Estrellita Says Good Bye To Her Island

Author: Samuel Caraballo
Publisher: Arte Publico Press
ISBN: 9781611920109
Size: 50.76 MB
Format: PDF
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As Estrellita leaves her beloved Caribbean island home, she combines all of its features into an ode celebrating its green and eternal beauty.

The Mothers Legacy To Her Vnborn I E Unborn Childe I E Child

Author: Elizabeth Jocelin
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9780802046949
Size: 36.61 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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A facing-page edition of a seventeenth-century mother's advice book, giving insights both into female Protestant religious devotion, authorship and spirituality, and into how women's words were altered in the transmission by male editors.

Antal And Her Path Of Love

Author: Antal
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791403952
Size: 57.25 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This book is a translation and study of the poems of a ninth-century woman saint and mystic. The Introduction is designed to make the translations accessible to a non-specialist audience, while the Notes provide insights into the poems and useful explications of allusions and convention with which readers who do not possess a specialized knowledge of Tamil Vaisnava bhakti may be unfamiliar.

Over Her Dead Body

Author: Elisabeth Bronfen
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9780719038273
Size: 77.69 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In 1846, Edgar Allen Poe wrote that 'the death of a beautiful woman is, unquestionably, the most poetic topic in the world'. The conjuction of death, art and femininity forms a rich and disturbing strata of Western culture, explored here in fascinating detail by Elisabeth Bronfen. Her examples range from Carmen to Little Nell, from Wuthering Heights to Vertigo, from Snow White to Frankenstein. The text is richly illustrated throughout with thirty-seven paintings and photographs. The argument that this book presents is that narrative and visual representations of death can be read as symptoms of our culture and because the feminine body is culturally constructed as the superlative site of "other" and "not me", culture uses art to dream the deaths of beautiful women.

Her Kind

Author: Jane Cahill
Publisher: Broadview Press
ISBN: 1551110423
Size: 28.53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Medea betrayed her father and left her homeland for the love of Jason. Then when he abandoned her, she murdered her children. But did she? And what of Clytemnestra, the conniving adulteress? For ten years she plotted the murder of her husband Agamemnon, King of Mycenae and Conqueror of Troy. How would she have told her story? The Greek myths as we know them were told for men by men. Yet they were the culmination of a long oral tradition in which both men and women shared. Using extant ancient literary sources as her guide, including the works of Homer, Aeschylus, Euripides and Apollodorus, Jane Cahill reconstructs the stories as they might have been told to women by women. These are stories of wronged women, inspired women, determined women, tender women. Medusa tells how it is to know that one look at her face will turn a man to stone, to be hated and feared all the time. Jocasta, Queen of Thebes, confesses her love for the young man who came to save her city from the Sphinx—her son, Oedipus. Each story is accompanied by extensive notes which discuss the ancient sources, explain relevant Greek concepts and customs, and serve as a guide to further reading.

In Her Own Image

Author: Elaine Hedges
Publisher: Feminist Press at CUNY
ISBN: 9780912670621
Size: 77.57 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An anthology of visual and literary works by and about women artists and authors.

Aphra Behn And Her Female Successors

Author: Margarete Rubik
Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster
ISBN: 3643800967
Size: 70.78 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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"This collection of essays casts new light at Aphra Behn's poetry, drama, prose and literary criticism. The contributors analyse her creative response to the literary theories, genres and motifs of her age and point out remarkable analogies to the writings of her female successors, some of whom have not hitherto been viewed in relation to this Restoration pioneer of female authorship. Her influence on modern writers can still be felt in texts as diverse as Virginia Woolf's Orlando, Molly Brown's historical thriller set in Restoration England, and Joan Anim-Addo's adaptation of Oroonoko."--Publisher's description.

In Her Steps

Author: Denise Marie Siino
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780805431650
Size: 20.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Profiles of forty women from history and today who have faced adversity or opposition in order to make a difference for the kingdom.