The Roots Of Life

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Jack Forrester, a former United States Navy seal, and a renowned archaeologist, has been contracted to hunt for the roots of life by one of the world’s most powerful men, Seth Ohmsford. With its healing and medicinal components, the roots of life would be required to prolong the life of this powerful man. As an insurance to ensure that Jack completes the assignment, the beautiful Ausanat is abducted by Ohmsford and hidden in a remote place known only to him. Jack feels betrayed and goes on an adventurous journey to find her. His search for the roots of life and Ausanat takes him to faraway lands where his survival skills are put to the test.

The Roots Of Life

Author: Zdislav David Lasevski
Publisher: Zdislav David Lasevski
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This book is about kids growing up in an orphanage. Its based on a true story because the author grew up in the same setting. Its a novel describing day-to-day activities and interactions between unique kids and their counselors. This book can be greatly enjoyed by all ages. Parents can read this book and tell their kids how lucky they are when they live in a warm home. The kids can learn how life evolves inside an orphanage and appreciate a warm house, food on their table and a comfortable bed at night. Ps. This book was translated into many languages.

The Hidden Half Of Nature The Microbial Roots Of Life And Health

Author: David R. Montgomery
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393244415
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"Sure to become a game-changing guide to the future of good food and healthy landscapes." —Dan Barber, chef and author of The Third Plate Prepare to set aside what you think you know about yourself and microbes. The Hidden Half of Nature reveals why good health—for people and for plants—depends on Earth’s smallest creatures. Restoring life to their barren yard and recovering from a health crisis, David R. Montgomery and Anne Biklé discover astounding parallels between the botanical world and our own bodies. From garden to gut, they show why cultivating beneficial microbiomes holds the key to transforming agriculture and medicine.

The Roots Of Evil

Author: Pavel Pecina
ISBN: 055708590X
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Using examples from the animal kingdom, the author shows how the components of human behaviour, from altruism to xenofobia, from imitation to child upbringing, contribute to our view of the world and our impact on nature. He explains how they account for some of the environmental evils of our time, with suggestions as to how we may be able to alleviate them.The civilised, or rather, self-domesticated humans managed to do away with nearly all the usual factors of natural selection. It is likely that all dysfunctions of human behaviour and ecology are rooted in this fallacy.Still, there are many ways to rehabilitate both ourselves and the damage we have caused. The first step: a critical look at ourselves both as individuals and as a society, a frank self-assessment without double standards or rose-tinted glasses. Then learn from our mistakes and faults, forswear our crimes and attempt to atone for them.

The Origins Of Life

Author: Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401734151
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Life appears ungraspable, yet its understanding lies at the heart of current preoccupations. In our attempt to understand life through its origins, the ambition of the present collection is to unravel the network of the origin of the various spheres of sense that carry it onwards. The primogenital matrix of generation (Tymieniecka), elaborated as the fulcrum of this collection, elucidates the main riddles of the scientific / philosophical controversies concerning the status of various spheres that seek to make sense of life.

Plant Roots

Author: Yoav Waisel
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0824744748
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The third edition of a standard resource, this book offers a state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary presentation of plant roots. It examines structure and development, assemblage of root systems, metabolism and growth, stressful environments, and interactions at the rhizosphere. Reflecting the explosion of advances and emerging technologies in the field, the book presents developments in the study of root origin, composition, formation, and behavior for the production of novel pharmaceutical and medicinal compounds, agrochemicals, dyes, flavors, and pesticides. It details breakthroughs in genetics, molecular biology, growth substance physiology, biotechnology, and biomechanics.

