Rites Of Raven S Knoll

Author: Juniper Birch
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781535183055
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Raven's Knoll is a magical, one hundred acres of forest, meadow, field, bog, and river. It is a place for Canadian Pagans and Heathens to gather in community, or be in solitude, to honour and practice our spiritual traditions. It is a place where feasts are cooked over open hearths, images of the old Gods rise to meet the sky, and Spirits speak in silent clearings. From volunteer to shrine-builder, from ritual officiant to event attendee, the rites, stories, and experiences of many people are evoked within the pages of this book. Our traditions are a beautiful, diverse kaleidoscope. The establishment of Raven's Knoll has shown that when religion can be grounded in a place, when metaphoric roots can be made a reality, something of wonder is expressed.

A Rite Of Passage

Author: Christopher J. Holcroft
Publisher: Christopher J Holcroft
ISBN: 0741459388
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A group of teenage Venturer Scouts must make a life and death decision when some Girl Guides are threatened by warring motorcycle biker gang members.


Author: Margarett Mirley
Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1905886039
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When a man abandons everything he holds dear, he must have reason strong enough to bear his guilt. This sequel to "The White Raven and the Oak" explores the intricate relationship of two men, their women, honour, ambitions and their wider responsibilities.

The White Raven And The Oak

Author: Margarett Mirley
Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781905237593
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Steo has long loved Gerwerith, but she is the wife of his life-long friend, Andod the 'White Raven', and Steo is his trusted Druid. At a time of great unrest, unjust rumour causes Steo to ride to Andod in confrontation. Steo meets his inner conflict head-on. Steo's strong sense of loyalty, honour and obligation will be put severely to the test.

Beliefs And Rituals In Archaic Eastern North America

Author: Cheryl Claassen
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
ISBN: 0817318542
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A comprehensive and essential field reference, Beliefs and Rituals in Archaic Eastern North America reveals the spiritual landscape in the American Archaic period. Beliefs and Rituals in Archaic Eastern North America describes, illustrates, and offers nondogmatic interpretations of rituals and beliefs in Archaic America. In compiling a wealth of detailed entries, author Cheryl Claassen has created both an exhaustive reference as well as an opening into new archaeological taxonomies, connections, and understandings of Native American culture. The material is presented in an introductory essay about Archaic rituals followed by two sections of entries that incorporate reports and articles discussing archaeological sites; studies of relevant practices of ritual and belief; data related to geologic features, artifact attributes, and burial settings; ethnographies; and pilgrimages to specific sites. Claassen’s work focuses on the American Archaic period (marked by the end of the Ice Age approximately 11,000 years ago) and a geographic area bounded by the edge of the Great Plains, Newfoundland, and southern Florida. This period and region share specific beliefs and practices such as human sacrifice, dirt mound burial, and oyster shell middens. This interpretive guide serves as a platform for new interpretations and theories on this period. For example, Claassen connects rituals to topographic features and posits the Pleistocene-Holocene transition as a major stimulus to Archaic beliefs. She also expands the interpretation of existing data previously understood in economic or environmental terms to include how this same data may also reveal spiritual and symbolic practices. Similarly, Claassen interprets Archaic culture in terms of human agency and social constraint, bringing ritual acts into focus as drivers of social transformation and ethnogenesis. Richly annotated and cross-referenced for ease of use, Beliefs and Rituals in Archaic Eastern North America will benefit scholars and students of archaeology and Native American culture. Claassen’s overview of the archaeological record should encourage the development of original archaeological and historical connections and patterns. Such an approach, Claassen suggests, may reveal patterns of influence extending from early eastern Americans to the Aztec and Maya.

The Optical Lasso

Author: Marc Corwin
Publisher: Page Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1644241579
Size: 16.26 MB
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In the year 2140 CE, Planet 9, more commonly known as Vixus, has resurfaced on the edge of the Milky Way... the only known planet that periodically reverses its rotation. Last seen in the middle of the Kuiper Belt in 2066 CE, it mysteriously disappeared after being discovered by a Galactic Corps scout ship. The unknown energy source enabling Vixus to spin in opposite directions represented great power which could help turn the tide in a war Earth was losing. The Fighting Fury, the Corps’ finest platoon, has been called in to conduct a search and rescue operation for several missing landing parties. Following a fierce battle on the planet surface, Lieutenant Janet “Cat” Miles, leader of this elite group of combat women, was captured. She soon found herself imprisoned with the Corps’ most fabled leader, Commander Jason Cody. His name would forever be linked to the infamous wormhole hidden on Neptune’s dark side; an area of space now cautiously avoided by all due to the menace which lurks within. Paranoia raced through both leaders’ minds. Could he trust a woman who seemingly had no imperfections? Could she trust a man who had vanished from sight years ago? Earth’s future laid in the balance as they struggled to overcome their mutual distrust and acknowledge what those before them understood: “If you live long enough, the wisdom will come.”