The Secret Tradition In Alchemy

Author: Arthur Edward Waite
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136182926
Size: 10.97 MB
Format: PDF
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A complete history of alchemy revealing the subject as much more than the attempts in early science of turning base metals into gold or silver, this book goes about intimating the mystical experience underlying hermetic symbolism. It outlines some of the ‘secret’ inner meanings to alchemy - symbolism, metaphysics, and spirituality. This book contains a universe of information and is worthwhile reading for anyone wanting to know more on this engaging subject. Originally published in 1926.

Volume 15 Tome Iii Kierkegaard S Concepts

Author: Steven M. Emmanuel
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351874993
Size: 18.31 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Kierkegaard’s Concepts is a comprehensive, multi-volume survey of the key concepts and categories that inform Kierkegaard’s writings. Each article is a substantial, original piece of scholarship, which discusses the etymology and lexical meaning of the relevant Danish term, traces the development of the concept over the course of the authorship, and explains how it functions in the wider context of Kierkegaard’s thought. Concepts have been selected on the basis of their importance for Kierkegaard’s contributions to philosophy, theology, the social sciences, literature and aesthetics, thereby making this volume an ideal reference work for students and scholars in a wide range of disciplines.

History Of The United States Secret Service

Author: La Fayette Curry Baker
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Lafayette Baker served as a Union?spy during the Civil War and eventually took over the Union Intelligence Service from Allan Pinkerton. Baker suspected Secretary of War Edwin Stanton of corruption and was demoted after tapping his telegraph wires. After Lincoln's assassination, he returned to Washington, D.C. and played a vital role in rounding up those involved in the assassination plot. He was relieved of his position again after he was accused by President Johnson of spying on him, a charge Baker confesses to in his?History of the United States Secret Service, written as a response to his demotion. Baker passed away a year after publishing his book in 1868.

Insider Travel Secrets

Author: Tom Parsons (editor of Best Fares magazine.)
Publisher: Best Fares USA
Size: 11.28 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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