What Does God Think

Author: Cheryl B. Evans
Publisher: Cheryl B. Evans
ISBN: 0995180768
Size: 60.85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A READERS' FAVORITE 2018 AWARD WINNING BOOK. The bestselling author of I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: Raising a transgender child invites you on a fascinating exploration to discover the truth in What Does God Think? Transgender People and The Bible. Presented with the idea that her transgender child was "not of God", Cheryl B. Evans set out to see what God really thinks about transgender people. What does the Bible say? Why is there such a big divide among Christians? Why do some Christians insist there is no such thing as a transgender person while other Christians accept and affirm transgender people? And most importantly, what does God think? This LGBT Christian book takes the reader on a journey that is educational and highly revealing. What Does God Think? is an invitation to examine the scriptures and give consideration to the social, cultural, and scientific facts that impact what we believe, and the way we internally feel about transgender people. Cheryl B. Evans handles this controversial topic with grace and compassion for people on both sides of this debate. If you have been struggling to understand how someone can be Christian and still accept and affirm transgender people then this book is for you. If you know someone who is struggling to accept a loved one who has come out as trans, this would be the perfect book to recommend. Are you ready to have this conversation? Opinions vary widely on the topic of gender, and gender identity, and when you mix religion into the conversation it gets even more interesting. In this non-fiction book, Evans discusses these important social issues in a calm and nonthreatening way. Making this transgender affirming book an excellent resource for both Christians and non-Christians. Grab your copy now and let's talk! Editorial Reviews: 'Evans presents an accessible introduction to issues surrounding trans identity and Christianity. After a brief explanation of the science of sexual diversity and the growing public awareness of trans people. Evans embarks on a fairly high-level exploration of the difficulty of relying on the Bible to address modern concerns. She builds a case that the Bible is less conservative than many traditionalists assert. Evans's clear, heartfelt writing is a compassionate starting point for discussion.' Publishers Weekly (BookLife) "Superb second book by Cheryl B. Evans. So much great reading in What Does God Think? and it is so well presented. "Hallalujah" Well done." Award Winning Author, Viga Boland (No Tears For My Father). "What Does God Think? does a great job of beginning a conversation. One that does not judge or condemn but offers valuable thought provoking insights. Ultimately, it delivers a message of truth about God's unconditional love and purposeful creation of each of us. As I have always believed, we are all part of the story which rises out of God's love and Jesus' teachings, transcending time. Love is like that. Good teaching is like that. They have iconoclastic power to draw humanity to the good however slow the process may be. This book has the power to bring comfort and spiritual healing to individuals seeking to understand how being transgender is not against God. It was a privilege to review What Does God Think? and in doing so I have expanded my knowledge about transgender people." The Reverend Dr. Janet Brigham Reader Review: "A must read for Christian Transgender issues I thought I was going to have to walk away from Christianity when my son came out as trans. There is hope that some people are open minded in the church." Edward. "This book perfectly sums up the seemingly inconsistent struggle between transgender people, the Christian Church, and God. Conflicting views abound and its easy to get confused especially when raising a transgender child yourself, having praised and loved God your whole life, only to be told by some that your child simply isn’t good enough or is actually possessed by demons. This book will dispel fears and gives a good wholesome perspective on the situation. Just breath, continue to love God, continue to love your child, and don’t let ‘other people’s opinions’ confuse you. Highly recommended." Catirona Borman

Transgender People And Education

Author: Clare Bartholomaeus
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1349953091
Size: 63.54 MB
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This book provides a comprehensive account of the educational experiences of students, parents, and educators—transgender and cisgender—in the context of current debates about the inclusion of transgender people in schools. Drawing on critiques of cisgenderism and emphasising the importance of a whole-of-school approach, Transgender People and Education explores complex topics including sexuality education for transgender young people, teaching about gender diversity, the journeys of cisgender parents of transgender children, the experiences of transgender parents and educators in schools, and the role of cisgender administrators, educators, and school counsellors and psychologists in creating inclusive school cultures. Reporting on empirical analyses conducted by the authors, the book makes a unique contribution to thinking about gender diversity in schools and advocates for the broadening of educational approaches beyond narrow gender binaries.

