Requiem For The American Dream

Author: Noam Chomsky
Publisher: Seven Stories Press
ISBN: 1609807375
Size: 64.67 MB
Format: PDF
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A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER! In his first major book on the subject of income inequality, Noam Chomsky skewers the fundamental tenets of neoliberalism and casts a clear, cold, patient eye on the economic facts of life. What are the ten principles of concentration of wealth and power at work in America today? They're simple enough: reduce democracy, shape ideology, redesign the economy, shift the burden onto the poor and middle classes, attack the solidarity of the people, let special interests run the regulators, engineer election results, use fear and the power of the state to keep the rabble in line, manufacture consent, marginalize the population. In Requiem for the American Dream, Chomsky devotes a chapter to each of these ten principles, and adds readings from some of the core texts that have influenced his thinking to bolster his argument. To create Requiem for the American Dream, Chomsky and his editors, the filmmakers Peter Hutchison, Kelly Nyks, and Jared P. Scott, spent countless hours together over the course of five years, from 2011 to 2016. After the release of the film version, Chomsky and the editors returned to the many hours of tape and transcript and created a document that included three times as much text as was used in the film. The book that has resulted is nonetheless arguably the most succinct and tightly woven of Chomsky's long career, a beautiful vessel--including old-fashioned ligatures in the typeface--in which to carry Chomsky's bold and uncompromising vision, his perspective on the economic reality and its impact on our political and moral well-being as a nation. "During the Great Depression, which I'm old enough to remember, it was bad–much worse subjectively than today. But there was a sense that we'll get out of this somehow, an expectation that things were going to get better . . ." —from Requiem for the American Dream

Internationalism Or Extinction

Author: Noam Chomsky
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1000751813
Size: 49.73 MB
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In his new book, Noam Chomsky writes cogently about the threats to planetary survival that are of growing alarm today. The prospect of human extinction emerged after World War II, the dawn of a new era scientists now term the Anthropocene. Chomsky uniquely traces the duality of existential threats from nuclear weapons and from climate change—including how the concerns emerged and evolved, and how the threats can interact with one another. The introduction and accompanying interviews place these dual threats in a framework of unprecedented corporate global power which has overtaken nation states’ ability to control the future and preserve the planet. Chomsky argues for the urgency of international climate and arms agreements, showing how global popular movements are mobilizing to force governments to meet this unprecedented challenge to civilization’s survival.

Big Picture Perspectives And A Pursuit Of Social Activism

Author: Tiffany Twain
ISBN: 1300919736
Size: 13.95 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This Book Eight of the Earth Manifesto contains incisive essays, including "The True State of the Union" and "A Clarion Call for Common Sense Action and "Climate Change Considerations," along with provocative Pope Francis-inspired "Views on High from an Angular Unconformist," and "Sad Implications of the Two Dueling Santa Claus Strategies in Political Economics." It also contains renewed assessments of optimum economic and social planning for the United States and nations around the world. And it contains an interesting Open Letter to President Obama and the American People, written back when he was president, which articulates ways to achieve political reforms that would contribute to the common good over the long run. And there is a provisional Film Script for this manifesto.

Trauma Cultural Complexes And Transformation

Author: Evija Volfa Vestergaard
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131529463X
Size: 57.35 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Trauma, Cultural Complexes, and Transformation: Folk Narratives and Present Realities contributes to our understanding of how culturally traumatic events affect present day realities, and suggests the potential for healing by combining theories on psychological trauma, cultural complexes, and transformations. It draws on insight from a range of disciplines, including Jungian psychology, literary criticism, folkloristics, neurosciences, quantum physics, and social studies. Evija Volfa Vestergaard maps folk narratives of human encounters with extra-human entities as communications of cultural traumas suffered by tellers who are embedded in particular historical and geographical settings, focusing on the little-explored globally emerging cultures of Latvia and South Africa, alongside the United States of America. These cultural narratives form a bridge to a discourse on the social, political, and economic issues faced by these countries and the world at large. Vestergaard outlines the parallels between dreams and visions of individuals essential in healing, and the mythological legend genre serving the same function for groups and cultures, demonstrating that the aim of these open-ended communications is not only to reveal hidden truth, but also to stir our imagination about potentialities. Healing of traumas demands a world of global relatedness based on nurturing kinship, and such a transformation begins with imagining. Trauma, Cultural Complexes, and Transformation represents essential reading for academics and students of Jungian and post-Jungian studies, folklore, psychology, cultural studies and anthropology, as well as Jungian analysts and psychotherapists.

A Turning Point In Teacher Education

Author: James D. Kirylo
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1475827075
Size: 47.16 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This book suggests that traditional teacher education programs must deeply reflect on solidifying the place, power, and necessity of its purpose.