Justice League The Darkseid War Saga Omnibus

Author: Geoff Johns
ISBN: 9781401274023
Size: 62.96 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 2568
"Fourth World created by Jack Kirby; Batman created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger; Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, by special arrangement with the Jerry Siegel family"

Final Crisis Omnibus New Printing

Author: Grant Morrison
ISBN: 9781779501400
Size: 27.91 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1216
Using the soul-destroying Anti-Life Equation, Darkseid is remaking the heroes, villains and everyday people of Earth in his dark image...and destroying the very fabric of reality itself in the process. Now superheroes from around the world-and across the Multiverse-must make a last, desperate stand against the forces of Anti-Life. Will Earth endure? And when the Crisis reaches its climax, who will make the ultimate sacrifice? Collecting Batman #676-683, #701-702, Birds of Prey #118, DC Universe #0, DC Universe- The Last Will and Testament #1, Final Crisis #1-7, Final Crisis- Legion of 3 Worlds #1-5, Final Crisis- Requiem #1, Final Crisis- Resist #1, Final Crisis- Revelations #1-5, Final Crisis- Rogues' Revenge #1-3, Final Crisis- Secret Files #1, Final Crisis- Submit #1, Final Crisis- Superman Beyond #1-2, Flash #240-241, Justice League of America #21, Superman/Batman #76, Teen Titans #59-60 and Terror Titans #1-6.

Jack Kirby Checklist Gold Edition

Author: TwoMorrows Publishing
Publisher: TwoMorrows Publishing
ISBN: 1605490059
Size: 56.21 MB
Format: PDF
View: 2492
The most thorough listing of Jack Kirby's work ever published! Building on the 1998 Silver Edition, this new, fully-updated, definitive Gold Edition compiles an additional decade's worth of corrections and additions by top historians, in a new trade paperback format with premium paper for archival durability. It lists in exacting detail every published comic featuring Kirby's work, including dates, story titles, page counts, and inkers. It even cross-references reprints, to help collectors locate less-expensive versions of key Kirby issues, and includes an extensive bibliography listing books, periodicals, portfolios, fanzines, posters, and other obscure pieces with Kirby's art, plus a detailed list of Jack's unpublished work as well. This edition includes a complete listing of the over 5,000-page archive of Kirby's personal pencil art photocopies, and scattered throughout are dozens of examples of rare and unseen Kirby art, making this a must-have item for serious Kirby collectors and eBay shoppers!