The Trans Generation

Author: Ann Travers
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 1479840416
Size: 75.35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Winner, 2019 PROSE Award for Anthropology, Criminology and Anthropology, presented by the Association of American Publishers A groundbreaking look at the lives of transgender children and their families Some “boys” will only wear dresses; some “girls” refuse to wear dresses; in both cases, as Ann Travers shows in this fascinating account of the lives of transgender kids, these are often more than just wardrobe choices. Travers shows that from very early ages, some at two and three years old, these kids find themselves to be different from the sex category that was assigned to them at birth. How they make their voices heard—to their parents and friends, in schools, in public spaces, and through the courts—is the focus of this remarkable and groundbreaking book. Based on interviews with transgender kids, ranging in age from 4 to 20, and their parents, and over five years of research in the US and Canada, The Trans Generation offers a rare look into what it is like to grow up as a trans child. From daycare to birthday parties and from the playground to the school bathroom, Travers takes the reader inside the day-to-day realities of trans kids who regularly experience crisis as a result of the restrictive ways in which sex categories regulate their lives and put pressure on them to deny their internal sense of who they are in gendered terms. As a transgender activist and as an advocate for trans kids, Travers is able to document from first-hand experience the difficulties of growing up trans and the challenges that parents can face. The book shows the incredible time, energy, and love that these parents give to their children, even in the face of, at times, unsupportive communities, schools, courts, health systems, and government laws. Keeping in mind that all trans kids are among the most vulnerable to bullying, violent attacks, self-harm, and suicide, and that those who struggle with poverty, racism, lack of parental support, learning differences, etc, are extremely at risk, Travers offers ways to support all trans kids through policy recommendations and activist interventions. Ultimately, the book is meant to open up options for kids’ own gender self-determination, to question the need for the sex binary, and to highlight ways that cultural and material resources can be redistributed more equitably. The Trans Generation offers an essential and important new understanding of childhood.

My Parenting Journey With A Transgender Child

Author: Cheryl B Evans
ISBN: 9781775352617
Size: 73.95 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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From the award-winning author of I Promised Not to Tell: Raising a transgender child comes a one-of-a-kind journal created for parents of a transgender child. Over 100 thought-provoking writing prompts, inspirational quotes & engaging activities help you discover, process, and explore what your personal parenting journey means to you.

Wonderfully And Purposely Made

Author: Cheryl B Evans
ISBN: 9780995180772
Size: 44.34 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 4599
From the award-winning author of I Promised Not to Tell: Raising a transgender child comes this one-of-a-kind interactive journal created for transgender people. Wonderfully and Purposely Made: I Am Enough has over 75 writing prompts, engaging activities, and fun colourable images there to help guide you along as you tell your story..

Raising Consumers

Author: Lisa Jacobson
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231509243
Size: 61.66 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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In the present electronic torrent of MTV and teen flicks, Nintendo and Air Jordan advertisements, consumer culture is an unmistakably important—and controversial—dimension of modern childhood. Historians and social commentators have typically assumed that the child consumer became significant during the postwar television age. But the child consumer was already an important phenomenon in the early twentieth century. The family, traditionally the primary institution of child socialization, began to face an array of new competitors who sought to put their own imprint on children's acculturation to consumer capitalism. Advertisers, children's magazine publishers, public schools, child experts, and children's peer groups alternately collaborated with, and competed against, the family in their quest to define children's identities. At stake in these conflicts and collaborations was no less than the direction of American consumer society—would children's consumer training rein in hedonistic excesses or contribute to the spread of hollow, commercial values? Not simply a new player in the economy, the child consumer became a lightning rod for broader concerns about the sanctity of the family and the authority of the market in modern capitalist culture. Lisa Jacobson reveals how changing conceptions of masculinity and femininity shaped the ways Americans understood the virtues and vices of boy and girl consumers—and why boys in particular emerged as the heroes of the new consumer age. She also analyzes how children's own behavior, peer culture, and emotional investment in goods influenced the dynamics of the new consumer culture. Raising Consumers is a provocative examination of the social, economic, and cultural forces that produced and ultimately legitimized a distinctive children's consumer culture in the early twentieth century.