Airborne Radioactive Contamination In Inhabited Areas

Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080914251
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For many decades, investigations of the behaviour and implications of radioactive contamination in the environment have focused on agricultural areas and food production. This was due to the erroneous assumption that the consequences of credible contaminating incidents would be restricted to rural areas. However, due to the Chernobyl accident, more than 250,000 persons were removed from their homes, demonstrating a great need for knowledge and instruments that could be applied to minimise the manifold adverse consequences of contamination in inhabited areas. Also, today the world is facing a number of new threats, including radiological terrorism, which would be likely to take place in a city, where most people would become directly affected. A recent report from the US Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism concludes that it is most likely that a large radiological, or even nuclear, terror attack on a major city somewhere in the world will occur before 2013. For the first time ever, the specific problems of airborne radioactive contamination in inhabited areas are treated in a holistically covering treatise, pinpointing factorial interdependencies and describing instruments for mitigation. The state-of-the-art knowledge is here explained in Airborne Radioactive Contamination in Inhabited Areas y leading scientists in the various disciplines of relevance. Unique holistic description of airborne radioactive contamination of inhabited areas and its consequences State-of-the-art information on problems associated with both accidental and malicious contamination events, in particularly 'dirty bombs' Detailed description of processes and parameters governing the severity of contaminating incidents Written by key experts in the world

The Inhabited Woman

Author: Gioconda Belli
Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press
ISBN: 9780299206833
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Lavinia is The Inhabited Woman: accomplished, independent, and fiercely modern. She is sheltered and self-involved, until the spirit of an Indian woman warrior enters her being, then she dares to join a revolutionary movement against a violent dictator and—through the power of love—finds the courage to act. The Wisconsin edition is for sale only in North America.


Author: Richard Dean
ISBN: 0557020123
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Something sinister has befallen Florida's Meridian Cove in the wake of several unusually active hurricane seasons. An unexplainable rash of suicides and disappearances has swept over the town, like the immensely powerful hurricane that is set to ravage the coastline in mere days. A bizarre series of events heralding the impending storm confront police chief Kevin Handley with a mystery so sinister, so profoundly evil, the likes of which have never before been seen by mankind. Through fate, Handley is joined by five others who, alongside him, will battle the forces of ages old evil that are carried upon the winds of the storm. The battle lines have been drawn between the forces of good and evil, between faith and submission, between life and death... The creatures of our worst nightmares have found us and could be hiding within our friends, our neighbors, our loved ones... They could be within all of us right now. Who will survive the onslaught, and who will be INHABITED?

Inhabited Information Spaces

Author: David N. Snowdon
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1852338628
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In an era when increasing numbers of people are conducting research and interacting with one another through the internet, the study of ‘Inhabited Information Spaces’ is aimed at encouraging a more fruitful exchange between the users, and the digital data they are accessing. Introducing the new and developing field of Inhabited Information Spaces, this book covers all types of collaborative systems including virtual environments and more recent innovations such as hybrid and augmented real-world systems. Divided into separate sections, each covering a different aspect of Inhabited Information Systems, this book includes: How best to design and construct social work spaces; analysis of how users interact with existing systems, and the technological and sociological challenges designers face; How Inhabited Information Spaces are likely to evolve in the future and the new communities that they will create.

Inhabited By Stories

Author: Nancy A. Barta-Smith
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443843660
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Intertextuality has signaled change, appropriation, adaptation, and derivation. It has focused readers on irresolvable questions of influence and origination, progressive or regressive movement across continents, periods, and media. Inhabited by Stories: Critical Essays on Tales Retold takes a different approach. What would a model of literary study look like that steps out of time’s river and embraces not only the presence and proximity of the world to the senses, but also of the past and the future to the present here and now? When stories inhabit us, imagination and memory extend our ability to see and feel. Phenomenological experience is lived, not just thought. Such a perspective suggests that the past and future inhabit the present, increase the depth of sensory perception itself, and enrich the range of our affective and ethical responses. Grounded in the lived experience of reading, this perspective offers an alternative to an idea of intertextuality as simply following lines of influence and appropriation. It focuses on the expansion of experience created by telling and retelling stories. Ironically, for literary theorists and critics, perhaps the highest form of both praise and critique is a tale retold, since such retellings attest to literature’s instructive power and its perennial regeneration.

The Inhabited World

Author: David Long
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780618872367
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Stuck in a state of purgatory in the Washington State house in which he lived and died, Evan Molloy, a son, husband, and stepfather who had shot himself to death for a reason he cannot recall, now must deal with the home's new inhabitant, Maureen Keniston, a woman in her late thirties struggling to rebuild her life in the wake of a long affair with a married man. Reprint.

Inhabited Silence In Qualitative Research

Author: Lisa A. Mazzei
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9780820488769
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"Inhabited Silence in Qualitative Research" demonstrates, or -puts to work, - poststructural theory in the doing of qualitative research. Using this theoretical approach, the book proposes a data set lacking in the methodological literature, namely silence. It highlights the need for qualitative researchers not to dismiss silence as an omission or an absence of empirical materials, but rather to engage silence as meaningful and purposeful. This is an important book that should be read by researchers, teachers, and students."

The Inhabited Ruins Of Central Europe

Author: D. Gafijczuk
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 113730586X
Size: 59.47 MB
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Focusing on Central Europe, the volume proposes a new paradigm of how culture works, based on a model of "inhabited ruins" as a space where contradictory elements come together into continually renewed and frequently paradoxical configurations. Examines art, architecture, literature and music.