine light of consciousness in the mind; Horus, who is the paradox of the universal nature of each soul's unique identity; Isis, bonding force of the soul; Thoth, representing the power of human thought and intellect, and more. The success of Walk Like An Egyptian led to Wheeler's collaboration with Diana Janeen Pierce, who had assembled a daily calendar of ancient Egyptian ceremonies, rituals and festivals. Wheeler and Pierce worked together on a translation of the lengthy and difficult Cairo Calendar Papyri, one of the few surviving documents detailing the system by which Egyptians organized their daily lives. Wheeler's accompanying interpretation of the Egyptian cosmos makes a lively counterpart to the horoscope, clarifying the often confusing material. Together, Wheeler and Pierce provide a modern evaluation of how to "walk like an Egyptian," attuned to eternity in your daily life and guided by eternal principles.

Forever My Soul Complete

Author: Jerry Hinson
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1449076742
Size: 17.74 MB
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Amy Bland was fifteen when her father learned she was pregnant. Instead of helping his daughter, he took her to home for unwed mothers in Edinburg, Scotland and signed papers for the child to be put up for adoption - then vanished out of her life forever. While at the convent, she was whipped, forced to work against her will, sexually attacked, and worst of all: the son she so dearly loved, was taken away. This is a story about an escape that nearly cost her life, a journey back to her son's father - the man that thought she had abandoned him, and a lifetime of searching for her son.

Tours Of The Black Clock

Author: Steve Erickson
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480409944
Size: 55.19 MB
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The course of a century is rewritten in this fabulously warped odyssey, named a best book of the year by the New York Times Tours of the Black Clock is a wild dream of the twentieth century as told by the ghost of Banning Jainlight. After a disturbing family secret is unearthed, Jainlight throws his father out of a window and burns down the Pennsylvania ranch where he grew up. He escapes to Vienna where he is commissioned to write pornography for a single customer identified as “Client X,” which alters the trajectory of World War II. Eventually Jainlight is accompanied by an aged and senile Adolf Hitler back to America, where both men pursue the same lover. Tours of the Black Clock is a story in which history and the laws of space and time are unforgettably transformed.

Archaeo Astronometria

Author: Dean Clarke
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477160884
Size: 38.80 MB
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There have been many books on the origin of astronomy some good and some very poorly address the issues of ancient mans interests in the stars. The ancient Sumer and Egyptian notions of music mostly confirms how ancient this notion is in their chorded progressions of tone. This notion is more an Upper Paleolithic celestial idea. In a sense man during this time man was beginning to have a concept of north, south, east and west in spatial terms. It involves the curvature of the ribs of Nut the Egyptian Sky Goddess as a ribbed vaulted sky, and sometimes in a horizon sense of a bowing arch of a stars path, or the curve of a bone in the stars moving path. The half way point of this fall for say our Nut, Adam and Eve would thus be about 27,000 BC which falls in a significant period Ice Age re-emergence and a deserts expanding in equator regions. These are only a small part of what had to addressed in origins of night sky studies. The point being this piece as fake or not is that the components of the animals, man, plants and mans artifacts were very early on displayed. We might ask in such a condition what was their night sky? If we look at all of these constellations they fall below the Celestial Equator in the South Pole region mostly. It would seem that all these birds to them being placed in the night sky like the stars and as they watched what directions the birds along with stars as to where they went in order to ascertain their relations to dusk or dawn night sky. What caused the South Africa plight of 80,000 BC? The Antarctica had been growing ice forms from 170,000 BC to 80,000 BC towards the north, and then around 70,000 BC there seemed to be a melting trend back south. In an astronomy sense we can thank him for larger game entering in the pantheon of the constellations, or the leaf, otter, and some constellations lost to time like the mammoths. What does this have to do with constellations, taboos, or the advent of Cro-Magnon man well in the depictions of constellation images? Slowly from east to west the stars move, but then it did not take man not long after 70,000 BC to note that some planets or stars seemed to move retrograde in the night sky? This book address what ideas did they show or have before or after these earth changes. As ideas such as: "Maybe, it was a lasso constellation for some animals capture as a God of Capture." And, "Somewhere around the time of 50,000 BC in the region of northern England to the region above the Black Sea there occurred a melting phase between the ice ages and cultures began to spread". The evidence of this is found by different locations in Europe and Central Europe of the use of rock shadows, stars noted by hands in movement, and certain hand symbols by star images or dots as stars not just stab marks. Ironic again that Man beside Woman on the pole treetop does not have strong reminders of the Adam-Eve Tree and the Serpent as maybe Draco? The symbol anciently always shows the snake at the foot of the tree or ascended the tree at the apex of the trunk which if astronomy wise would mean an ascended constellation to the Zenith or the Pole! Draco thus deposed Adam and Eve from their own constellation garden and domain by it ascending as an ancient Pole Axis Mundi? Thus the smoke screen really is a tied between this local area of France and Late Paleolithic Mans ideas of that region in the night sky of a certain year or month period of hunting. Although we have jumped forward in the time of ancient astronomy beginnings in a way really in this sense we have not. To the real beginnings of little known ancient astronomy.

Shadows In Space

Author: James Thomae
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 147714546X
Size: 24.66 MB
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My name is Erak Domolin, and I live on an earth colony planet, named New Terra in the Milky Way Galaxy. I was born into a family of witches. I have an Uncle John who runs a space cargo business. He has an Indian as a copilot, his name is Blind Owl. He is American Lakota Indian. John's ship is three hundred feet long and one hundred feet wide, with the control wings near the back. They curve down and out so as to look like wings. It has feathers painted on the wings, so it looks like a hawk. I stay with Blind Owl's family, sometimes, and as such, I learned a great deal about the Indian religion, and their way of looking at life and the world. We rescued a girl known as a Fay, from pirates. The Fay can do magic, to some degree, read minds, as well as talk to animals. They can make space ships go at incredible speeds. Kayla taught me a lot about life on the runs with Uncle John in outer space. Pirates are a constant trouble in space, and we are not exempt in that regards.

Orange Days And Blue Nights From Philadelphia

Author: Antonio Gray
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469121956
Size: 80.30 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In Orange Days and Blue Nights from Philadelphia, the poet Antonio Gray expresses his experiences with love and urban life as an escape for a better tomorrow in and outside of Philadelphia. He also consistently paints vivid pictures of love's won and love's lost, but also the lessons learn from them. Gray however, sheds a more morbid picture from time to time on urban life when it comes to drugs, thieves, and one night stands. Antonio Gray attended Community College of Philadelphia. He won a Joseph Rizzello Award for excellence in poetry in 2007 for the poems "Daily Task" and "Gia and the Ghost".