Home Cooking With Trisha Yearwood

Author: Trisha Yearwood
Publisher: Clarkson Potter
ISBN: 0307984974
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Country music star and bestselling cookbook author Trisha Yearwood, host of Food Network’s Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, is back with an encore of recipes that once again share her family traditions and warm home-grown cooking style. In her debut cookbook, Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen, Trisha proved that there’s much more to her than an award-winning country music career, as she welcomed us into her kitchen and served up a feast of flavorful meals and heartwarming personal anecdotes. Now, in Cooking for Family and Friends, Trisha opens her life and her kitchen once more with a trove of recipes from a lifetime of potlucks and colorful gatherings. Trisha has that southern hospitality gene and she’s a big believer that cooking for someone else is an act of love. From breakfasts in bed to hearty casseroles and festive holiday meals, Trisha’s delicious recipes are dedicated to her loved ones, including her husband Garth Brooks (who’s her number one cooking fan and the contributor of a few knockout recipes of his own). Trisha knows how good it feels to bring something to the table. It brings everyone closer together if they’ve had a hand in preparing a meal. These recipes all come with memories attached—of potlucks with good friends, church suppers, family fish fries, and beach picnics, Mother’s Day, and Christmas gatherings. Many are handed down from her mother, her aunts and cousins, or longtime friends, while others are her own contemporary improvisations on classic southern fare. Each one—whether a main dish, a tasty side, or a decadent dessert—comes with a heartwarming story from Trisha’s life that may remind you of some of your own favorite family foods, or inspire you to create new traditions. You don’t have to be a southerner to enjoy Yearwood family specialties such as: • Hot Corn Dip • Cornbread Salad with French Dressing • Baked Bean Casserole • Jambalaya • Pumpkin Roll • Old Fashioned Strawberry Shortcake Plus, Trisha (and her sister and mother) offer up loads of practical advice, on everything from easily icing a cake to cutting a slice of pie, time-saving tips; and ingredient substitutions. With full-color photographs taken at Trisha’s home, this soulful and sincere testament to a southern life well-lived will delight both country music fans and home cooks everywhere.

Southern Living No Taste Like Home

Author: Editors of Southern Living Magazine
Publisher: Time Home Entertainment
ISBN: 0848744748
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There's no region of the country more cherished and unique when it comes to food than the South. Southerners celebrate our food traditions. They are totems of our collective identity. Our grits, our fried chicken, our sweet tea, our butterbeans, our biscuits: These are powerful symbols of not just of Southern tastes but also of Southern values, of the kind of simple, honest-to-goodness home cooking, prepared with generosity of spirit and served up with generosity of ladle. These recipes are what distinguish and bind Southern culture. No Taste Like Home embraces the cultural identity of towns large and small all throughout the South and provides readers with recipes, stories, and highlights of all the unique regional flavors -- from the Heartland of Dixie to Cajun Country, from The Coastal South to Bluegrass, Bourbon and BBQ Country and all points in between. Organized geographically, the cookbook focuses on each of 6 regions in the South. Every chapter will include highlights of specific towns and contain essays describing, literally, the flavor of the place. The highlighted towns will offer multiple recipes as well as musings from notable locals, and "locally famous" chefs. Just some of the recurring editorial features include: a travelogue introduction discussing regional specialties and folklore Standout recipes from local chefs and "almost famous" home cooks Musings from locals about their town "Hometown Flavor" features on Southern iconic ingredients that are commonly used in the regional cuisine "What We're Craving" features highlighting a local restaurant or town-specific dish that locals crave when they're not at home "Local Know-how" features of insider secrets from the locals, from how to pick the freshest produce, to the best way to prepare their own recipes

Georgia Cooking In An Oklahoma Kitchen

Author: Trisha Yearwood
Publisher: Clarkson Potter
ISBN: 0804186626
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A celebration of down-home cookery and family traditions presents an array of Southern comfort-style cooking with a contemporary twist, including such favorites as Mexican tortilla soup, stuffed pork chops, blackberry cobbler, and breakfast sausage casserole.

