Husbands Wives And Lovers

Author: Patricia Mainardi
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300101041
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In this interdisciplinary exploration of the cultural and social history of early 19th-century France, Patricia Mainardi focuses on what was considered a major social problem of the time - adultery. In a period when expectations about marriage were changing, the problems of husbands, wives and lovers became a major theme in theatre, literature and the visual arts. The author demonstrates that this intense interest was historically grounded in the post-revolutionary collision between the new concept of the individual's right to happiness and the traditional prerogatives of family and state. duty or happiness more important? Are arranged marriages doomed to be empty of love and poisoned by adultery? Should adulterous wives and their lovers be punished while husbands may commit adultery with impunity? Out of such legal, social and cultural debates ultimately emerged modern bourgeois family values, Mainardi argues. And she illuminates how art, in all its varieties, both influences and is influenced by social change.

Comparative Law

Author: Harold Cooke Gutteridge
Publisher: CUP Archive
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Droit De La Finance Alternative

Author: Jean-Marc Moulin
Publisher: Bruylant
ISBN: 2802758772
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La finance est en crise ; mais elle est indispensable à la vie des hommes en société. Cependant, il serait abusif de considérer "la finance" comme un tout homogène. En effet, loin de la finance conventionnelle qui fait la une de l'actualité, il existe une finance dite alternative qui tente de placer et de maintenir l'Homme au centre de son projet et à l'horizon de son ambition. Cet ouvrage, premier du genre, se propose de présenter sous forme d'études réalisées par des spécialistes du droit financier, les manifestations de cette finance alternative, les outils, instruments et techniques juridiques qui existent et qui permettent de concilier finance et humanisme. À travers l'analyse des critères de développement durable ou religieux appliqués à la finance, des monnaies alternatives, du microcrédit, de la notation extra-financière, du mutualisme et du coopératisme en finance, du crowdfunding, des fonds éthiques, du financement associatif, du financement alternatif de l'habitat ou du soutien des collectivités publiques aux entreprises, ce livre fait, en France comme en Espagne, au Royaume-Uni, en Grèce et au Canada, un tour d'horizon complet de ce segment du secteur financier souvent méconnu et qui offre néanmoins aux Hommes de réaliser leurs projets dans la perspective d'un mieux-être collectif. Pour rompre avec l'idée que la finance n'est que spéculation et prédation.

Poetic Principles And Practice

Author: Lloyd Austin
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521327377
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Baudelaire, Mallarm and Valry, three central poets of the modern French tradition, form a noble poetic lineage: Mallarm proceeded from Baudelaire, Valry from Mallarm; yet each went his separate way and attained a high degree of originality. All three reflected deeply on the principles of poetic creation; all three sought to apply these principles in the practice of writing. The central theme of the eighteen papers collected here is the constant confrontation of theory and practice. The majority are close studies of individual poems, based on rigourous textual analysis, but placing each poem, implicitly or explicitly, in the total context of each poet's work as a whole. The impact of these poets on the development of modern poetry has been felt far beyond the frontiers of France; their writings are at the centre of more recent reflection on literature in genera, and poetry in particular, as the application of certain properties of language. Above all, their poems remain a constant source of delight; to share that delight with the reader is the main object of this book.

The International Legal Order Current Needs And Possible Responses

Author: James Crawford
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004314377
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This volume of essays addresses some of the most significant issues of contemporary international law. It particularly focuses on questions relating to international humanitarian law, the law of the sea, human rights, the use of force, international environmental law, and the settlement of international disputes. Recent developments in some other issues of international law such as State immunity and State responsibility are also dealt with. The Work contains a number of articles in French and is offered as a tribute to the prominent Iranian Professor of International Law, Djamchid Momtaz, on the occasion of his 75th birthday.