Social Dynamics Of The Life Course

Author: Walter R. Heinz
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9780202368962
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In the last two decades, research on the life course has successfully combined and integrated different and rather isolated fields of social concerns such as: the labor market, family solidarity, education, employment, retirement, and social policy. It has also developed a special focus on crucial problems of sociological research, which includes the understanding of micromacro phenomena, the dynamics of social change, and international comparisons. Contributors to this volume take an international, comparative approach in applying the life course theoretical framework to issues of work and career. Life course research focuses on the relationship between institutions and individuals across the life span and illuminates the impact of modernization on the shaping of biographies. Industrial service societies are characterized by historically new contingencies of living arrangements and biographies. These contingencies differ according to the extent to which life course patterns are regulated by social institutions. In the continental European context, institutional frameworks continue to define the timing and sequencing of transitions across the life course. In less regulated market societies, like the United States and Great Britain, biographies and living arrangements are shaped more by the interaction of markets, social networks, and individual decisions. In active welfare states, institutional resources and rules continue to mediate the effects of social change on the life course. What the editors and contributors to this fine compendium anticipate is a change on the cultural level toward more equality. This trend supports young people, and women in particular, in their expectations concerning an egalitarian relationship. This expectation is not taken for granted from the point of view of the male partner, but has to be negotiated in decisionmaking processes as an issue that concerns the couple as a unit. Thus, the way in which people interact is profoundly impacted by the values and goals of equity demands. Walter R. Heinz is professor of sociology and social psychology, and director, Graduate School of Social Sciences, University of Bremen. Victor W. Marshall is professor of sociology, and director of the Institute on Aging, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Carolina.

Healing Roots

Author: Julie Laplante
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 178238555X
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Umhlonyane, also known as Artemisia afra, is one of the oldest and best-documented indigenous medicines in South Africa. This bush, which grows wild throughout the sub-Saharan region, smells and tastes like “medicine,” thus easily making its way into people’s lives and becoming the choice of everyday healing for Xhosa healer-diviners and Rastafarian herbalists. This “natural” remedy has recently sparked curiosity as scientists search for new molecules against a tuberculosis pandemic while hoping to recognize indigenous medicine. Laplante follows umhlonyane on its trails and trials of becoming a biopharmaceutical — from the “open air” to controlled environments — learning from the plant and from the people who use it with hopes in healing.

Deep Roots

Author: Anshuman Sharma
ISBN: 1300511974
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Foundations are the values and beliefs of a person, which are strictly followed by the people in their life. Foundations define the life of the person, the way she lives and the decisions she takes in her life. They bring the clarity in the life of the person by helping her to embrace the right choices from the options presented to her. This work focuses on the foundations which are right and would take any person towards their success. These foundations would help any person to review her beliefs, principles and rules in life to make the necessary corrections. The foundations specified are used by people to bring the necessary positive changes in their lives. You can meet any successful person and identify their foundations and principles of their life, in most of the cases the foundations would be derivative of the points presented in this book.

Plant Life

Author: Roland Ennos
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1444311379
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There are almost one third of a million species of plants which range in form from unicellular algae a few microns in diameter to gigantic trees that can grow to a height of 100 meters. Plant Life makes sense of the bewildering diversity of plants by treating them not just as photosynthetic factories, but as living organisms that are the survivors of millions of years of evolutionary struggle. The book examines plants from an evolutionary perspective to show how such a wide range of life forms has evolved and continues to thrive. The book is divided into three main sections. The first introductory section sets out the necessary background of evolutionary and taxonomic theory and introduces a classification of living plants based on the ways in which they have evolved. The second part investigates how the challenges of life in the water and on land have led to the evolution of the major taxonomic groups of the plants, and describes the key adaptations that have contributed to the success of each group. The final section shows how the contrasting environments of the world's major climatic zones have led to the evolution of such different floras as those of tropical rainforests, prairies and deserts. This section introduces a fascinating range of plants with ingenious and often bizarre methods of survival and reproduction. The book is enriched by detailed case studies, points for discussion and suggestions for further investigation. In addition, extensive color plates and line drawings bring the world of plants vividly to life. Clear classification charts and a full glossary are also useful. Plant Life is an essential elementary text for undergraduate students and should prove a breath of fresh air for jaded botanists who are accustomed to the traditional taxonomic grind through the plant kingdom. New, environmental approach in keeping with modern course content. Beautifully written in a clear, concise and accessible style. Extensive colour plates, electron micrographs and line drawings bring the world of plants vividly to life. Uses carefully chosen examples of species in each group, so that students are not overwhelmed with excessive information and species lists. Discussion questions at the end of chapters encourages further reading and provides essay topics for teachers. Clear classification charts and a full glossary provide useful material for revision.