Seven Pillars Of Wisdom

Author: Thomas Edward Lawrence
Publisher: Wordsworth Editions
ISBN: 9781853264696
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Written between 1919 and 1926, this text tells of the campaign aganist the Turks in the Middle East, encompassing gross acts of cruelty and revenge, ending in a welter of stink and corpses in a Damascus hospital.

The Interpretation Of Dreams

Author: Sigmund Freud
Publisher: Wordsworth Editions
ISBN: 9781853264849
Size: 43.86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A translation of Sigmund Freud's "The Interpretation of Dreams" that is based on the original text published in November 1899.

The Social Contract

Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Publisher: Wordsworth Editions
ISBN: 9781853267819
Size: 79.40 MB
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In this translated classic, Rousseau argues for the preservation of individual freedom in political society. He says that we can only be free under the law by voluntarily embracing that law as our own. Hence, being free in society requires each of us to subjugate all our desires to the collective good, the general will.

The Plays

Author: Christopher Marlowe
Publisher: Wordsworth Editions
ISBN: 9781840221305
Size: 14.65 MB
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The plays collected in this text provide the reader with a clear picture of Marlowe as a radical theatrical poet of great linguistic and dramatic daring, whose characters constantly strive to break out of the social, religious, and rhetorical binds within which they are confined.

Four Late Plays

Author: William Shakespeare
Publisher: Wordsworth Editions
ISBN: 9781840221046
Size: 12.34 MB
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This translation first appeared in a privately printed edition in 1904 (the translator remains anonymous). With an Introduction by Derek Matravers. When it was first published in 1781, The Confessions scandalised Europe with its emotional honesty and frank treatment of the author's sexual and intellectual development. Since then, it has had a more profound impact on European thought. Rousseau left posterity a model of the reflective life - the solitary, uncompromising individual, the enemy of servitude and habit and the selfish egoist who dedicates his life to a particular ideal. The Confessions recreates the world in which he progressed from incompetent engraver to grand success; his enthusiasm for experience, his love of nature, and his uncompromising character make him an ideal guide to eighteenth-century Europe, and he was the author of some of the most profound work ever written on the relation between the individual and the state.

Five History Plays

Author: William Shakespeare
Publisher: Wordsworth Editions Limited
ISBN: 9781840221015
Size: 80.87 MB
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The central theme of these five history plays is political, they deal with the gain and loss of power. The plays included are Richard II, Henry IV parts I and II, Henry V and Richard III. Written in the period of national fervour following the abortive Spanish Armada campaign of 1588, the plays reflect the horrors of civil war and anarchy.

Thomas Edward Lawrence

Author: Philip M. O'Brien
Size: 71.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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New edition of a definitive bibliography of T.E. Lawrence, who was not only a soldier of fortune, but a fascinating man with a range of interests on many subjects. It covers the canon of Lawrence's work, as well as much of the literature about him that has been identified to date in all languages, t