The Love Of A Prince

Author: Laurence L. Bongie
Publisher: UBC Press
ISBN: 9780774802581
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Many books have been written about Bonnie Prince Charlie, but few have brought to light as much new material as this one, including evidence of a short-lived son, born in Paris scarcely two years after the royal fugitive escaped to France following the unlucky Battle of Culloden. The book deals less with the oft-told story of the Prince's crushing defeat in '45 than with his subsequent inability to cope with failure and with the even more devastating personal defeat represented by his arrest in Paris and expulsion from France in 1748. During that critical time - a major turning point in his life - the once generous and compassionate Prince, having failed in his noble ambition either to vanquish his enemies or perish sword in hand, began his long descent into oblivion. One happy event, hitherto unnoted, nevertheless marked this crucial period. As the Prince in 1747-48 watched his world crumbling around him - his father and brother in Rome having abandoned him and given up hope of a Stuart restoration -- he fell in love, for the first time in his life, with his married cousin Louise, Princesse de Rohan, like himself a direct descendant of Poland's King John Sobieski. The Love of a Prince is her story too and an extensive appendix to the work is devoted to the passionate love letters she wrote during their clandestine affair. They convey the full tragedy of an archetypal femme abandonnee whom we observe progressing from the initial joys of young love to inevitable catastrophe. Ultimately, the princess's suffering and her moral defeat become little more than an unhappy subplot in the Prince's own saga of distrust, bad faith and angry failure set amid the intrigues and petty jealousies of the French court. Nearly a decade of researach by the author in the Stuart Papers at Windsor Castle and in private and public archives has gone into the work. Though at times challenging for the general reader because of its period French documentation (retained for the sake of authentic flavour), the work is by no means directed to the specialist alone. Indeed, at times The Love of a Prince reads more like an historical romance than history, despite the total absence of fictional elements. It will appeal to those interested in eighteenth-century history and biography, followers of the royal families of Europe, and especially those long-fascinated by the exploits of one of history's legendary heroes.

Delphi Complete Works Of Victor Hugo Illustrated

Author: Victor Hugo
Publisher: Delphi Classics
ISBN: 1908909374
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Victor Hugo, the greatest Romantic writer of them all, is finally available in Delphi’s bestselling range of titles. This monumental eBook offers readers the most complete collection ever compiled of Hugo’s FICTIONAL works in English translation, with many bonus texts. (Version 2) * concise introductions to the novels and other works * images of how the novels first appeared, giving your eReader a taste of the original texts * ALL 9 novels in English, each with contents tables * many of the novels are fully-illustrated with their original artwork * includes BUG-JARGAL – Hugo’s first novel, which he wrote after a wager – first time in digital print! * for the first time, all novels are presented with their French versions – sample the true brilliance of Hugo’s original text, in between reading the English translations * features a large sample of English translations of poetry * BONUS selection of six Non-Fiction texts * boasts a special literary criticism section, with works by famous writers such as Dickens, Robert Louis Stevenson and Henry James, examining Hugo’s contribution to literature * includes Hugo’s Memoirs – explore the great writer’s private notebooks! * ALSO includes G. Barnett Smith’s famous biography – immerse yourself in Hugo’s literary life! * packed full of images relating to Hugo’s life, works, places and film adaptations * scholarly ordering of texts in chronological order and literary genres, allowing easy navigation around Hugo’s immense oeuvre Please note: an actual complete works of Victor Hugo in English is not possible due to copyright restrictions, scarce plays and some works having never been translated. However, we do ensure our customers that every possible major text is included. Please visit to browse through our range of exciting titles CONTENTS: The Novels BUG-JARGAL HANS OF ICELAND THE LAST DAY OF A CONDEMNED MAN THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE-DAME CLAUDE GUEUX LES MISÉRABLES TOILERS OF THE SEA THE MAN WHO LAUGHS NINETY-THREE The Novels in French The Poetry POEMS IN TRANSLATION ODES ET BALLADES LES ORIENTALES LES FEUILLES D’AUTOMNE LES CHANTS DU CREPUSCULE LES VOIX INTÉRIEURES LES RAYONS ET LES OMBRES LES CHATIMENTS LES CONTEMPLATIONS LA LÉGENDE DES SIÈCLES: PREMIERE SERIE LES CHANSONS DES RUES ET DES BOIS LA VOIX DE GUERNESEY L’ANNEE TERRIBLE L’ART D’ETRE GRAND-PERE LA LÉGENDE DES SIÈCLES: NOUVELLE SERIE LE PAPE LA PITIE SUPREME L’ÂNE RELIGIONS ET RELIGION LES QUATRE VENTS DE L’ESPRIT LA LÉGENDE DES SIÈCLES: DERNIERE SERIE LA FIN DE SATAN TOUTE LA LYRE DIEU LES ANNÉES FUNESTES DERNIERE GERBE POÈMES UNCOLLECTED The Plays (in French) CROMWELL THE BURGRAVES HERNANI LUCRÈCE BORGIA MARIE TUDOR RUY BLAS Selected Non-Fiction NAPOLEON THE LITTLE EXTRACTS FROM HUGO’S ESSAY ON SHAKESPEARE LETTER TO THE LONDON NEWS REGARDING JOHN BROWN ON CAPITAL PUNISHMENT EXTRACTS FROM SATIRISTS AND MORALISTS THE HISTORY OF A CRIME The Criticism VICTOR HUGO BY JOHN COWPER POWYS LETTER ON HUGO BY CHARLES DICKENS VICTOR HUGO’S LAST NOVEL BY HENRY JAMES THE LEGEND OF VICTOR HUGO BY PAUL LAFARGUE VICTOR HUGO’S ROMANCES BY ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON TO VICTOR HUGO BY ALFRED TENNYSON The Biographies THE MEMOIRS OF VICTOR HUGO VICTOR HUGO: HIS LIFE AND WORK BY G. BARNETT SMITH Please visit to browse through our range of exciting titles

La Conciergerie

Author: Roger-Armand Weigert
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