Witt S Culinary Home Cooking And Baking Volume 1

Author: Nancy Wittendorfer
ISBN: 9781726297943
Size: 50.85 MB
Format: PDF
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In the tradition of Ina Garten, Trisha Yearwood and Ree Drummond, I invite you into the kitchen to share my recipes, stories and humorous mishaps. Whether you''re enticed by the raspberry filled muffins, bacon wrapped meatloaf or vegetarian orzo salad, each of my recipes comes with photos and step-by-step directions. A home cook at heart, my approach will let you feel confident whether you''re a beginner or skilled in the kitchen, and each recipe starts with a personal story sure to put a smile on your face even before the prep work begins. I share with you selections handed down from generations of my family, longtime friends and my own kitchen library. There are helpful hints, ingredient substitutions and advice from my own experience of trial and errors, some of them pretty comical. My recipes are perfect for any age who enjoys the kitchen, and while they showcase a diversity of food there''s really nothing too difficult about them. Also in these pages are personal remembrances of my life growing up, which may bring to mind some of your own memories. This part of the book holds a special place in my heart and perhaps some of it will resonate with you as well. I hope this becomes a part of your kitchen. After all, you have your own memories to make, so let''s get started with a few of my recipes below... Recipe #5: Bowtie Pasta with Sundried Tomatoes, Peas, Spinach & Port Wine I had this absolutely wonderful dish at a restaurant in Windsor, Connecticut about 15 years ago. I always called it Connecticut pasta, as I simply wrote down the ingredients off the menu onto a napkin before I left. Not only is it easy, but vegan, and lasts for a few days. Just reading the recipe should entice you to prepare it. Now, let''s cook... 2 tsp chopped garlic 1/2 cup frozen green peas 1 8 oz jar sundried tomatoes in oil one bunch fresh spinach, rinsed well, slightly drained and roughly chopped 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 cup port wine 1 tbsp butter 1/2 lb cooked pasta of your choice 1 tbsp olive oil or the tomato oil In a large saute pan, heat oil. On medium heat, saute garlic and sundried tomatoes for one minute. Add the port wine and butter, stirring for a few minutes until slightly reduced. Turn heat to low and stir in spinach and peas, cooking just until spinach is wilted, then add the salt, stir and taste. The flavor of the port should come through as a mellow note. Add the pasta (I like small bowtie) and stir until it''s coated with remainder of the liquid. This dish may be served hot, at room temp or even cold. Recipe #18: Baked Halibut Topped with Sour Cream, Red Onion & Dill I am not a big fish eater, but when I have something that I like, I will make it time and time again. Ideally, this recipe calls for fresh halibut, but this time around when I made it, fresh halibut was 16.99 a pound. So, I used regular cod, which was on sale for 4.99 a pound. Much better! Even though you can''t beat halibut for this dish, cod works just as well. Now, let''s bake... 1 1/2 lbs halibut or cod fillets, 6-8 oz portions 1 cup dry white wine bread crumbs 1 tsp salt Mix white wine with salt in large glass dish. Do not use metal as you don''t want a reaction with the wine and salt. Marinate fish in the wine mixture one hour, turning once. Heat oven to 400. Remove fish from marinade, toss the marinade and pat fish dry. Pour bread crumbs onto plate. Coat both sides of fish with crumbs. Place fish in a baking dish with 1/4 cup water and spread topping like you would frosting a cake (I use an offset spatula) covering completely. Bake fish for 10-15 minutes, depending on thickness. Fish will be opaque throughout when done and the topping should be golden brown. Sour Cream Topping 3/4 cup mayonnaise 1/2 cup sour cream 1/3 cup red onion, finely diced 2 tbsp fresh dill, chopped, more if you like dill Blend all ingredients together in a medium bowl.