How To Travel Light

Author: Shreevatsa Nevatia
Publisher: Penguin Books
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John Mcgahern And The Art Of Memory

Author: Dermot McCarthy
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9783034301008
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In 2005, when John McGahern published his "Memoir," he" "revealed for the first time in explicit detail the specific nature of the autobiographical dimension of his fiction, a dimension he had hitherto either denied or mystified. Taking "Memoir "as a paradigmatic work of memory, confession, and imaginative recovery, this book is a close reading of McGahern's novels that discovers his narrative "poiēsis" in both the fiction and the memoir to be a single, continuous, and coherent mythopoeic project concealed within the career of a novelist writing ostensibly in the realist tradition of modern Irish fiction. McGahern's total body of work centres around the experiences of loss, memory, and imaginative recovery. To read his fiction as an art of memory is to recognize how he used story-telling to confront the extended grief and anger that blighted his early life and that shaped his sense of self and world. It is also to understand how he gradually, painfully and honestly wrote his way out of the darkness and despair of the early work into the luminous celebration of life and the world in his great last novel "That They May Face the Rising Sun."