Martin Eden English French Edition Illustrated

Author: Jack London
Publisher: Clap Publishing, LLC.
ISBN: 1944333940
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Living in Oakland at the beginning of the 20th century, Martin Eden struggles to rise above his destitute, proletarian circumstances through an intense and passionate pursuit of self-education, hoping to achieve a place among the literary elite. His principal motivation is his love for Ruth Morse. Because Eden is a rough, uneducated sailor from a working-class background and the Morses are a bourgeois family, a union between them would be impossible unless and until he reached their level of wealth and refinement. Martin Eden est un jeune marin d'Oakland né dans les bas-fonds. Sa vie est faite d'aventures, de voyages, mais aussi de brutalité et de travail. C'est ainsi, qu'il défend un jeune homme lors d'une rixe. Celui-ci issu de la classe aisée, l'invite chez lui à dîner pour le remercier. À cette occasion Martin rencontre sa sœur Ruth Morse, jeune fille délicate issue d'une famille bourgeoise dont il tombe amoureux. Il décide de s'instruire pour la conquérir.

The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde English French Edition Illustrated

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Publisher: Clap Publishing, LLC.
ISBN: 1635376858
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Gabriel John Utterson and his cousin Richard Enfield reach the door of a large house on their weekly walk. Enfield tells Utterson that months ago he saw a sinister-looking man named Edward Hyde trample a young girl after accidentally bumping into her. Enfield forced Hyde to pay £100 to avoid a scandal. Hyde brought them to this door and provided a cheque signed by a reputable gentleman (later revealed to be Doctor Henry Jekyll, a friend and client of Utterson). Utterson is disturbed because Jekyll recently changed his will to make Hyde the sole beneficiary. Utterson fears that Hyde is blackmailing Jekyll. When Utterson tries to discuss Hyde with Jekyll, Jekyll turns pale and asks that Hyde be left alone. M. Utterson est un notaire londonien. Pendant l'une de ses promenades dominicales avec son cousin éloigné, Richard Enfield, ils passent devant une étrange demeure, sans fenêtres aux étages et dotée d'une seule porte au rez-de-chaussée. Apercevant cette maison, ce dernier lui raconte cette troublante histoire : une nuit, qui était déjà bien avancée, Enfield rentrait à son domicile lorsqu'il aperçut une petite fille qui courait dans une rue, ainsi qu'un petit homme d'aspect répugnant. Le nain et la fillette se heurtèrent. Dans la collision, la fillette tombe, l'homme la piétine vivement avant de continuer son chemin. Enfield le rattrape et fait un tel tapage que bientôt plusieurs personnes s'attroupent dans la rue, dont les parents de la jeune victime qui bien évidemment réclament un dédommagement. L'homme entre alors dans la maison pour en ressortir avec un chèque de quatre-vingt-dix livres sterling et dix pièces d'or. Ce criminel était M. Hyde. Cette maison n'était autre que celle de l'estimé Dr Jekyll, l'un des deux plus vieux amis d'Utterson.

Black France

Author: Dominic Richard David Thomas
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253218810
Size: 67.81 MB
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A dynamic view of the politics of cultural exchange between Africa and France

From Revolution To Ethics Second Edition

Author: Julian Bourg
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773552464
Size: 33.54 MB
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Winner: CHOICE Outstanding Academic Book Award, CHOICE Magazine (2008) Winner: Morris D. Forkosch Prize for the best book in intellectual history, Journal of the History of Ideas (2008) The French revolts of May 1968, the largest general strike in twentieth-century Europe, were among the most famous and colourful episodes of the twentieth century. Julian Bourg argues that during the subsequent decade the revolts led to a remarkable paradigm shift in French thought - the concern for revolution in the 1960s was transformed into a fascination with ethics. Challenging the prevalent view that the 1960s did not have any lasting effect, From Revolution to Ethics shows how intellectuals and activists turned to ethics as the touchstone for understanding interpersonal, institutional, and political dilemmas. In absorbing and scrupulously researched detail Bourg explores the developing ethical fascination as it emerged among student Maoists courting terrorism, anti-psychiatric celebrations of madness, feminists mobilizing against rape, and pundits and philosophers championing humanitarianism. From Revolution to Ethics provides a compelling picture of how May 1968 helped make ethics a compass for navigating contemporary global concerns. In a new preface for the second edition published to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the events, Bourg assessses the worldwide influence of the ethical turn, from human rights to the return of religion and the new populism.

