Ordeal By Innocence

Author: Agatha Christie
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007422644
Size: 43.36 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Evidence that clears the name of a boy sentenced for killing his adopted mother arrives too late to save his life – so who did kill her?

Frederic Dannay Ellery Queen S Mystery Magazine And The Art Of The Detective Short Story

Author: Laird R. Blackwell
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476676526
Size: 51.65 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Frederic Dannay (1905–1982) was—with his partner Manfred Lee—the creator of the Ellery Queen detective novels and short stories. Dannay was also a literary historian and critic, and the editor of the renowned Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. Queen—both a pen name and the fictional protagonist of the stories—was also a vital force behind the continuing popularity of crime fiction in the early to mid–20th century, after the deaths of Arthur Conan Doyle, G.K. Chesterton, Melville Davisson Post, and other Old Masters of the genre. This book presents the first critical study of Ellery Queen’s role in the preservation of the detective short story. Many of the writers, characters and stories EQMM championed are covered, including such celebrated authors as Allingham, Ambler, Ellin, Innes, Vickers, and even William Butler Yeats.

4 African Mysteries Zoraida The Great White Queen The Eye Of Istar The Veiled Man Illustrated Edition

Author: William Le Queux
Publisher: Musaicum Books
ISBN: 8027219809
Size: 19.76 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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"Zoraida" is a tale of a romance in the harem and the adventures in the great Sahara desert. "The Great White Queen" – Scars is a young boy who gets sent to a boy's preparatory school outside London where he befriends Omar, a strange kid from Africa. When Omar is called back home by his mother, Scars decides to join him on what he thought it would be a great adventure. "The Eye of Istar" – Zafar-Ben-A'Ziz, called by some El-Motardjim or the translator, has spent a couple of years in London. Upon his return from the land of infidels, Zafar becomes a dervish in the service of Mahdi. "The Veiled Man" is an account of the adventures and misadventures of Sidi Ahamadou, Sheikh of the Azjar Maraude. William Le Queux (1864-1927) was an Anglo-French writer who mainly wrote in the genres of mystery, thriller, and espionage, particularly in the years leading up to World War I. His best-known works are the anti-French and anti-Russian invasion fantasy "The Great War in England in 1897" and the anti-German invasion fantasy "The Invasion of 1910."

Mrs Mcginty S Dead

Author: Agatha Christie
Publisher: Pocket
Size: 44.55 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In this classic Hercule Poirot mystery from the Queen of Crime, a kindly widow is bludgeoned to death. Is her lodger guilty? Or is he being framed? Either way, the condemned man's time is running out.

The Essential Mystery Lists

Author: Roger M Sobin
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press Inc
ISBN: 1615952039
Size: 57.67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 2791
For the first time in one place, Roger M. Sobin has compiled a list of nominees and award winners of virtually every mystery award ever presented. He has also included many of the “best of” lists by more than fifty of the most important contributors to the genre.; Mr. Sobin spent more than two decades gathering the data and lists in this volume, much of that time he used to recheck the accuracy of the material he had collected. Several of the “best of” lists appear here for the first time in book form. Several others have been unavailable for a number of years.; Of special note, are Anthony Boucher’s “Best Picks for the Year.” Boucher, one of the major mystery reviewers of all time, reviewed for The San Francisco Chronicle, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, and The New York Times. From these resources Mr. Sobin created “Boucher’s Best” and “Important Lists to Consider,” lists that provide insight into important writing in the field from 1942 through Boucher’s death in 1968.? This is a great resource for all mystery readers and collectors.; ; Winner of the 2008 Macavity Awards for Best Mystery Nonfiction.

Poirot Investigates

Author: Agatha Christie
Publisher: Harpercollins
ISBN: 9780061002878
Size: 47.46 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Presents a selection of fourteen of Hercule Poirot's most baffling cases, including the country house murders and an adventure in an Egyptian tomb

The Queen S Man

Author: Sharon Kay Penman
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
ISBN: 1466813245
Size: 19.88 MB
Format: PDF
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Epiphany, 1193: the road out of Winchester was hidden by snow, and Justin de Quincy was making slow progress when he heard the first faint shout. It came again, louder and clearer, a cry for help. Spurring his stallion, de Quincy raced toward the source. But he was already too late. As the two assailants fled, de Quincy cradled the dying man, straining to make out his whispered words. "They did not get it," he rasped. "Promise me. You must deliver this letter to her. To the queen." Eleanor of Aquitaine sits on England's throne. At seventy, she has outlived the husband with whom she had once scandalized the world. But has she also outlived her favorite, her first-born son? Richard Lionheart, England's king, has been missing these last months. It is rumored that he is dead. Many think his youngest brother plots to steal the crown. Only Eleanor's fierce will can keep John from acting on his greed. Only a letter, splattered with the blood of a dying man murdered on the Winchester road, can tell her if Richard still lives. With the same sure touch she has brought to her historical fiction, Sharon Kay Penman turns to the mystery form. Setting her story in a period she captured brilliantly in earlier novels, she introduces Justin de Quincy. Bastard-born, de Quincy is the son of a high cleric who never acknowledged him, bestowing on the boy--in lieu of name or fortune--only an education. As it happens, it is a gift that will take young de Quincy into the very centers of power--and into the heart of danger, making him the Queen's man. Moving from the royal chambers in the Tower of London to the alehouses and stews of Southwark, from the horrors of Newgate Gaol to the bustling streets of Winchester, de Quincy proves his mettle as he tracks a brutal and cunning murderer and uncovers the sinister intrigues of Eleanor's court.

Endless Night

Author: Agatha Christie
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 9780061003349
Size: 73.95 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A young couple build a new home on Gypsy's Acre in spite of the dire warnings they receive