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Print Culture And The Formation Of The Anarchist Movement In Spain 1890 1915

Author: James Michael Yeoman
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 100071215X
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This book analyzes the formation of a mass anarchist movement in Spain over the turn of the twentieth century. In this period, the movement was transformed from a dislocated collection of groups and individuals into the largest organized body of anarchists in world history: the anarcho-syndicalist National Confederation of Labour (Confederación Nacional del Trabajo: CNT). At the same time, anarchist cultural practices became ingrained in localities across the whole of Spain, laying foundations which maintained the movement’s popular support until the end of the Spanish Civil War in 1939. The book shows that grassroots print culture was central to these developments: driving the development of ideology and strategy – broadly defined as terrorism, education and workplace organization – and providing an informal structure to a movement which shunned recognized leadership and bureaucracy. This study offers a rich analysis of the cultural foundations of Spanish anarchism. This emphasis also challenges claims that the movement was "exceptional" or "peculiar" in its formation, by situating it alongside other decentralized, bottom-up mobilizations across historical and contemporary contexts, from the radical pamphleteering culture of the English Civil War to the use of social media in the Arab Spring.

Revolution And The State

Author: Danny Evans
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351664735
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This book analyses the processes of revolution and state reconstruction that took place in the Republican zone during the Spanish civil war. It focuses on the radical anarchists who sought to advance the revolutionary agenda. Their activity came into conflict with the leaders of the libertarian organisations committed to the reconstruction of the Republican state following its near collapse in July 1936. This process implied participation not only in the organs of governance but also in the ideological reconstitution of the Republic as a patriarchal and national entity. Using original sources, the book shows that the opposition to this process was both broader and more ideologically consistent than has hitherto been assumed, and that, in spite of its heterogeneity, it united around a common revolutionary programme. This resistance to state reconstruction was informed by the essential insight of anarchism: that the function and purpose of the modern state cannot be transformed from within. By situating the struggles of the radical anarchists within the contested process of state reconstruction, the book affirms the continued relevance of this insight to the study of the Spanish revolution.

La Transici N A La Pol Tica De Masas

Author: Edward Acton
Publisher: Universitat de València
ISBN: 9788437051482
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Con el inicio del siglo XX, las sociedades de Europa occidental protagonizaron el decisivo proceso de transición a la política de masas. Los estudios recogidos en este volumen centran la atención especialmente en las experiencias de España, Reino Unido, Italia y Alemania. Analizadas todas ellas desde una perspectiva comparativa, se constata que democratización, nacionalización y socialismo no son sino manifestaciones de un mismo problema, el de la transición a la política de masas, el cual debe entenderse también como transición a la política democrática.

Noam Chomsky

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing
ISBN: 902727939X
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The impetus for producing a bibliography of Noam Chomky’s output (so far) derives from a strong interest in and commitment to a historical accounting of the contribution to the field of linguistic theory and possibly other subjects, such as philosophy and political science, by a man who has dominated linguistics for more than a generation, at least in North America. This bibliography lists his writings in linguistics and related fields, his writings on political issues and other non-linguistic subjects, and interview and discussions with Noam Chomsky.

Azor N

Author: Antonio Díez Mediavilla
Publisher: Instituto de Cultura Juan Gil Albert
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