Data Driven Leaders Always Win

Author: Jay Zaidi
Publisher: Alydata
ISBN: 9780692720080
Size: 51.32 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Organizations are being forced to undergo a digital transformation and this is creating a tumultuous period of change for them. Those that wish to win with data must implement a data culture - a complex undertaking. It requires an in-depth understanding of the data ecosystem, its components, and the interaction between people, process, technology, and data, to deliver business value. Data-Driven Leaders Always Win connects the dots across various data management fields, and their practical application, using real life experience that the author gained while leading enterprise-wide data management programs at the world's largest financial services company. Being data-savvy and data-driven are core skills for leaders and their organizations to win in the "Age of Data." Some areas you'll explore: - What are the opportunities and challenges that Big Data and IoT present? - What is Dark Data and why you must manage it better? - The dark side of Big Data and how it's impacting your organization. - The "Golden Square" and why every leader needs to learn about it and apply it. - Steps you cantake to win with data. - How leaders can develop a data culture within their organizations? Regardless of the industry vertical you are in - if you are a leader, aspire to be one, or wish to influence your leadership team, and move up the corporate ladder in the "Age of Data," then this book is for you."

High Performance Buildings A Guide For Owners Managers

Author: Anthony Robinson, MS
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1312083077
Size: 37.71 MB
Format: PDF
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High Performance Buildings: A Guide for Owners and Managers, is a template - a blueprint for action for those making decisions about how to improve the energy efficiency and performance of new or existing buildings. It is designed to have broad appeal, both for the seasoned veteran facility or energy manager and for the new manager alike, but can also be utilized as a practical desk reference by professionals such as architects, engineers, and construction managers. The full spectrum of topics relevant to achieving optimum building performance is addressed, including analysis of overall building energy use and performance, building commissioning, applicable codes, standards and rating systems, building envelope, onsite power generating options, optimizing performance of building mechanical and electrical equipment, and importance of effective building operation and maintenance practices. Fundamental principles are discussed and illustrated with case studies.

Leading Issues In Leading Issues In Business And Management Research Volume 2

Author: Susan Geringer and John Mendy
Publisher: Academic Conferences and publishing limited
ISBN: 1910810371
Size: 31.67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 452
Research Methodology remains a vital issue at the heart of all scholarly activity. Without a proper appreciation of Research Methodology and its correct application academic progress is not possible. One of the problems which Research Methodology offers the learner is the very wide range of options which are frequently available with which to answer a research question and this high level of choice can lead to indecision and sometimes confusion. This book is a compilation of a number of important papers on this subject selected by two leaders in this field of study. A wide range of topic have been chosen which lead the reader through some of the more important considerations in the field. The book is designed to help with this type of problem and the the current selection of papers which highlight a variety of research questions, problems and issues and an accompanying range of research methods and methodological discussions. Their authors have stated the research positions they have adopted and respective levels of justification and knowledge forms have been presented. These range from those forms of knowledge that might be found of use to practitioners to those that are more philosophically or academically inclined. A certain level of research impact is either implied or overtly presented in the selected papers. This book is an important text for academics, researchers and students as well as those interested in using research from a commercial point of view.

Handbook Of Data Analysis

Author: Melissa A Hardy
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1446203441
Size: 61.23 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors here 'This book provides an excellent reference guide to basic theoretical arguments, practical quantitative techniques and the methodologies that the majority of social science researchers are likely to require for postgraduate study and beyond' - Environment and Planning 'The book provides researchers with guidance in, and examples of, both quantitative and qualitative modes of analysis, written by leading practitioners in the field. The editors give a persuasive account of the commonalities of purpose that exist across both modes, as well as demonstrating a keen awareness of the different things that each offers the practising researcher' - Clive Seale, Brunel University 'With the appearance of this handbook, data analysts no longer have to consult dozens of disparate publications to carry out their work. The essential tools for an intelligent telling of the data story are offered here, in thirty chapters written by recognized experts. ' - Michael Lewis-Beck, F Wendell Miller Distinguished Professor of Political Science, University of Iowa 'This is an excellent guide to current issues in the analysis of social science data. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for authoritative introductions to the state of the art. Each chapter offers a comprehensive review and an extensive bibliography and will be invaluable to researchers wanting to update themselves about modern developments' - Professor Nigel Gilbert, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Sociology, University of Surrey This is a book that will rapidly be recognized as the bible for social researchers. It provides a first-class, reliable guide to the basic issues in data analysis, such as the construction of variables, the characterization of distributions and the notions of inference. Scholars and students can turn to it for teaching and applied needs with confidence. The book also seeks to enhance debate in the field by tackling more advanced topics such as models of change, causality, panel models and network analysis. Specialists will find much food for thought in these chapters. A distinctive feature of the book is the breadth of coverage. No other book provides a better one-stop survey of the field of data analysis. In 30 specially commissioned chapters the editors aim to encourage readers to develop an appreciation of the range of analytic options available, so they can choose a research problem and then develop a suitable approach to data analysis.

