Author: Francis Chan
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 1434705862
Size: 34.24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Jesus gave his followers a command: “Follow me.” And a promise: “And I will equip you to find others to follow me.” We were made to make disciples. Designed for use in discipleship relationships and other focused settings, Multiply will equip you to carry out Jesus’s ministry. Each of the twenty-four sessions in the book corresponds with an online video at, where New York Times bestselling author David Platt joins Francis in guiding you through each part of Multiply. One plus one plus one. Every copy of Multiply is designed to do what Jesus did: make disciples who make disciples who make disciples…. Until the world knows the truth of Jesus Christ.

Christ S Way Of Making Disciples

Author: Philip G. Samaan
Publisher: Review and Herald Pub Assoc
ISBN: 9780828014175
Size: 45.82 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Explores the dynamic process and progressive steps of Christ's strategy for revitalizing our lives, our witness, and our church's effectiveness.

Live Like Jesus

Author: Dann Spader
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 0802497543
Size: 10.61 MB
Format: PDF
View: 101
Want to make disciples, but not quite sure how? Learn from the Master. Making disciples is tough. To walk someone from no knowledge of Christ to a deep, transforming relationship… that’s a challenge. But it’s our job. In Live Like Jesus, you will be equipped to follow Jesus’ masterful strategy of making fishers of men. Through an interactive study of Jesus’ prayer in John 17 and various “mission trips” in the Gospels, you’ll learn: Three words that capture how Jesus made disciples Seven disciplines of a successful disciple-maker How to make the Great Commission a way of life Strategies for making disciples who make disciples You have one life, but when you impart it to others for the sake of Christ—and in the way of Christ—your life will multiply for the glory of God. Are you ready? Learn how to implement the Like Jesus series into your small group, ministry and church to build a culture of disciple-making. Use the Like Jesus App and Digital Access platform for videos, assessment, engagement, real-time metrics are more, download today:

Disciple Making Is

Author: Dave Earley
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
ISBN: 1433677067
Size: 15.79 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In brief yet hard-hitting chapters, the entire scope of disciple making is presented here in a way that will inspire and inform you to obey the Great Commission with great passion. The authors share practical insights on how best to reproduce confident reproducers of Christ's message. --from back cover.

1 Thessalonians

Author: Jim Fredericks
ISBN: 9781691650446
Size: 14.71 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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1 Thessalonians is the fifth in an eight-part series, "DiscipleMaking Companion." The foundational theme connected with 1 Thessalonians is "multiply disciples in Christ." All eight "Companions" cross pollinate three great pathways of discipleship with three dynamic SmallGroup elements around various books of the Bible.As a companion, this series guides each person directly into Scripture, yet is more than a Bible study with its simplicity, flexibility and bias towards doing. This "Companion" series aligns with our design and how the early church trained world-changers. The Bible is God's invitation into fuller life and He provides all we need to understand so truth encounters our lives.The "Companion" series "flips" the usual learning process by focusing on doing Scripture first outside the group. Only doing God's Word reveals true knowledge (James 1:22). First prepare, then respond and reflect before we gather together in our learning community to actively share what God is doing through His authoritative Word. It's like bringing your specialty to a group potluck.Each of the eight-part series focuses on one book of the Bible for five or six weeks, and on one key theme as foundational building blocks for our spiritual life, like Word & Spirit, Identity & Authority, Life of Jesus, A Model for Living Life, etc.. This "DiscipleMaking Companion" series taps into cutting-edge learning and neurological studies that align with how God wired us so we learn easier.After forty+ years in Scripture, I find myself returning over and again to keep my inner spiritual compass properly calibrated. Yet those who have previously struggled to understand the Bible also experience new breakthrough. Each "Companion" provides a simple, adaptable structure with a measured pace and three levels of engagement as learning options.Order one and try it yourself. Then invite other spiritually hungry friends onboard. My desire is "to teach you to fish and not merely to give you a fish."

Walking As Jesus Walked

Author: Dann L. Spader
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 0802476201
Size: 12.24 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Jesus must be our model for ministry. Sounds obvious, right? Or is it? Jesus, in all His humanity (and all His divinity) shows us the best possible way to live. Through the way He lived, He modeled the priorities of how to multiply “much fruit.” Following Jesus' example, His disciples then changed the course of history. How then can we follow Jesus’ example? We must study His life. How did Jesus pray? In what types of relationships did He invest? Where were His priorities? Can my priorities be His priorities? Can I walk like He walked? What we do with Jesus MATTERS. Global ministry trainer Dann Spader practically and helpfully walks us through 10 weeks of exciting, ministry-altering study to really begin to walk as Jesus walked.

