Knock Em Dead Secrets Strategies For First Time Job Seekers

Author: Martin Yate
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1440536783
Size: 73.50 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Features advice for first-time job seekers on finding employment and building a professional career, addressing such topics as râesumâe writing, interviewing, negotiating, advancing within a company, and changing jobs.

Managing Knock Your Socks Off Service

Author: Chip Bell
Publisher: AMACOM
ISBN: 0814432050
Size: 49.10 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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You may have your industry’s most prolific product or service in the marketplace, but your customers’ loyalty and checkbooks will only go as far as your customer service will allow. In the end, customers will not recognize the minor advantages of your superior product, but poor customer service will stand out like the Vegas strip on a moonless night. So the most vital question any manager or business owner can ask themselves today is, how well are you training, coaching, and supporting your company’s frontline employees?The invaluable, must-have Managing Knock Your Socks Off Service shows managers and supervisors how to: • Find and retain service-oriented people • Understand customer needs, expectations, and desires • Build a service vision • Design a user-friendly service delivery process • Involve and inspire employees • Recognize and reward good performance Fully updated with new chapters on: learning from lost customers; inciting passion and incentivizing service; fostering trust; and delivering great customer experiences online, this indispensable resource provides absolutely everything managers need to ensure their frontline employees become their company's biggest asset.


Author: Haydn Woollard
ISBN: 1329988361
Size: 72.20 MB
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Haydn, a 53 year old Yorkshireman finds himself penniless and alone in a Lancashire ex-mining town which time seemed to have left behind and where strangers were definitely unwelcome. In the potentially dangerous and threatening world of Padiham, he decides to re-open a derelict drinking club. What he hadn't realised was that one had to be a Professor of Psychology to survive in such an environment. When the penny finally did drop for him, due to his sheer determination, he attempted and succeeded in changing from being the biggest piss-take in town to one of the most respected. Under the heading of Survival, all the old ethics acquired from his previous lifestyle needed to be thrown out of the window, replaced by completely new revolutionary ideas to take control of many alien situations such as shady characters, drugs, sex, armed robbery and violence. This book is not reading for the weak-minded or the easily offended, some of the accounts described can truly be described as mind-boggling... Enjoy!

And Father Makes Three

Author: Kim Watters
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373877560
Size: 64.69 MB
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She's saved countless lives, yet there's one person emergency room doctor Elizabeth Randall can't rescue—her adopted daughter, Jordan. Perhaps meeting her biological father, Blake Crawford, will be the lifeline Jordan needs. The handsome, guarded firefighter takes risks every day. But facing the daughter he never knew—along with lovely Elizabeth—has him thinking about family. With fatherhood thrust suddenly upon him, there's no way he can turn his back on his sick child. Will working together to give Jordan a second chance at life also lead them to a chance at love?

Knock Em Dead

Author: Martin John Yate
Publisher: Adams Media Corporation
ISBN: 9781558501553
Size: 48.39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Job seeker's handbook.

Water Covers All Sins

Author: James Marsh
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477119426
Size: 54.33 MB
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Water Covers All Sins James Marsh Banksiadale was an idyllic timber mill town, near Dwellingup and Pinjarra, in the south-west of Western Australia. In its heyday and climaxing in the early 1960s, it was the gem of all mill towns with its own electricity supply, piped fresh water to all houses and a peaceful, well-behaved community, not even needing a resident policeman. Today, it does not exist. Everything changed in 1963 when the mill mysteriously burnt down, all workers had to leave, and the mill houses were swallowed up and covered by the waters of a new dam, the South Dandalup dam. Other problems emerged when it was discovered some 40 years later that two local residents had been murdered and disposed of in a mill house which was submerged along with other buildings when the dam was fl ooded. Three detectives have to work painstakingly on various clues to try to track down the killers in this cold case.

Twelve Mighty Orphans

Author: Jim Dent
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1429919345
Size: 38.14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Jim Dent, author of the New York Times bestselling The Junction Boys, returns with his most powerful story of human courage and determination. More than a century ago, a school was constructed in Fort Worth, Texas, for the purpose of housing and educating the orphans of Texas Freemasons. It was a humble project that for years existed quietly on a hillside east of town. Life at the Masonic Home was about to change, though, with the arrival of a lean, bespectacled coach by the name of Rusty Russell. Here was a man who could bring rain in the midst of a drought. Here was a man who, in virtually no time at all, brought the orphans' story into the homes of millions of Americans. In the 1930s and 1940s, there was nothing bigger in Texas high school football than the Masonic Home Mighty Mites—a group of orphans bound together by hardship and death. These youngsters, in spite of being outweighed by at least thirty pounds per man, were the toughest football team around. They began with nothing—not even a football—yet in a few years were playing for the state championship on the highest level of Texas football. This is a winning tribute to a courageous band of underdogs from a time when America desperately needed fresh hope and big dreams. The Mighty Mites remain a notable moment in the long history of American sports. Just as significant is the depth of the inspirational message. This is a profound lesson in fighting back and clinging to faith. The real winners in Texas high school football were not the kids from the biggest schools, or the ones wearing the most expensive uniforms. They were the scrawny kids from a tiny orphanage who wore scarred helmets and faded jerseys that did not match, kids coached by a devoted man who lived on peanuts and drove them around in a smoke-belching old truck. In writing a story of unforgettable characters and great football, Jim Dent has come forward to reclaim his place as one of the top sports authors in America today. A remarkable and inspirational story of an orphanage and the man who created one of the greatest football teams Texas has ever known . . . this is their story—the original Friday Night Lights. "This just might be the best sports book ever written. Jim Dent has crafted a story that will go down as one of the most artistic, one of the most unforgettable, and one of the most inspirational ever. Twelve Mighty Orphans will challenge Hoosiers as the feel-good sports story of our lifetime. Naturally, being from Texas, I am biased. Hooray for the Mighty Mites.'' —Verne Lundquist, CBS Sports "Coach Rusty Russell and the Mighty Mites will steal your heart as they overcome every obstacle imaginable to become a respected football team. Take an orphanage, the Depression, and mix it with Texas high school football, and Jim Dent has authored another winner, this one about the ultimate underdog.'' —Brent Musburger, ABC Sports/ESPN "No state has a roll call of legendary high school football stories like we do in Texas, and, admittedly, some of those stories have been ‘expanded' over the years when it comes to the truth. But let Jim Dent tell you about the Mighty Mites of Masonic Home, the pride of Fort Worth in the dark days of the Depression. Read this book. You will think it's fiction. You will think it's a Hollywood script. But Twelve Mighty Orphans is the truth, and nothing but. It is powerful stuff. Some eighty years later, the Mighty Mites' story remains so sacred, not even a Texan would dare tamper with these facts. And Jim Dent tells it like it was." — Randy Galloway, columnist, Fort-Worth Star Telegram

The Complete Idiot S Guide To Decluttering

Author: Regina Leeds
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1440696993
Size: 60.37 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Do you own your stuff, or does it own you? Whether someone lives in a mansion or a studio, drives an SUV or a MiniCooper, stuff often builds up into an endless stream of clutter, taking over living spaces and complicating lives. Drawing on nearly two decades of experience organizing living and work spaces, renowned organizing expert Regina Leeds has the solution for conquering clutter in every room of one's house, along with in one's office, car, and garage. ?Short, easy-to-use format ?Quick and easy steps for evaluating and organizing your possessions ?Unique room-by-room approach ?Tips on maintaining a clutter-free space forever ?Includes a complete list of resources