Solve For Happy

Author: Mo Gawdat
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 1509809961
Size: 35.76 MB
Format: PDF
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'He explains how even in the face of the unthinkable, happiness is still possible' – Stylist Solve for Happy is the equation for happiness. This is a startlingly original book about creating and maintaining happiness, written by a top Google executive with an engineer's training and fondness for thoroughly analyzing a problem. In 2001, Mo Gawdat, a remarkable thinker whose gifts had landed him top positions in half a dozen companies and who – in his spare time – had created significant wealth, realized that he was desperately unhappy. A lifelong learner, he attacked the problem as an engineer would, examining all the provable facts and scrupulously following logic. When he was finished, he had discovered the equation for enduring happiness. Ten years later, that research saved him from despair when his college-aged son, Ali – also intellectually gifted – died during routine surgery. In dealing with the loss, Mo found his mission: he would pull off the type of 'moonshot' that he and his Google [X] colleagues were always aiming for: he would help ten million people become happier by pouring his happiness principles into a book and spreading its message around the world. One of Solve for Happy's key premises is that happiness is a default state. If we shape expectations to acknowledge the full range of possible events, unhappiness is on its way to being defeated. To steer clear of unhappiness traps, we must dispel the six illusions that cloud our thinking (e.g., the illusion of time, of control, and of fear); overcome the brain's seven deadly defects (e.g., the tendency to exaggerate, label, and filter), and embrace five ultimate truths (e.g., change is real, now is real, unconditional love is real). By means of several highly original thought experiments, Mo helps readers find enduring contentment by questioning some of the most fundamental aspects of their existence.

The Happy Human

Author: Gopi Kallayil
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 140195412X
Size: 36.43 MB
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Gopi Kallayil, author of The Internet to the Inner-net and one of Google's best and brightest, uses stories from his high-tech work life and his personal life to explore what it means to be truly happy--and what makes us truly human. Happiness is a multimillion-dollar industry, catering to our deep desire to live a joyful life and to a belief that, as human beings, we deserve to be happy. Gopi Kallayil believes in reversing that equation. He holds that what we truly deserve is to be human, and that the key to happiness lies in being 100 percent who we are, reveling in our authentic selves, even if--maybe especially if--that means falling on our faces. Which Gopi has done. Many times. But he's also had spectacular success. This book explores the qualities that make us human and have helped to make Gopi successful and happy in both his personal life and his professional career. Told with Gopi's candor and humor, his deep compassion and his love of the absurd, The Happy Human spans the period from his first job as a software programmer in South China to his current position as an executive at Google in Silicon Valley. Each chapter captures an event in Gopi's life where he dug deep and found the means to express himself from a place of radical confidence: Singing live at Burning Man, even though he sings off-key and was terrified. Participating in a triathlon, with an open-water swim, when he had only swum in a pool. (Lifeguards pulled him into their boat to save him.) Speaking at Toastmasters International and being willing to be awful--which he admittedly was--before finally, years later, becoming one of their top speakers. He also weaves in accounts of others who have dreamed big and acted on their dreams. Gopi's stories and practices help us find happiness by embracing not only our own selves but the entire human experience, inspiring us to expect miracles daily, to use every fall as a chance to bounce, to go for what we want on every front, to live our lives full-out.

The Happiness Problem

Author: Wren-Lewis, Sam
Publisher: Policy Press
ISBN: 1447353579
Size: 78.90 MB
Format: PDF
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We appear to have more control over our lives than ever before. If we could get things right – the perfect job, relationship, family, body and mind – then we’d be happy. With enough economic growth and technological innovation, we could cure all societal ills. The Happiness Problem shows that this way of thinking is too simplistic and can even be harmful: no matter how much progress we make, we will still be vulnerable to disappointment, loss and suffering. The things we do to make us happy are merely the tip of the iceberg. Sam Wren-Lewis offers an alternative process that acknowledges insecurity and embraces uncertainty. Drawing on our psychological capacities for curiosity and compassion, he proposes that we can connect with, and gain a deeper understanding of, the personal and social challenges that define our time

Love Your Challenges A Doctor S View To A Happier You Seven Success Habits To Achieve Your Life S Mastery

Author: Priyank Gupta
Publisher: Australian Self Publishing Group
ISBN: 1925908860
Size: 60.24 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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We all have problems in our lives and face challenges in all shapes and sizes every day. How do you deal with them? Do they make you stressed? Anxious? Depressed? Do you feel worried and scared most of the time? Or do you feel empowered to tackle your challenges head on. This book nails the latter option, focusing on loving and embracing your challenges, both large and small. Loving your challenges is a compilation of 21 small stories to inspire you, sharing the timeless principles which can help you cultivate a mindset for growth. Do you wish to achieve the mastery of your life? MASTERS are the seven success habits you can practice achieving the mastery of your life, its ultimate goal. Essentially, consistent practice of these simple yet powerful habits have an exponential impact on bringing out the best in you. MASTERS is a practical framework to learn and practice in your own unique way- M- Meditate and Be Mindful A- Action your Affirmations S- Smile + Be Silent T- Think + Thank E- Exercise R- Read S- Share your Story + Scribble Do you want to learn how you can apply​ these principles in your life in a ​simple​ ​way? Finding your own unique voice and your why​ is the most important thing. That’s exactly what you will discover in Love your Challenges.


Author: Jasper Kim
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351113690
Size: 10.51 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Persuasion: The Hidden Forces That Influence Negotiations represents the first book of its kind to package and present persuasion principles in an innovative, international, and interdisciplinary fashion. This easy-to-understand book is the culmination of seminal research findings spanning across decades and disciplines – psychology, philosophy, negotiations, decision-making, logic, law, and economics, among others – from esteemed experts around the world. Persuasion provides a series of short, simple-to-use intellectual tools to go above and beyond merely describing "what to think"– but "how to think" in a persuasion, influence, and negotiation context –across a diverse array of disciplines, sectors, and situations from boardrooms to classrooms for the twenty-first century.


Size: 66.70 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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