Rethinking The European Union And Its Global Role From The 20th To The 21st Century

Author: Jean-Michel De Waele
Publisher: Editions de l'Université de Bruxelles
ISBN: 2800416807
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Discover the various scientific debates that Mario Telò has been involved. This edited volume, which has been drafted in honour of Professor Telò’s research career, offers the reader an overview of the various scientific debates that he has been involved in throughout his distinguished career. The aim was to highlight, contextualise and build on his most innovative contributions to each of these debates. This book revolves around four thematic areas, each of which brings together a number of contributions that offer timely reflections on a given question or challenge covered by Professor Telò’s research. EXTRACT We wanted to have a personality of international calibre, espousing different political systems across the world. But we also wanted to bring a good teacher into the fold filling students with enthusiasm, able to lead them to develop their study projects, to establish their vocation as researchers and even to train personalities active in every day life, in fact to promote a European conscientiousness. We know that Mario Telò has perfectly fulfilled these many wishes, in particular through his commitments towards his colleagues as well as his very active role as member and President of the Institut d’études européennes – Institute of European Studies (IEE-ULB), but also through the support that he has given numerous researchers who have completed brilliant doctoral theses under his supervision. It is difficult to pay him tribute, however, as Mario Telò has engaged in and still engages in multiple and international academic activities. We have lost count of the number of foreign invitations that have been extended to him as well as his numerous speeches to defend and to explain the need for a European area. Mario Telò knows better than anyone that European values still need to be defended, that European studies cover several aspects, not just the political integration process in Europe but also the analysis of the behaviour of actors, decision-makers and citizens. We know that the ‘EU acquis’ is often temporary and several times the work has to be redone, as the difficulties of functioning with twenty-eight member states, and soon to be twenty-seven member states, show. The European Union does not always respond to the democratic deficit, the political integration approach needs to show the usefulness and expected benefits of European cooperation essential to its existence in a very tense global context. The energy of Mario Telò, his creativity, his international engagement, his academic openness will always be essential to the ULB. A member of the Académie Royale de Belgique [Royal Academy of Belgium], in the Classe des Lettres et des Sciences morales et politiques [section of letters and moral and political sciences], Mario Telò will always find the opportunity to express his analyses and proposals to get through the currently very troubled time of Europe’s and the world’s evolution.

Ghost Stories In Late Renaissance France

Author: Timothy Chesters
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199599807
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This book describes the ideological, intellectual, and literary role of ghost stories in early modern French culture. The sixteenth century in France witnessed a fundamental change in the way ghost stories were conceived. In medieval culture, ghost narratives had served as ideological instruments for Church teaching: they fostered a bringing together of the communities of the living and the dead. With the advent of Reformation, however, this view of ghosts cameunder strain. Alongside religious ghost narratives there began to emerge a whole series of stories written from rival perspectives (legal, medical, anthropological, and literary)¾ a body of writinglargely ignored by modern scholarship. This book provides a survey of this writing, within which we begin to recognise elements of modern ghost stories: the narrative setting of the 'haunted house', embodied revenants, and titillating stories of sex with the dead. In so doing it provides a new glimpse into the beliefs, fears and desires of a deeply troubled age.

Public Disorder And Globalization

Author: Sophie Body-Gendrot
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317407113
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The current growth of incidents of public disorder around the world can be seen as symptomatic of major transformations in globalized society, government, and technology. But while disorder is routinely perceived as a disturbing phenomenon, it can also be a catalyst for positive transformation and regeneration. As social media is increasingly used as a platform for mobilization and organization, local disorder may spread outward through national borders, receiving international coverage and visibility as well as triggering a domino effect of global unrest. Combining qualitative and quantitative research, this ground-breaking text analyzes oppositional notions of order and disorder in global, national, and local contexts and considers the role of the police, the justice system, and other authorities in developing a range of responsive strategies. The author develops a new comprehensive framework for engaging in comparative and historical analysis of public disorder by drawing upon international case studies of public unrest such as 2005 in Paris and 2011 in London; the events in Ferguson and Baltimore that seeded Black Lives Matter; the Occupy movements in Zuccotti Park, Gezi Park, and Hong Kong; and the terror attacks in Paris and Brussels. This dynamic comparative study is informed by extensive international interviews and will be a required reading for students and scholars of criminology, sociology, political science, and urban studies.

Post Colonial Cultures In France

Author: Alec Hargreaves
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136183698
Size: 20.64 MB
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Ethnic minorities, principally from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the surviving remnants of France's overseas empire, are increasingly visible in contemporary France. Post-Colonial Cultures in France edited by Alec Hargreaves and Mark McKinney is the first wide-ranging survey in English of the vibrant cultural practices now being forged by France's post-colonial minorities. The contributions in Post-Colonial Cultures in France cover both the ethnic diversity of minority groups and a variety of cultural forms ranging from literature and music to film and television. Using a diversity of critical and theoretical approaches from the disciplines of cultural studies, literary studies, migration studies, anthropology and history, Post-Colonial Cultures in France explores the globalization of cultures and international migration.

The Illusion Of Accountability In The European Union

Author: Sverker Gustavsson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113522059X
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This book examines accountability in the EU from different perspectives and considers whether EU citizens have real opportunities for holding decision-makers accountable. This book critically analyses five arguments which claim there are sufficient means for holding decision-makers to account in the Union. The authors examine: The argument that we should rethink the meaning of accountability in the EU context The claim that there is no accountability deficit in the EU because member states have the power to retrieve all delegated competencies The assertion that EU citizens have effective mechanisms for holding those responsible for legislative decision-making to account The contention that the arrangements that obtain at present for holding the executive power in the EU to account are acceptable The belief that the involvement of organised civil society can work as an alternative to traditional forms of accountability The main conclusion is that the current institutional set-up and practice of decision-making in the EU is one that merely creates an illusion of accountability. Using a strict framework focusing on the difference between formal mechanisms and actual opportunities for accountability, this highly coherent volume will be of interest to students and scholars of European politics, especially those interested in the democratic foundations of the European political system.


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