A History Of Fascism In France

Author: Chris Millington
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1350006556
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A History of Fascism in France explores the origins, development, and action of fascism and extreme right and fascist organisations in France since the First World War. Synthesizing decades of scholarship, it is the first book in any language to trace the full story of French fascism from the First World War to the modern National Front, via the interwar years, the Vichy regime and the collapse of the French Empire. Chris Millington unpicks why this extremist political phenomenon has, at times, found such fervent and widespread support among the French people. The book chronologically surveys fascism in France whilst contextualizing this within the broader European and colonial frameworks that are so significant to the subject. Concluding with a useful historiographical chapter that brings together all the previously explored aspects of fascism in France, A History of Fascism in France is a crucial volume for all students of European fascism and France in the 20th century.

Francois Mauriac On Race War Politics And Religion

Author: François Mauriac
Publisher: CUA Press
ISBN: 0813227895
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Nathan Bracher's François Mauriac on Race, War, Politics, and Religion: The Great War Through the 1960s consists of a selection of some ninety editorials penned by the Catholic novelist and intellectual François Mauriac, who received the Nobel Prize for literature and who was admitted to the Académie Française in 1933. As is often the case for prominent writers and intellectuals in France, Mauriac became active in political punditry early in his career, at the time of the First World War. Intensifying notably in the tumultuous years of the 1930s on, this activity continues to expand over the next five decades. After 1952, Mauriac's editorials came to represent the most important dimension of his intellectual activity. He was, to cite the prominent journalist and intellectual Jean Daniel of Le Nouvel Observateur, France s most distinguished and formidable editorialist of the twentieth century.

The Rise Of The Nazi Regime

Author: Charles Maier
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1000305236
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Marking the fiftieth anniversary of Hitler's seizure of power, a group of leading historians and political sociologists participated in a historical reassessment of the Nazi regime sponsored by the Harvard Center for European Studies. Their papers focus on recent scholarly controversies and on the questions that have preoccupied observers since the events took place: the nature of Nazi support, the role of the dictator, the function of ideology and anti-Semitism, and the goals of foreign policy. Some of the specific issues addressed include the reason for the collapse of the Weimar Republic, the social origins of Nazi Party members, the role of women under Nazism, the relationship of Nazi leaders to the older German bureaucratic framework, and the impact of Nazi policies abroad. The volume thus provides an incisive briefing on Hitler's rise to power and summarizes the major interpretations of the issues still under debate.

Introduction To International Law

Author: Marek St. Korowicz
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 940119226X
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This book in its entirety as well as in each of its parts is an outline of the problems under discussion. The subject matter of some eighty sections of the book is extensive; it could, indeed, be presented by ex perts in as many volumes. This study offers an attempt to formulate a synthesis, however difficult, of the vast amount of available material. Unlike the well-known standard Introductions to International Law which deal with all the major fields of international law, this book treats exclusively the present conceptions of that law as expressed in legal literature, international treaties and other agreements, inter national judgements and awards, governmental and diplomatic state ments and the like. Special attention is devoted, in several chapters of the book, to the "teachings of the most highly qualified publicists of the various nations" which are considered by Article 38 paragraph 1 (d) of the Statute of the International Court of Justice as "subsidiary means for the determination ofrules of law. " An endeavor is made to ascertain whether in certain fields of the theory of international law a "Communis opinio doctorum" has either been reached or is in the process of achievement. Some readers may consider that there are too many quotations from writings of publicists; others will certainly feel - as does this writer - that too many outstanding international lawyers have not been included.


Author: Commission belge de bibliographie
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