International Business Transactions In A Nutshell

Author: Ralph Haughwout Folsom
Publisher: West Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780314067791
Size: 62.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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International Business Context: From Brockton and Burbank to Bangkok and Beijing; Negotiating International Business Transactions; International Trading of Goods; Financing the International Trading of Goods; Money and International Business Transactions; Technology Transfers; International Business Transactions in Market Economy Nations; International Business Transactions in Non-Market anti Transition Economy Nations; Dispute Settlement; Litigation and Arbitration; Immunity of States in Commercial Transactions; Act of State Doctrine in Commercial Transactions.

Exam Prep For International Business Transactions In A

Author: David Mason
Publisher: Rico Publications
Size: 73.61 MB
Format: PDF
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Business is the activity of making one's living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services). This book provides over 2,000 Exam Prep questions and answers to accompany the text International Business Transactions; In a ... Items include highly probable exam items: purchasing, warranty, Derived demand, Raw material, Creative brief, Product manager, Reseller, Data warehouse, Interview, property, Global marketing, Consistency, Business model, Star, and more.

A Guide To Financing Mechanisms In International Business Transactions

Author: Sang Man Kim
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1527539474
Size: 27.85 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This book outlines features of international business transactions, and discusses their various associated risks. For the successful completion of an international business transaction, depending on its terms, both parties need access to funds. This text deals with financing mechanisms mainly in the international sale of goods and in overseas construction projects. Concerning financing international sale of goods, it discusses export working capital financing, documentary credit, negotiation of bills of exchange, export factoring, and international forfaiting. Concerning financing an overseas construction project, this book discusses supplier and buyer credit, project finance, syndicated loans, and independent guarantees (or standby letters of credit). The book also covers export credit insurance (or export credit guarantee), which is very useful for the facilitation of financing in the international sale of goods and in overseas construction projects.

Winning In The Global Market

Author: Bruce D. Keillor
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313398321
Size: 38.60 MB
Format: PDF
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Achieving success in the global marketplace is now a little easier thanks to this practical and comprehensive guide.

Principles Of International Trade Law

Author: Ralph Folsom
ISBN: 9781640201408
Size: 45.74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Principles of International Trade Law commences with coverage of the World Trade Organization and its many agreements, followed by Customs and Import/Export Law, and ends with coverage of Technology Transfers across Borders. Principles is intended to provide considerably more depth, analysis, citations and related documents than found in a Nutshell. Principles of International Trade Law can be used in connection with any international trade or international business transactions coursebook, or on its own. Key trade law documents are included.

Day To Day Competition Law

Author: Patrick Hubert
Publisher: Primento
ISBN: 2802746324
Size: 23.61 MB
Format: PDF
View: 4807
Companies today must consider and comply with competition law in their daily business management. The financial and reputational risks for breaching such rules are severe and the success of many merger and acquisition projects depends very much on it. While competition law rules become increasingly sophisticated, business people are still expected to comply with it. Rather than giving a theoretical approach that can be found in a typical practitioner’s book or textbook, «Day-to-Day competition law: a practical guide for businesses» is genuinely a practical book. The interaction between theory and practice is the main feature of the book. Major competition law issues are explained in a jargon-free manner and summarized in a nutshell at the end of each chapter. Not only will the reader gain an understanding of competition law rules, but also will gain a better understanding on how a company can behave and what to do if it is subject to an investigation by the competition authorities. This practical guidance may serve as a platform for designing internal in-house rules governing behaviour in relation to competition law, and may also trigger a revision of such rules in light of some of the issues raised by the authors. While a particular focus is drawn on the EU – as the EU competition law system is replicated in a large number of countries around the world – reference to differing rules and other key jurisdictions such as the United States is also made. This book is written to appeal to business people, as well as non-specialized in-house lawyers, and all those who wish to understand competition law in a clear and practical way. The authors’ experience in the field of competition law ranges from leading investigations on behalf of competition authorities to applying competition law in a major global company in its daily activities, and advising multinational clients of one of the world’s leading law firms. It is this professional insight which provides the reader with an invaluable inside view of all aspects of competition law, from the way authorities think to the impacts competition law has on businesses.