Tank Waste Retrieval Processing And On Site Disposal At Three Department Of Energy Sites

Author: National Research Council
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 9780309180146
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DOE Tank Waste: How clean is clean enough? The U.S. Congress asked the National Academies to evaluate the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) plans for cleaning up defense-related radioactive wastes stored in underground tanks at three sites: the Hanford Site in Washington State, the Savannah River Site in South Carolina, and the Idaho National Laboratory. DOE plans to remove the waste from the tanks, separate out high-level radioactive waste to be shipped to an off-site geological repository, and dispose of the remaining lower-activity waste onsite. The report concludes that DOE’s overall plan is workable, but some important challenges must be overcomeâ€"including the removal of residual waste from some tanks, especially at Hanford and Savannah River. The report recommends that DOE pursue a more risk-informed, consistent, participatory, and transparent for making decisions about how much waste to retrieve from tanks and how much to dispose of onsite. The report offers several other detailed recommendations to improve the technical soundness of DOE's tank cleanup plans.

Foot Tracks In New Zealand Origins Access Issues And Recent Developments

Author: Pete McDonald
Publisher: Pete McDonald
ISBN: 0473190958
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Foot-tracks in New Zealand examines the development of walking tracks over two centuries, from the early 19th century to about 2011. Publisher: Pete McDonald Page size: A4 ISBN: 0473190958, 9780473190958 File format: PDF Number of pages: 1000 About: Trails, Tracks, New Zealand, History, Recreation, Land access

Architectural Engineering And Design Management

Author: David Dowdle
ISBN: 9781844073306
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Written to strengthen the support offered to students and diminish the burden felt by academics, this book examines several strategies to effectively manage a growing number of students, and a changing student profile in the built environment sector. It includes a section, which is devoted to virtual learning.


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Arthroscopic Management Of Distal Radius Fractures

Author: Francisco del Piñal
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642053542
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Seeing is believing. This is the title of a new campaign promoted by the International Agency for Prevention of Blindness to raise funds to help tackle avoidable loss of sight in poorly developed countries, truly an admirable initiative. This book could have used a similar leitmotiv: if you see what happens inside of a joint, you will be able to believe in your patient’s symptoms. But it would not be right. Arthroscopy is not out there just to make a diagnosis; it was not developed just to certify that the patient’s complaints are based on something physical. Arthroscopy was introduced to help patients, to make our treatments more reliable, to have better control of our p- cedures. It is merely a tool, indeed, but a marvelous one which nobody should und- score among all surgical options we have when it comes to solving wrist trauma. Seeing is understanding. This could be another leitmotiv for these authors’ c- paign to get more hand surgeons to incorporate arthroscopy in their practices. Certainly, mastering these newly developed techniques help understanding the patient’s problems. But again, that statement would also be misleading for not always what we see through the scope is the real cause of dysfunction. The enemy may be outside of the capsular enclosure. Indeed, arthroscopy provides lots of useful inf- mation, but the surgeon need not accept biased interpretations of the patient’s pr- lem based only on what appears on the screen.

Mastering The Business Of Global Trade

Author: Thomas A. Cook
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466595787
Size: 76.36 MB
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Much of your company’s success in global trade will be determined by how well you manage contracts and agreements for sale or purchase. Mastering the Business of Global Trade: Negotiating Competitive Advantage Contractual Best Practices, Incoterms, and Leveraging Supply Chain Options explains the key elements any international business person must know, but more importantly, it also describes how to use negotiation skills, leveraged options, and Incoterms to extract the maximum benefits from your supply chain. At the end of the day, landed costs determine pricing and profits. As such, the book clearly explains how landed cost modeling works and how you can use these business models to leverage supply chain options. Illustrating how Inco terms impact compliance and risk, it details options to help you reduce your exposure to risk as well as best practices to help you steer clear of compliance issues that can cause costly delays. Managing global supply chains is about constantly striving for efficiency, driving down costs, and increasing profits. With this book, you will not only learn how to negotiate better contracts, but you will also learn how to manage relationships with freight forwarders and customhouse brokers in a manner that will help you get the most value from your service agreements. The book establishes a very simple, yet comprehensive, roadmap that both the neophyte and the more experienced global supply chain executive can easily follow and master. By following the time-proven advice and roadmap detailed in these pages, you will learn that it is possible to engage in more deals and increase your returns, while reducing your overall risk exposure. This book is part of The Global Warrior series.