Multiplying Disciples

Author: Waylon B. Moore
Publisher: For Disciples
ISBN: 9780984998333
Size: 20.73 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Dr. Waylon B. Moore believes the key to church growth is in training disciples who can reproduce themselves. He writes, "At the core of multiplication are interceding with God for another disciple, helping him grow to his full potential in Christ, and being available to him. Nothing I've done in thirty years of ministry compares with the effectiveness of this kind of personal commitment to helping another individual become the best he can be in Christ."The Multiplier offers practical guidelines for pastors as well as laymen and laywomen on starting disciplemaking ministries in their local churches. It covers both the follow-up and growth of young Christians, as well as training them as leaders to continue the disciplemaking process.Dr. Moore is widely known as a teacher of discipleship in the context of the local church, having spoken on discipleship at various seminars around the world. He is the author of New Testament Follow-Up and the Building Disciples Notebook. Dr. Moore has many years of experience as a pastor, including thirteen years at Spencer Memorial Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida, where his son, Bruce, now pastors under the new name Christ Fellowship of Tampa.

Multiplying Disciples

Author: Phil Wilthew
Publisher: Malcolm Down
ISBN: 9781910786871
Size: 26.84 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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How do we raise up radical disciples that change neighborhoods and nations? Discipleship is not the call for the few but for all who follow Jesus. We are all called to become and to make multiplying disciples. In Multiplying Disciples, Phil Wilthew explores the three-dimensional life of every disciple, unveiling an easily transferable toolkit for living life like Jesus. Wilthew considers the upward life of red-hot devotion to God, the inward life of character in community, and the electrifying outward call to make a difference in the world in Jesus name. Jesus' discipleship model has now become our mandate for multiplication, and the goal of this book is to help release radical disciple-making disciples all over the world, who can perpetuate the glory of God wherever they go, into every sphere of society. Promotional video available at:

