Author: Esther E. Schmidt
Publisher: Esther E. Schmidt
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In the last year, Eliana has been aware of the paranormal world that merges with the humans. Knowing it and living in it are two very different things when your next breath could end up being your last. Alistair, Hellhound shifter and President of the Death by Reaper MC Hell Charter, is unexpectedly confronted with his true mate. As the balance of good and evil is shifted, a battle is the only solution. One where family ties are unwillingly being pulled into the mix and a simple choice of sides might end up in losing the woman he just claimed as his. A Hellhound has an eternal vow to never walk out on the losing side. Even more so when he’s had a slice of heaven. Evil hides in the inevitable to rectify redemption. Dive into book one of Death by Reaper MC and submit to the sentimental truth that crawling into the darkness might be the only good this world has to offer.

Craving Zane

Author: R. Greening
Publisher: Grimm Brothers MC
ISBN: 9781794229198
Size: 39.14 MB
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I was owned. Property. Collateral. Those are the words that now define me. Three harsh soul retching words. ToriI was left to pay a debt that I didn't ask for. I didn't get to spend the riches or leave town as the hounds of hell were nipping at my heels. No that was my dad, and I was the unlucky victim of said hellhounds. They came to my door in the middle of the night. I heard the roar of their motorcycles as they came down the road. They were like reapers out to claim souls, and one of them was mine. The moment I opened the door I knew it was over. My little life was gone. In one fleeting moment, I became a caregiver to my sixteen-year-old sister and property of a motorcycle club. I knew they watched her, drooling like the dogs they were. To keep her and myself safe, I agreed to five years of service and three rules abide by. Don't talk to anyone about anything. Don't ever talk to the cops, personally or otherwise. And don't talk back. Rules to live by. I kept my head down, my legs closed, and the bar running the best I could. Then he walked in. Greek god with golden hair and amber eyes. I wanted to save him. I tried to warn him, but he kept coming back. If only I knew he was one of them. If only I knew he was going to destroy everything.ZaneI was the president of my club, a title I didn't want. I was tasked with discovering if one of our smaller alliance chapters had gone rogue. They weren't 100% sure, and I needed to dig deep to find out. Call it a gift to further our standing. The Bloody Saints MC needed to clean house without the backlash. I could have sent someone else. I should have sent anyone else. I should have walked back out and never looked back, but those blue eyes pleaded for help. Her long brown hair framing her delicate face had my blood pumping and this primal need to take her, to own her, and to never let her go. They thought they owned her. Wrong. She was mine the moment she parted those pretty lips and begged me to save myself. She sealed her fate.Will he destroy her world? Sweep her up into the storm of blood and bullets? Or will he save her and make her his?