Author: Kent Haruf
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 1447289528
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With an introduction by Peter Carey I suppose it is crazy. I don't know. I don't even care. But that girl needs somebody . . . And you old solitary bastards need somebody too. Somebody or something besides an old red cow to care about and worry over. Set in Kent Haruf's fictional landscape of Holt County, Colorado, Plainsong is a story of simple lives told with extraordinary empathy. Tom Guthrie is struggling to bring up his two young sons alone and, in the same town, school girl Victoria Roubideaux is pregnant and homeless. Whilst Tom's boys find their way forward without their mother, brothers Harold and Raymond McPheron - gentle, solitary, gruff and unpolished - agree to take Victoria in, unaware that their lives will change forever. A novel of haunting beauty from one of America's greatest writers of our time, Plainsong is an undeniable classic that explores the grace and hope of every human life and mankind's infinite capacity for love.

Plainsong In The Age Of Polyphony

Author: Thomas Forrest Kelly
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521401609
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From at least the eighth century and for about a thousand years the repertory of music now known as Gregorian chant, or plainsong, formed the largest body of written music, and was the most frequently performed and the most assiduously studied music in Western civilisation. It lay at the root of all instruction in practical music, and in some sense was at the core of the enormous portion of notated music that survives today. But plainsong did not follow rigid conventions. It seems increasingly clear that, whatever may have been intended with respect to uniformity and tradition, the practice of plainsong varied considerably within time and place. It is just this variation, this living quality of plainsong, that these essays address. In addition, much new information is made available on the study of local rites and practices, and on the liturgical matrix of important polyphonic repertories. The contributors - leading scholars in their field - have sought information from a wide variety of areas: liturgy, architecture, art history, secular and ecclesiastical history, and hagiography, as a step towards reassembling the fragments of cultural history into the rich mosaic from which they came.

Karoo Plainsong

Author: Barbara Mutch
Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1848765207
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This vivid novel, set against a backdrop of apartheid, tells the story of Ada, an illegitimate, unschooled but brilliant pianist who grows up in service to a family of Irish immigrants. As apartheid tightens its grip, she is seduced into an illegal relationship and bears a mixed race child. Forced to flee from the only home she knows, she must carve a life for herself, her daughter and her music in the bleak township that squats on the edge of the Karoo. Torn between love for her surrogate family and outrage at apartheid's sins, she embarks on a dangerous double life as friend - and potential foe - of both black and white. A powerful tale of love, loss and redemption, this is a journey into the soul of a fractured nation. It illustrates two simultaneous but contrasting views of South Africa under apartheid – seen through the eyes of a remarkable black woman who holds on for the miracle. Fans of romance, fiction and history will enjoy this personal tale of woman’s survival in a time of turmoil.


Author: Nancy Huston
Publisher: Zoland Books
Size: 13.94 MB
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Piecing together her family history from her grandfather's journal, Paula Sterling learns about how her ancestors endured the hardships of early frontier life through the boom times of the 1950s and comes to better understand her grandfather's character through the challenges he faced. Original.


Author: Kazushi Hosaka
ISBN: 9781564786388
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A nameless, ambitionless office worker finds his small apartment gradually invaded by three other people: all younger than himself, but seemingly no less adrift. The year is 1986, and the strange communal life of this foursome, extending over half a year, from the end of winter to midsummer, makes up the plot, such as it is, of Plainsong, as this ersatz family finds itself growing closer, and life continues—quietly—around them. Part of the generation that grew to prominence following the success of baby boomers like Haruki Murakami, Kazushi Hosaka's work chronicles the small moments, the moments without conflict, that most novels work to elide. His characters talk, work, exist; their story is one where the tiniest occurrence takes on the proportions of a grand drama.

Maurice Durufl

Author: James E. Frazier
Publisher: University Rochester Press
ISBN: 9781580462273
Size: 66.17 MB
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A new, deeply researched biography of the great French organist, who composed some of the best-loved works in the organ repertory -- and the masterful Requiem.

A Briefe And Short Instruction Of The Art Of Musicke By Elway Bevin

Author: Elway Bevin
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9780754650539
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A Briefe and Short Introduction (1631) is one of about a dozen late sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century English music instruction books that go beyond the basics for beginners, and it is the last of the writings dealing with the art of singing and el