Author: Paul Roberts
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 1574670689
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Paris at the turn of the 20th century was obsessed with the interrelations of the arts. It was a time when artists and writers spoke of poetry as music, sounds as colors, and paintings as symphonies. The music of Claude Debussy, with its unique textures and dazzling colors, was the perfect counterpart to the bold new styles of painting in France. Paul Roberts probes the sources of Debussy's artistic inspiration, relating the "impressionist" titles to the artistic and literary ferment of the time. He also draws on his own performing experience to touch on all the principal technical problems for a performer of Debussy's piano music. His many suggestions about interpreting the music will be particularly valuable to performers as well as listeners.


Author: Edmond de Goncourt
Publisher: Parkstone International
ISBN: 1783105143
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Through his elegant brush paintings and masterful woodblocks, Katsushika Hokusai (1760–1849) became one of Japan’s most internationally-renowned artists. A master of Ukiyo-e art, he single-handedly transformed the art form from a simple style focused on courtesans and famous actors into a grander style depicting the beauty of nature seen through landscapes and wildlife. His style of art and subject evolved as many times as he changed his name, but Hokusai’s talent as an artist remained constant and his influential role in later art movements such as Art Nouveau and Impressionism remains eternal.

Japonisme In Art

Author: Chisaburō Yamada
Publisher: Year 2001
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Hokusai First Manga Master

Author: Jocelyn Bouquillard
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
ISBN: 9780810993419
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More than a hundred years before Japanese comics swept the globe, the master engraver Hokusai was producing beautiful, surreal, and often downright wacky sketches and drawings, filled with many of the characters and themes found in modern manga. These out-of-context caricatures, which include studies of facial expressions, postures, and situations ranging from the mundane to the otherworldly, demonstrate both the artist's style and his taste. In addition to the landscapes for which he is beloved, Hokusai's mangas reveal his compassion for farmers, artisans, and peasants, as well as his keen eye for the absurd.

Nature And The Nation In Fin De Si Cle France

Author: Jessica M. Dandona
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1351708783
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By the time of his death in 1904, critics, arts reformers, and government officials were near universal in their praise of Art Nouveau designer Emile Gallé (1846–1904), whose works they described as the essence of French design. Many even went so far as to argue that the artist’s creations could reinvigorate France’s fading arts industries and help restore its economic prosperity by defining a modern style to represent the nation. For fin-de-siècle viewers, Gallé’s works constituted powerful reflections on the idea of national belonging, modernity, and the role of the arts in political engagement. While existing scholarship has largely focused on the artist’s innovative technical processes, a close analysis of Gallé’s works brings to light the surprisingly complex ways in which his fragile creations were imbricated in the political turmoil that characterized fin-de-siècle France. Examining Gallé’s works inspired by Japanese art, his patriotically inflected designs for the Universal Exposition of 1889, his artistic manifesto in support of Dreyfus created in 1900, and finally, his late works that explore the concept of evolution, this book reveals how Gallé returns again and again to the question of national identity as the central issue in his work.

The Documented Image

Author: Gabriel P. Weisberg
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
ISBN: 9780815624103
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Hokusai S Project

Author: David Bell
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Size: 26.48 MB
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This important new study on the great ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai is an in-depth appreciation, involving close examination of some forty-four Hokusai prints, of why his works appear in the way they do and how he evolved his own unique artistic style. In addition to a select bibliography, the book is supported by a valuable glossary of artistic terms.

Monet And Japan

Author: Claude Monet
Size: 11.65 MB
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Monet never traveled to Japan, but surrounded himself with a large collection of Japanese woodblock prints. From as early as the 1870's, critics commented on the influence these works were having on Monet's Impressionism. Japanese art accompanied Monet throughout his life as an artist. Without it he would not be the 'Monet' we know. It affected not only his style and subject matter, but also the way he saw nature and how he conceived his relationship to nature. MONET & JAPAN shows how Japanese prints and paintings helped to shape Monet's art during six decades, influencing not only his style and subject matter, but the very way he saw the world around him.