Ancient Mediterranean Sacrifice

Author: Jennifer Wright Knust
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199876401
Size: 73.71 MB
Format: PDF
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An investigation of the multiple meanings and functions of sacrifice in diverse religious texts and practices from the late Hellenistic and Roman imperial periods.

Sacrifice In Modernity Community Ritual Identity

Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004335536
Size: 79.26 MB
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In Sacrifice in Modernity: Community, Ritual, Identity it is demonstrated how sacrificial themes remain an essential element in our post-modern society.

The Cuisine Of Sacrifice Among The Greeks

Author: Marcel Detienne
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226143538
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For the Greeks, the sharing of cooked meats was the fundamental communal act, so that to become vegetarian was a way of refusing society. It follows that the roasting or cooking of meat was a political act, as the division of portions asserted a social order. And the only proper manner of preparing meat for consumption, according to the Greeks, was blood sacrifice. The fundamental myth is that of Prometheus, who introduced sacrifice and, in the process, both joined us to and separated us from the gods—and ambiguous relation that recurs in marriage and in the growing of grain. Thus we can understand why the ascetic man refuses both women and meat, and why Greek women celebrated the festival of grain-giving Demeter with instruments of butchery. The ambiguity coded in the consumption of meat generated a mythology of the "other"—werewolves, Scythians, Ethiopians, and other "monsters." The study of the sacrificial consumption of meat thus leads into exotic territory and to unexpected findings. In The Cuisine of Sacrifice, the contributors—all scholars affiliated with the Center for Comparative Studies of Ancient Societies in Paris—apply methods from structural anthropology, comparative religion, and philology to a diversity of topics: the relation of political power to sacrificial practice; the Promethean myth as the foundation story of sacrificial practice; representations of sacrifice found on Greek vases; the technique and anatomy of sacrifice; the interaction of image, language, and ritual; the position of women in sacrificial custom and the female ritual of the Thesmophoria; the mythical status of wolves in Greece and their relation to the sacrifice of domesticated animals; the role and significance of food-related ritual in Homer and Hesiod; ancient Greek perceptions of Scythian sacrificial rites; and remnants of sacrificial ritual in modern Greek practices.

My Sacrifice And Yours

Author: Paul Turner
Publisher: Liturgy Training Publications
ISBN: 1616711809
Size: 25.18 MB
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Reflect on the sacrifice you present to the altar each week as you explore the words of the Eucharistic prayer, examine your own participation in the liturgy, and engage in discussion about what it means to share in the priestly action of Christ in the Mass.

Sin Redemption And Sacrifice A Biblical And Patristic Study

Author: S. Lyonnet
Publisher: Gregorian Biblical BookShop
ISBN: 9788876530487
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The present study is made up of three parts. The first one, entitled the notion of sin by Stanislas Lyonnet, starts from the observation that redemption is essentially the destruction of sin. For this reason the treatise on redemption in the New Testament is preceded by an inquiry into the notion of sin, as it derives from the Old Testament, especially from the account of Genesis 3. The second part, also from Stanislas Lyonnet, is devoted to the terminology of redemption in the N.T. The third part, by Leopold Sabourin, is about sacrifice and redemption in the history of St. Paul's formula Christ made sin (2 Cor 5,21). The author examines the most representative testimonies of the ancient and Medieval Greek and Latin writers, and exposes his interpretation of 2 Cor 5, 21, in which the notion of sacrifice for sin appears as a key concept in this formulation.

Sacrifice And Community

Author: Matthew Levering
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1405152176
Size: 29.72 MB
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This book explores the character of the Eucharist as communion inand through sacrifice. It will stimulate discussion because of itscontroversial critique of the dominant paradigm for Eucharistictheology, its reclamation of St Thomas Aquinas’s theology ofthe Eucharist, and its response to Pope John Paul II’sEcclesia de Eucharistia. Argues that the Eucharist cannot be separated from sacrifice,and rediscovers the biblical connections between sacrifice andcommunion. Timed to coincide with the Year of the Eucharist, proclaimed byPope John Paul II. Reclaims the riches of St Thomas Aquinas’s theology ofthe Eucharist, which had recently been reduced to a metaphysicaldefence of transubstantiation.

From Jewish Passover To Christian Eucharist The Todah Sacrifice As Backdrop For The Last Supper Catholic For A Reason Iii

Author: Tim Gray
Publisher: Emmaus Road Publishing
ISBN: 1940329582
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Tim Gray shows that the todah sacrifice is what links and underlies the Passover and the Mass. Introduced in the Old Testament, the todah—in contrast to the yearly celebration of Passover—was a continual sacrifice of thanks and praise to God for His saving actions: "A todah sacrifice would be offered by someone whose life had been delivered from great peril." Just as the Passover was a sacrifice in memory of when the Jewish people had been saved from death during their exile in Egypt, so too, the Mass is a continual sacrifice of thanksgiving for our salvation.

Rabinal Achi

Author: Dennis Tedlock
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780195139747
Size: 51.74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Tedlock's photographs and diagrams accompany the text, capturing nuances not apparent in the dialogue alone. He also provides an introduction and commentary that explains the historical events compressed into the play, the Spanish influence on the Mayan dramatic tradition, and the cultural and religious world preserved in this remarkable play."--BOOK JACKET.