Making Disciples In The Twenty First Century Church

Author: Joel Comiskey
Publisher: CCS Publishing
ISBN: 193578952X
Size: 58.90 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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We know that the goal of the Christian life is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever. While this is God's ultimate plan, does he have a particular purpose for the cell-based church? I've been wrestling with this question for the past twenty-two years. This question confronts me every time I coach a pastor or pastors. In preparation for coaching, I ask myself, "What is my principal objective in helping this pastor?" "Where am I guiding this church?" "What am I trying to do?" I've come to the conclusion that the primary goal of cell ministry is to make disciples who make disciples. Christ's last command to his disciples was for them to repeat the process and to reproduce new disciples. But how were they supposed to do that? This book answers these questions.The early church followed Christ's pattern by making disciples through the house churches that periodically celebrated together in public worship. In 2 Timothy 2:1-2, Paul tells Timothy to continue the discipleship process by passing on the pure gospel message to faithful men and women. Even though the term "disciple" is later replaced by words such as "brothers," "sisters," "Christians," and "saints," the concept remains the same. We in North America and the Western world often project our own cultural bias into Christ's great commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Most discipleship books, in fact, assume that discipleship is an individualistic endeavor--between me and God. And yes, there is an important individual aspect (e.g., personal devotions, etc.). Yet in Matthew 28, Jesus was talking to a group of disciples. He wanted them to follow his example by making disciples in a group. Jesus molded twelve disciples in a group and then sent them house to house. So how does the cell church make disciples? In this book, I show how the cell (small group) works together with the cell system to make disciples who make disciples. In the cell, a potential disciple is transformed through community, priesthood of all believers, group evangelism, and team multiplication. In the cell, potential disciples are formed through learning how to love one another, exercising their gifts, evangelizing together as a group, and then sent forth as teams to start new groups. Discipleship is a group process in the New Testament, and God is calling his church to re-emphasize this truth. The cell system ensures each leader has a coach and that training (equipping track) happens. Then the cells gather together to worship and grow through the teaching of God's Word. All three aspects are essential to form disciples. Training is needed because disciples won't learn all they need to know in the cell. Coaching ensures that each leader is cared for and receives shepherding. The celebration service brings the cells together to hear God's Word, worship, and receive fresh vision. The goal of the two-wing cell church is to make disciples who make disciples. The cell church today makes disciples by following the early church pattern of cell and celebration. Recommendations: I’ve read all of Joel Comiskey’s books, but Making Disciples in the Twenty-First Century Church is his best work yet. In this book Joel reminds us that the real call and challenge of the Church is not developing leaders or numerical growth, but "making disciples who make disciples." He also helps us understand why that is best done in a cell or small group context, and gives us great insight about how to make that happen. I’m looking forward to having all of our Pastors, Coaches, and Cell Leaders and Members read this book in the near future. Dennis Watson Lead Pastor, Celebration Church of New Orleans ____ I am so excited about Joel Comiskey’s new book, Making Disciples in the Twenty-First Century Church. When I’m asked what makes a cell church thrive, I always say, “discipleship.” Thank you, Joel, for unpacking discipleship; not just as an endeavor for individuals, but as the critical element for creating a church community and culture that reproduces the Kingdom of God all over the earth. I pray this book won’t only be read, but lived out as we were made to make disciples. Jimmy Seibert Senior Pastor, Antioch Community Church President and Founder, Antioch Ministries International ____ I really like that Joel asked the Why question before the How question. He even takes on the What question which is just as important. The interest in discipleship is greater now than anytime in the last fifty years. I fear however that we are using the same words but are not speaking the same language. I recommend this work, I cheer Joel on, he joins many of us who are masters of the obvious. It seems so obvious that our purpose is to be disciples and make disciples. I cheer him on because he goes beyond the What and Why and does address the How. This will help any person who reads it and I pray that there will be many. Bill Hull, Author of Jesus Christ Disciple Maker, Disciple Making Pastor, Disciple Making Church, and The Complete Book of Discipleship, Adjunct Faculty at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University __ The history of the cell church movement in Brazil has many names of great man of God. Joel Comiskey certainly is one of them. We see how over the years his understanding of the New Testament Church has deepened. Again Joel surprises us with this jewel. He covers many aspects of cell church life, showing us how discipleship relates to the broader scope of it, and how to shape followers of Jesus. He takes us to the heart of the matter of the cell church as he states it: “The purpose of cell ministry is making disciples who make disciples.” Excellent book. The movement in Brazil, certainly, will be blessed through this book. Enjoy it. Robert Michael Lay Cell Church Ministry in Brazil Pioneer in the cell movement in Brazil, and publisher of Joel’s books __ In his tremendously helpful new book, Making Disciples in the Twenty-First Century Church, Joel Comiskey cuts directly to the core purpose of cell ministry, which is “making disciples who make disciples.” Then he tells us how to do it through the Cell-Based Church. Like Joel’s other books Making Disciples in the Twenty-First Century Church is solidly biblical, highly practical, wonderfully accessible and is grounded in Joel’s vast research and experience. Great job Joel! Dave Earley, Lead Pastor, Grace City Church of Las Vegas, Nevada Author, Eight Habits of Highly Effective Small Group Leaders Adjunct Professor, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary __ For more than twenty years Joel Comiskey has served the cell church movement. He has helped scores of congregations move from being traditional churches to communities where edification and harvest occurs. Twenty years! Now he combines two decades of observation as his capacity as a researcher. He has scoured many books to assemble wise counsel for us. His discussion of how community varies from culture to culture is indeed penetrating. As I read through the pages I mentally noted specific Christian workers who need to read these pages. Thanks, Joel, for the way you allow the King to speak through you to enlarge His Kingdom on earth! Ralph Neighbour, Jr, key pioneer of the cell church movement. ____ “Joel Comiskey continues to deepen our understanding of the cell-based church. In Making Disciples we are equipped to carry out the Great Commission at maximum capacity. Get ready to have your vision for ministry strengthened and expanded!” Andrew S. Mason, Small Groups Pastor Thrive Church, Elk Grove, CA Founder, ____ As one of the world's leading experts on cell-based churches, Joel Comiskey is well placed to show how New Testament-style disciple making works. His decades of experience in fields of ministry all over the world confirm that every-member ministry and personal investment in disciples are God's pathway to true maturity and expansion of the kingdom of God. This well-written book deserves attention from every serious Christian! Dennis McCallum, Author, Organic Discipleship

Making Disciples

Author: Ralph Moore
Publisher: Gospel Light Publications
ISBN: 0830765409
Size: 41.17 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Great Commission is to make disciples. Renowned church planter and pastor Ralph Moore shows leaders why a focus on making disciples is the essential next step once a church is planted. This biblical, practical handbook will guide churches of any size to focus their ministries around Jesus’ command to His followers to make disciples of all nations. Making Disciples offers a model of church ministry that sees every member as a minister, and it will become an indispensable resource for equipping a new generation of disciple-makers.