Author: Aeryn Leigh
ISBN: 9781980256809
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Format: PDF, ePub
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Where Eagles Dare - A Suicidal Raid Into The Emperor's LairThe war against the Inquisition does not go well. The Republic is besieged, one last island of light in the sea of darkness. But for General Sarah Versetti, Commander of the Republic, there is one last desperate gamble - the heroes of the hour, the latest arrivals from Earth, might have the know-how, the technical capability, and the sheer bloody temerity, to pull off the unthinkable.Lead a raid to the Emperor's Lair, the most heavily guarded stronghold on Elysium, and steal the plans for weapons of mass destruction, big enough to end the Inquisition threat, once and for all.Lucky for Sarah, Ella Gruder has a plan. And new-found family mad enough to help her.But one thing about war remains the same, no matter which planet you are on... No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.For on Elysium, only humans assume they are masters of their domain.Odin's Warriors: Painkiller is the second instalment in an epic military/space opera sci-fi series.Odin's Warriors: Königstiger - Book 3 - January 23, 2017Odin's Warriors: Hunter Prey - Book 4 - 2018