Hidden In Plain Sight

Author: Andrew H. Thomas
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781469960791
Size: 53.37 MB
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You never knew theoretical physics could be so simple! In this exciting and significant book, Andrew Thomas clearly illustrates the simplicity which lies behind nature at its fundamental level. It is revealed how all unifications in physics have been based on incredibly simple ideas. Using a logical approach, it is explained how the great 20th century theories of relativity and quantum mechanics share a common base, and how they can be linked using an idea so simple that anyone can understand it. An idea which is so simple it has been hidden in plain sight.

The Secret Physics Of Coincidence

Author: Rolf Froböse
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 3848234459
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Who isn't familiar with the infamous "Inspector Chance," who always appears unannounced? Does the unexpected only seem like a coincidence because we are unaware of the complex order behind it? The question cannot be answered by a simple "yes" or "no." Instead, the author hopes to show that coincidence has two very different faces. One of them reveals the trivial side. The other, in contrast, is "coincidence of a higher order," which is no longer truly a coincidence. Rather, it is based on connections that science is just beginning to discover. To allow the reader to better understand the sections related to supernatural phenomena, the author has created two physicists to accompany the reader, they are Al and Zach. Whereas Al vehemently defends the "traditional side," Zach is among the avantgarde in his field, who does not view the phenomena represented here as taboo and who attempts to reconcile such phenomena using the discoveries of modern quantum physics. Let yourself be carried away - not only while reading these incredible stories of coincidence, but by the exciting discussion as well, which is free of prejudice and does not attempt to place mysticism on a scientific platform. Following his studies in chemistry, Dr. Rolf Frob se worked as a research assistant at the Max Planck Institute, was division manager at technology magazine highTech and chief editor of the journals Chemie Industrie and Europa Chemie. Since 1995, he has worked as a freelance science and economic journalist, reporting on research and technology issues. He has also penned numerous popular non-fiction books, including The Secret Physics of Coincidence and Lust und Liebe - alles nur Chemie? (Lust and Love - Is it more than Chemistry), (Wiley-VCH, 2004). The latter was written in collaboration with his wife Gabriele and has been translated into English, Spanish, Danish and Korean.

The Dark Arrow Of Time

Author: Massimo Villata
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319674862
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This riveting scientific novel combines adventure, love, suspense, magic, pathos, and mystery in a carefully woven plot that is full of unexpected twists and turns. The author is an astrophysicist who has developed an alternative theory, which holds that traveling in time is possible. Time is, in fact, the real protagonist of the novel and of the intrigue surrounding the attempt to seize the secret of Time’s other arrow, the dark arrow normally hidden from us, which points back at our past. The underlying premise is that antimatter is nothing more than common matter moving backwards in time. The justification for this interpretation has been with us for some time, “hiding in plain sight” within Maxwell’s equations, the Lorentz transformations, the CPT theorem of relativistic quantum mechanics, and Feynman diagrams. While the science underlying the narrative is explained whenever necessary, sometimes with the aid of simple mathematical formulas, these scientific asides account for only a small part of the book, which will appeal to a wide audience, including readers who are far from being science buffs.

Time Reborn

Author: Lee Smolin
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141939435
Size: 45.35 MB
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In Time Reborn, Lee Smolin, one of our foremost physicists and thinkers offers a radical new view of the nature of time and the cosmos Nothing seems more real than time passing. We experience life itself as a succession of moments. Yet throughout history, the idea that time is an illusion has been a religious and philosophical commonplace. We identify certain truths as 'eternal' constants, from moral principles to the laws of mathematics and nature: these are laws that exist not inside time, but outside it. From Newton and Einstein to today's string theorists and quantum physicists, the widest consensus is that the universe is governed by absolute, timeless laws. In Time Reborn, Lee Smolin argues that this denial of time is holding back both physics, and our understanding of the universe. We need a major revolution in scientific thought: one that embraces the reality of time and places it at the centre of our thinking. E may equal mc squared now, but that wasn't always the case. Similarly, as our understanding of the universe develops, Newton's fundamental laws might not remain so fundamental. Time, Smolin concludes, is not an illusion: it is the best clue we have to fundamental reality. Time Reborn explains how the true nature of time impacts on us, our world, and our universe. 'The strongest dose of clarity in written form to have come along in decades. The implications go far beyond physics, to economics, politics, and personal philosophy. Time Reborn places reality above theory in stronger and clearer terms than ever before, and the result is a path to better theory and potentially to a better society as well. Will no doubt be remembered as one of the essential books of the 21st century' Jaron Lanier [Praise for Lee Smolin's The Trouble With Physics]: 'The best book about contemporary science written for the layman that I have ever read . . . Read this book. Twice' Sunday Times 'Unusually broad and deep . . . his critical judgments are exceptionally penetrating' Roger Penrose 'Brave, uniquely well-informed . . . does a tremendous job' Mail on Sunday Lee Smolin is a theoretical physicist who has made important contributions to the search for quantum gravity. Born in New York City, he was educated at Hampshire College and Harvard University. Since 2001 he is a founding faculty member at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. His three earlier books explore philosophical issues raised by contemporary physics and cosmology. They are Life of the Cosmos (1997), Three Roads to Quantum Gravity (2001) and The Trouble with Physics (2006). He lives in Toronto.

Great Ideas In Physics

Author: Alan P Lightman
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071378437
Size: 22.89 MB
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The conservation of energy, the second law of thermodynamics, the theory of relativity, quantum mechanicstogether, these concepts form the foundation upon which modern physics was built. But the influence of these four landmark ideas has extended far beyond hard science. There is no aspect of twentieth-century cultureincluding the arts, social sciences, philosophy, and politicsthat has not been profoundly influenced by them. In Great Ideas in Physics, Alan Lightman clearly explains the physics behind each of the four great ideas and deftly untangles for lay readers such knotty concepts as entropy, the relativity of time, and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Throughout the book he uses excerpts from the writings of scientific luminaries such as Newton, Kelvin, Einstein, and de Broglie to help place each in its proper historical perspective. And with the help of expertly annotated passages from the works of dozens of writers, philosophers, artists, and social theorists, Lightman explores the two-way influences of these landmark scientific concepts on our entire human culture and the world of ideas.