Sold To The Highest Bidder

Author: Renee' Drummond-Brown
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1504968409
Size: 44.32 MB
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Renee’s Poems with Wings Are Words in Flight is a collection of poetic injustices that reflect periods in time relating to slavery, Civil Rights Movement and the 21st century. WE CANNOT FORGET TO REMEMBER OUR PAST, AND... WE CANNOT REMEMBER TO FORGET OUR PRESENT, AND... WE SHOULD NEVER FORGET, THAT WE WERE SOLD: TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER! RENEE’ B. DRUMMOND-BROWN

Sold To The Highest Bidder

Author: Kate Hardy
Publisher: Harlequin / SB Creative
ISBN: 4596379041
Size: 28.70 MB
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Jack finds himself driving his expensive car, totally unsuitable for the countryside, to Norfolk, where a fresh May breeze is whistling through the trees. His intentions are to buy an old manor and convert it into a party house for him and his high-society pals... If his failed marriage taught him anything, it’s that life is meant to be enjoyed. He pulls up a half hour early for his meeting with the owner only to find the beautiful blonde already waiting for him. Chuckling in spite of himself, he realizes this might be a more interesting weekend than he thought.

Sold To The Highest Bidder

Author: Daniel M. Friedenberg
Publisher: Prometheus Books
ISBN: 1615927220
Size: 26.27 MB
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...a helpful resource. -BooklistThis is a glorious America for the alert and resourceful, notes Daniel Friedenberg in this critical review of the American presidency during the last half of the 20th century. But he cautions, This is an unhappy America for the disadvantaged, the weak in body or mind, and those born without close family ties.The disparity between rich and poor in our immensely wealthy nation and the corrupting influence of money on politics to the advantage of the few over the many form the heart of his critique. Friedenberg emphasizes that the New Deal concern for the underdog - the major social achievement of the first half of the 20th century - has been gradually abandoned by presidents in the latter half of the century, along with tax policies that shifted wealth from the well-to-do to the less privileged. Though paying lip service to democracy, in fact recent presidents have upheld a system designed to maximize the influence of a powerful elite, a flexible plutocracy, as Friedenberg describes it. This has good and bad aspects. On the one hand, the innovations launched by powerful business leaders, such as Henry Ford, Thomas J. Watson (IBM), and Bill Gates (Microsoft), have resulted in millions of new jobs and advanced the overall prosperity of the nation. On the other hand, the system does little to help the poor rise to a higher level, and it has kept the middle class stagnating for the last thirty years. The effect of presidential policies is a divide between the haves and have-nots that today is every bit as stark as it was before the Great Depression.Friedenberg pleads for a new focus on improved education for all to narrow the widening gap between rich and poor, instead of the current folly of building gated communities for the wealthy and ever-more prisons for the law-breaking underprivileged. The vast technological resources unleashed by the computer revolution can and should be used to create a more equitable American future.Daniel M. Friedenberg (Greenwich, CT) is president of John-Platt Enterprises, Inc.; the author of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Land; and a former correspondent and feature writer for the New York Herald Tribune.

Hotwife Sold To The Highest Bidder A Wife Sharing Romance

Author: Karly Violet
Publisher: Karly Violet
Size: 52.30 MB
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Hotwife auctions her body to the highest bidder! Martin is shocked to discover his faithful wife has been stripping in a gentlemen's club; Initially confused by the stark revelation, he confronts Jenny learns of her dark secret. In an unexpected turn of events, Jenny learns her husband is drawn to the idea of sharing her with other men and they decide to explore their fantasies further. They become exclusive members of a website where wealthy men bid on each other’s wives, with the highest bidder winning the ultimate prize. In order to both stand out from the crowd, but more importantly, to satisfy his own desires of sharing his wife. Martin insists he will be watching the proceedings first hand, revelling in every second as the winning bidder enjoys the pleasures of his beautiful wife. It's not long before Jenny's body becomes a front page attraction as she finds her Hotwife services draw in the highest of bids. A sizzling hot 33,000 word romance novella featuring wife-sharing, a husband leaning of his wife flaunting her incredible figures mere inches from strange men, a couple embarking on a journey to explore their own hotwife fantasies. Sign up to Karly’s mailing list to download the free Epilogue to The Hotwife Adventure!

Sacrificing The Who To The Highest Bidder

Author: Theodore Macdonald
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1315343053
Size: 25.42 MB
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This remarkable book offers enlightening reading for everyone interested in international law, human rights, global health, public health and health promotion. Public health and health promotion professionals, including international healthcare organisations, care agencies, and international charities will find the analysis illuminating. It is also of great interest to policy makers and shapers in communities and government, political activists and all those with an interest in equality and globalisation.

Briefcase On Contract Law

Author: Simon Salzedy
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113533630X
Size: 33.45 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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First published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Sold To The Highest Bidder

Author: Teresa Richenberger
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781475106961
Size: 40.27 MB
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From using drugs at a very young age and becoming a runaway at the age of 16, Teresa had no way to take care of herself. She literally felt forced to sell her body for a place to stay. Thinking this was the path to take to support herself, she answered a "Dancers Wanted" ad in the local newspaper and became an exotic dancer at the age of 17. In her mind, there was no turning back now. But, by the age of 28, Teresa had reached her breaking point. She knew something had to change because she could not go on like this; she was dying. After being trapped for almost 12 years in strip clubs and prostitution, she had lost herself. One day while looking in another newspaper, she answered a completely different kind of ad -- a church ad to come visit. Teresa went to church that night and that was where her healing process began! She now lives her life for Christ and helps others to overcome their painful past. Teresa discovered the freedom to live victoriously by applying God's Word to her life. From her battle with learning to trust and love again AND the struggles of everyday life, she desires to help others do the same. She is now an advocate for hurting women and girls in the sex trade. She wants to help them discover their true value and self worth. She does know the way out of hell because she used to live there! God has provided Teresa with many opportunities to share her testimony with this life-changing message of the Gospel. She has a real life example with an incredible testimony of the dynamic, redeeming work of Jesus Christ! Featured on The 700 Club and SEEDS TV.

Taken By The Highest Bidder

Author: Jane Porter
Publisher: Harlequin / SB Creative
ISBN: 4596649030
Size: 20.88 MB
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Samantha has long been feeling the effects of her husband Johann’s gambling addiction. He’d almost lost everything they had, and now, he’s even bet Samantha! When a man named Cristiano appears after winning Johann’s last bet, Samantha’s husband disappears, and she’s forced to give in to the man who bested him. But when she and her daughter, Gabby, suddenly run away to the orphanage Samantha grew up in, they discover that even that won’t keep Cristiano from pursuing his winnings!

Federal Tax Litigation

Author: Susan A. Berson
Publisher: Law Journal Press
ISBN: 9781588521019
Size: 60.42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book offers an insider's perspective on both the legal issues and practical considerations involved in handling a federal tax controversy.