Pan Am History Design And Identity

Author: M. C. Huhne
Publisher: Antique Collector's Club
ISBN: 9783981655056
Size: 56.85 MB
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"Pan Am's pioneering role in commercial flight is well known around the world ... Remarkably, Pan Am's symbolic power survives to the present day, long after its demise in 1991. An analysis ofg this unique phenomenon is the substance of tghis book ... Each segment of the book includes photographs that complement the text and reflect the atmosphere of the time, followed by a selection of promotional materials such as brochures, posters, advertisements and other items that a passenger may have encountered before or during a journey with Pan Am"--Preface.

Pan Am History Design Identity

Author: Matthias C. Hhne
ISBN: 9783981655063
Size: 14.10 MB
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Pan Am: History, Design & Identity is a captivating story of an airline company that refused to consider anything impossible and single-handedly revolutionized air travel despite innumerable technical, political and organizational obstacles. From modest beginnings in the late 1920 s, Pan am developed into the world s best known airline company and served as an ambassador of American values and leadership. No other company has had a comparable influence on the airline industry, continually finding solutions for problems considered insolvable by others. Pan Am s rapid rise was accompanied by highly effective publicity campaigns which featured some of the best design and advertising in the industry. This book takes the reader on a journey into the elite world of early air travel and into the jet age when a plane ticket became affordable for the general public and mass tourism took off. The blue globe symbol, developed in the mid 1950 s, gained fame around the world. An icon and legend, it has remained in our collective visual memory down to the present day. Numerous images in this book have never been published. Great care was taken not only in developing a spell-binding visual storyline to complement the text, but also in reproducing and digitally restoring all images as accurately as possible. The book is a tribute to one of the most important companies of the 20th century and to its visionary founder.rican Airways"

Pan Am

Author: M. C. Hühne
ISBN: 9783981753998
Size: 79.54 MB
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Pan Am: History, Design and Identity is the captivating story of an airline that refused to consider anything impossible and single-handedly revolutionized air travel. But why have the brand name and blue globe symbol become cult and continue to be recognized around the world a quarter of a century after Pan Am's shattering bankruptcy? This book methodically tracks the airline's history and corporate design in an attempt to analyze this intriguing phenomenon, taking the reader on a breathtaking journey into the elite sphere of early air travel, full of adventure, flying boats and political strategy, before moving into the jet age, when mass tourism took off. Suddenly, many people could afford a plane ticket and advertising campaigns drew the crowds to ever more exotic destinations. Many images are published for the first time, all were digitally restored with painstaking attention to detail. This book is a tribute to one of the most influential companies of the 20th century.

Brand Bible

Author: Debbie Millman
Publisher: Rockport Publishers
ISBN: 1610581989
Size: 36.19 MB
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Brand Bible is a comprehensive resource on brand design fundamentals. It looks at the influences of modern design going back through time, delivering a short anatomical overview and examines brand treatments and movements in design. You'll learn the steps necessary to develop a successful brand system from defining the brand attributes and assessing the competition, to working with materials and vendors, and all the steps in between. The author, who is the president of the design group at Sterling Brands, has overseen the design/redesign of major brands including Pepsi, Burger King, Tropicana, Kleenex, and many more.

Greed Is Good And Other Fables

Author: Tony Osborne
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313385750
Size: 10.33 MB
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This book spans three centuries of popular entertainment and everyday culture, showcasing both mainstream and submerged channels and voices to examine how once reviled business values gained supremacy and poisoned the American spirit.

Thinking From Things

Author: Alison Wylie
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520935402
Size: 38.72 MB
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In this long-awaited compendium of new and newly revised essays, Alison Wylie explores how archaeologists know what they know. Examining the history and methodology of Anglo-American archaeology, Wylie puts the tumultuous debates of the last thirty years in historical and philosophical perspective.

The Aesthetics Of Nostalgia Tv

Author: Alex Bevan
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1501331426
Size: 37.38 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Aesthetics of Nostalgia TV explores the aesthetic politics of nostalgia for 1950s and 60s America on contemporary television. Specifically, it looks at how nostalgic TV production design shapes and is shaped by larger historical discourses on gender and technological change, and America's perceived decline as a global power. Alex Bevan argues that the aesthetics of nostalgic TV tell stories of their own about historical decline and progress, and the place of the baby boomer television suburb in American national memory. She contests theories on nostalgia that see it as stagnating, regressive, or a reversion to outdated gender and racial politics, and the technophobic longing for a bygone era; and, instead, argues nostalgia is an important form of historical memory and vehicle for negotiating periods of historical transition. The book addresses how and why the shows construct the boomer era as a placeholder for gender, racial, technological, and declensionist discourses of the present. The book uses Mad Men (AMC, 2007-2015), Ugly Betty (ABC, 2006-2010), Desperate Housewives (ABC, 2004-2012), and film remakes of 1950s and 60s family sitcoms as primary case studies.

Logo R I P

Author: Stone Twins
Publisher: Bis Pub
Size: 72.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Through mergers, bankruptcy and rebranding many of the logos and trademarks that were once an integral part of our visual landscape have vanished. Logos R.I.P. has been compiled and designed by the Stone Twins and it commemorates an international selection of graphic icons from the 20th Century. Each one has its own individual story to tell and each story is encapsulated in a series of "in memorium" notices featured at the back of the book which take the form of farewell tributes and include a brief history and significant facts. Some of these icons have achieved the status of design classic, others have been relegated to the scrap heap only two years after implementation and at huge expense. In the true style of the swan song Logo R.I.P. has been designed in the style of a biblical hymnbook. The introduction is by Gert Dunbar.

Building For Air Travel

Author: Leonard Rau
Publisher: Prestel Pub
Size: 20.51 MB
Format: PDF
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A survey which examines the development of architecture and design for air travel from 1909. The book documents developments in airport architecture, aircraft construction, and interior design, right through to airline corporate identity

Working The Skies

Author: Drew Whitelegg
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814794076
Size: 69.96 MB
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"A well-written and thorough treatment of the occupational demands and biography of the flight attendant. Working the Skies describes both how the work shapes the personal lives of those in the profession, as well as how work can be 'chosen' in an effort to craft a particular kind of life. The book also illustrates how the process of globalization has moved the profession 'backwards' in terms of working conditions and compensation-challenges faced by workers in numerous other professions."--Veronica Jaris Tichenor, author of Earning More And Getting Less: Why Successful Wives Can't Buy EqualityGet ready for takeoff. The life of the flight attendant, a.k.a., stewardess, was supposedly once one of glamour, exotic travel and sexual freedom, as recently depicted in such films as Catch Me If You Can and View From the Top. The nostalgia for the beautiful, carefree and ever helpful stewardess perhaps reveals a yearning for simpler times, but nonetheless does not square with the difficult, demanding and sometimes dangerous job of today's flight attendants. Based on interviews with over sixty flight attendants, both female and male labor leaders, and and drawing upon his observations while flying across the country and overseas, Drew Whitelegg reveals a much more complicated profession, one that in many ways is the quintessential job of the modern age where life moves at record speeds and all that is solid seems up in the air.Containing lively portraits of flight attendants, both current and retired, this book is the first to show the intimate, illuminating, funny, and sometimes dangerous behind-the-scenes stories of daily life for the flight attendant. Going behind the curtain, Whiteleggventures into first-class, coach, the cabin, and life on call for these men and women who spend week in and