Author: Soheir Khashoggi
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9781429912976
Size: 51.86 MB
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Set against the bustling backdrop of New York City and the exotic splendor of Jordan, Mosaic is a story of love and betrayal, of a clash of cultures and traditions---and one woman's struggle to rebuild her life. Like many working mothers, Dina Ahmed has become adept at juggling her family and her work. She's the owner of Mosaic, a thriving floral design business, and has been blessed with success, beauty, and, most important, a happy family. But when she returns home one day to discover that her six-year-old twins have vanished, Dina is forced to admit that her life and her marriage were not as perfect as she'd once believed. After many desperate phone calls---and anxious hours spent piecing the puzzle together---Dina accepts the terrible truth: Her husband, Karim, has taken the twins to his homeland of Jordan to raise the children with his family there. The authorities can do nothing to bring Dina's children back, and even her father's contacts in the U.S. State Department are of little help. Karim's family is wealthy and powerful, and even though Dina is half Arab herself, her options are limited. Distraught, but determined to fight, Dina travels to Jordan to confront her husband and to enact a desperate plan to get her children back---but at what risk?

The Nile Mosaic Of Palestrina

Author: P. G. P. Meyboom
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004101371
Size: 76.83 MB
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The Nile Mosaic of Palestrina, dating to c. 100 B.C., presents a unique and enigmatic picture of Egypt. This study demonstrates that the mosaic depicts rituals connected with the yearly inundation of Egypt, and will explain how it was that such scenes could be found in Central Italy at this early date.

The Making Of The Mosaic

Author: Ninette Kelley
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 0802095364
Size: 27.16 MB
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`A coherent and lively tale that traces in considerable detail the evolution of Canadian immigration policy.' Christopher G. Anderson, Journal of Canadian Studies `A thorough account of Canada's immigration policies ... Any reader interested in immigration to Canada now has a one-stop source for its history.' Douglas Fisher, Ottawa Sun `A closely textured, well-conceived narrative ... an ambitious work that is tremendously reader-friendly.' Barbara Lorenzkowski, Social History `Masterful and meticulously documented.' J.D. Blackwell, Choice `A rich resource for scholars of Canadian immigration.' John Harles, Canadian Journal of Political Science

Diversity In Action

Author: R. S. Kandola
Publisher: CIPD Publishing
ISBN: 9780852927427
Size: 43.16 MB
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Drawing on in-depth research into almost 500 organisations, this revised and updated text offers evidence of the evolution from traditional group-based equal opportunity policies towards inclusive strategies focusing on the individual's own contribution. It then puts forward a detailed model of diversity based on flexiblility, an empowering culture, universal benefits and business-related training defined by individual rather than group needs.


Author: S J Cummings
Publisher: Page Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1645849007
Size: 50.52 MB
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Susan is sexually molested at age four. She is plagued by unnatural knowledge and curiosity of sex during her early years, and her odd behaviors alienate her from her peers. Although Susan’s family relations seem normal, she and her mother are emotionally distant. During junior high, Susan’s sexual curiosity wanes; however, she is sexually and emotionally abused by her classmates. Despite being shunned by her peers, she eventually becomes part of a circle of friends to take her through adolescence. But adolescence can be rough, and soon she starts to rebel. It is only a matter of time before drugs and alcohol enter her life, increasing during high school. She becomes promiscuous, resulting in a loss of self-esteem. Susan also experiences the first of many long-term relationships and the emergence of sexual issues. Although she has had a difficult time during high school, she reflects on many fun times with her friends. In her early twenties, Susan meets her first husband. One child is produced from her first marriage, and when her daughter turns four, Susan begins having memories of her abuse, causing the emergence of psychiatric issues, alcohol abuse, and a long road to recovery.

The Mosaic

Author: Gilbert Creutzberg
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN: 161897503X
Size: 26.25 MB
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The Nazis want to tear down a church with a mosaic of the last supper to build defensive positions in Holland & meet with protests.


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Author: Jeri Taylor
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471109828
Size: 39.35 MB
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Mosaic tells the life story of Captain Janeway, a compelling tale of personal bravery, personal loyalty, tragedy and triumph. As told by Jeri Taylor, co-creator and executive producer of Star Trek: Voyager, this is an in-depth look into the mind and soul of Star Trek's newest captain. Deep in the unexplored reaches of the Delta Quadrant, a surprise attack by a fierce Kazon sect leaves Captain Janeway fighting a desperate battle on two fronts: while she duels the Kazon warship in the gaseous mists of a murky nebula, an Away Team led by Lt. Tuvok is trapped on the surface ofa wilderness planet -- and stalked by superior Kazon ground forces. Forced to choose between the lives of the Away Team and the safety of her ship, Captain Janeway reviews the most important moments of her life, and the pivotal choices that made her the woman she is today. From her childhood to her time at Starfleet AcademyTM, from her first love to her first command, she must once again face the challenges and conflicts that have brought her to the point where she must now risk everything to put one more piece in the mosaic that is Kathryn Janeway.