A Guide To Mastery In Clinical Nursing

Author: Dr. Joyce Fitzpatrick, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN, FNAP
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 0826132448
Size: 30.71 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Designed for both new registered nurses and nurses transitioning to a new clinical area, this extensive clinical reference is the only resource to provide essential information on more than 300 topics from 11 specialty areas. Concise and practical entries provide fundamental coverage of the most common clinical problems and issues encountered in nursing practice today. Key leaders in clinical content areas authored content on emergency and critical care, geriatric nursing, health systems and health promotion, medical surgical nursing, neonatal nursing, nurse anesthesia, obstetrics and women’s health, palliative care, perioperative nursing, pediatric nursing, and psychiatric mental health nursing. Alphabetized for easy access, each entry includes a definition and description of the clinical problem, etiology, nursing assessment, related problems, interventions, nursing management and evaluation, and safety considerations. The Considerations section of each topic focuses on the role of the nurse throughout the treatment process, and discusses the role of other health care providers with a focus on multidisciplinary treatment. Intended primarily for university and hospital libraries, A Guide to Mastery in Clinical Nursing will also be of value to nursing faculty, undergraduate and graduate-level nurses and nursing students at all levels. Key Features: Provides essential information on over 300 clinical topics from 11 specialty areas Offers key knowledge for nurses new to practice or working in an unfamiliar nursing area Presented in a consistent format for ease of use Includes an overview of each specialty area Focuses on the role of the nurse throughout the treatment process Written and edited by expert clinicians and educators in each clinical area

Encyclopedia Of Quantitative Risk Analysis And Assessment

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470035498
Size: 20.91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Leading the way in this field, the Encyclopedia of Quantitative Risk Analysis and Assessment is the first publication to offer a modern, comprehensive and in-depth resource to the huge variety of disciplines involved. A truly international work, its coverage ranges across risk issues pertinent to life scientists, engineers, policy makers, healthcare professionals, the finance industry, the military and practising statisticians. Drawing on the expertise of world-renowned authors and editors in this field this title provides up-to-date material on drug safety, investment theory, public policy applications, transportation safety, public perception of risk, epidemiological risk, national defence and security, critical infrastructure, and program management. This major publication is easily accessible for all those involved in the field of risk assessment and analysis. For ease-of-use it is available in print and online.

Stock Assessment For Fishery Management

Author: Daniel D. Hoggarth
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
ISBN: 9789251055038
Size: 20.36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Provides guidelines for fish stock assessment and fishery management using the software tools developed by the UK's Department for International Development's Fisheries Management Science Programme. This report explains some key elements of the precautionary approach to fisheries management and outlines a range of alternative stock assessment approaches.

Manual Of Digital Museum Planning

Author: Ali Hossaini
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442278978
Size: 26.11 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 3695
The Manual of Digital Museum Planning is a comprehensive guide to digital planning, development, and operations for museum professionals and students of museums studies and arts administration. In the tradition of Lord Cultural Resource’s renowned manuals, this book gives practical advice on how digital can enhance and improve all aspects of the museum. With chapters written by experienced professionals working at leading institutions such as the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Bristol Culture, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and others, The Manual of Digital Museum Planning is an easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide for anyone planning a new museum, a museum expansion, or a new project in the Digital Age. Part 1 explains how digital technologies are transforming museums and their value proposition Part 2 explores how adopting a user-centric, omnichannel approach creates new relationships between museums and communities Part 3 offers a guide to integrating digital into the workflow of museums- from data analytics, to user experience design to project management Part 4 identifies the business models, infrastructure and skills and competencies for the digital museum, Each chapter culminates in ‘summary takeaways’ for easy recall, and key words are defined throughout. A glossary and reference list are also included as an accessible resources for readers.

Handbook Of Research On Biomimicry In Information Retrieval And Knowledge Management

Author: Hamou, Reda Mohamed
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1522530053
Size: 75.88 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 3300
In the digital age, modern society is exposed to high volumes of multimedia information. In efforts to optimize this information, there are new and emerging methods of information retrieval and knowledge management leading to higher efficiency and a deeper understanding of this data. The Handbook of Research on Biomimicry in Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management is a critical scholarly resource that examines bio-inspired classes that solve computer problems. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as big data analytics, bioinformatics, and black hole optimization, this book is geared towards academicians, practitioners, and researchers seeking current research on the use of biomimicry in information and knowledge management.