Palimpsests Of The Real In Recent French Poetry

Author: Glenn Williams Fetzer
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9789042017627
Size: 27.56 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The richness and diversity of poetic voices in France since the mid-twentieth century sharpen the challenge of charting the poetic landscape in ways that are accessible and cohesive. Since poetry in France has long demonstrated a predisposition to philosophical questions. Palimpsests of the Real in Recent French Poetry reads the work of six poets through the lens of the Pre-Socratics. The poets discussed range from the well-known – Jacques Dupin, André du Bouchet, Eugène Guillevic – to the lesser celebrated – Jean-Louis Chrétien, Céline Zins, and Emmanuel Hocquard. What binds these six together is an interest in the real, and a fascination with the ways of sensing one's world, of experiencing time, unity, memory, and change. For each poet, the aesthetic character of the work takes precedence, and its presentation is informed by the philosophical groundwork laid by ancient thinkers.Written not only for specialists but also for students and all readers with a general interest in literature and poetry, this book provides introductory material to each poet considered as well as offers critical readings that never stray far from the poetic texts.

Local Hospitals In Ancien R Gime France

Author: Daniel Hickey
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773566449
Size: 58.88 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the French Crown closed down thousands of local hospices, maladreries, and small hospitals that had been refuges for the sick and poor, supposedly acting in the name of efficiency, better management, and elimination of duplicate services. Its true motive, however, was to expropriate their revenues and holdings. Hickey shows how, in spite of government efforts, a countermovement emerged that to some degree foiled the Crown's attempts to suppress local hospitals. Charitable institutions, churchmen inspired by the new message of the Catholic Reformation, women's religious congregations, and community elites defied intervention measures, resisted proposed changes, and revitalized the very type of institution the Crown was trying to shut down. Hickey's conclusions are supported by a study of eight local hospitals, which allows him to measure the impact of Crown decisions on the day-to-day functioning of these local institutions. Challenging the interpretations of Michel Foucault and other historians, Hickey throws new light on an important area of early modern French history.

Voluptuous Philosophy

Author: Natania Meeker
Publisher: Fordham Univ Press
ISBN: 9780823226962
Size: 28.77 MB
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Eighteenth-century France witnessed the rise of matter itself-in forms ranging from atoms to anatomies-as a privileged object of study. Voluptuous Philosophy redefines what is at stake in the emergence of an enlightened secular materialism by showing how questions of figure-how should a body be represented? What should the effects of this representation be on readers?-are tellingly and consistently located at the very heart of 18th-century debates about the nature of material substance. French materialisms of the Enlightenment are crucially invested not only in the development of a sophisticated theoretical apparatus around the notion of matter but in the production of specific relationships between readers and the matterof the texts that they consume. How, the book asks, did the period's fascination with a markedly immaterial and ephemeral event-the reading of works of fiction-come to coincide with what appears to be a gradual materialization of human subjects: men and women who increasingly manage to envision themselves transfigured, as the century wears on, into machines, animals, and even, in the work of the Marquis de Sade, tables and chairs? In what way did the spread of new philosophies of matter depend upon the ability of readers to perceive certain figures of speech as literally and immediately true-to imagine themselves as fully material bodies even as they found themselves most deeply compelled by disembodied literary forms? More broadly, in what sense does the act of reading literature alter and transfigure our perceptions of what is, and can be, real? Voluptuous Philosophy articulates the gradual coming into being of literature as a distinct arena of textual production with the rise of an enlightened reader who remains abstracted from the bodily symptoms that any given piece of writing may induce in him. The very definition of the literaryas an autonomous field, this book suggests, may, ironically, be dependent upon the simultaneous construction of a material world that remains fully immune to its effects.

Annual Bibliography Of The History Of The Printed Book And Libraries

Author: Dept. of Special Collections of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402016868
Size: 11.96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Annual Bibliography of the History of the Printed Book and Libraries aims at recording articles of scholarly value which relate to the history of the printed book, to the history of arts, crafts, techniques and equipment, and of the economic social and cultural environment, involved in its production, distribution, conservation and description.