Saint John Bosco And His Big Gray Dog

Author: Hayley Medeiros
ISBN: 9781940209166
Size: 24.45 MB
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It is hard to believe that anyone would have ever wanted to hurt good Father John Bosco. He helped so many people. But there were times when his life was in danger. During those times, a very special guardian would appear to protect him. In this way, God saved the holy priest from harm so he could complete his mission and help children come to know God.

Partners In Holiness Guardian Angels In The Lives Of The Saints

Author: Melaine Ryther
Publisher: MBR Books
Size: 27.59 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Everyone has an angel story, or so it seems, but the Catholic Church has some pretty spectacular ones, especially those that are found in the lives and legends of the saints. Starting in earliest Christian times with Gregory the Great and finishing in the 20th century with one of the Church's newest saints, Padre Pio, Partners in Holiness tells the stories of nine men and women who grew in virtue and holiness with the assistance of their angels. Sometimes the help was sublime; sometimes it was stunning. St. John Bosco's assumed the form of a large dog and protected him on numerous occasions from bloodthirsty assailants. St. Frances of Rome's helped her to read at night by the light of his hair. St. Lydwine's "flew" her to faraway places in the heavens and on earth. And St. Gemma Galgani's graced her with constant visible companionship for most of her short life. Written in a manner friendly to all age groups, these accounts recreate the times and settings in which they occurred. But always at their core is the message that the friendship of an angel is not just for a canonized saint, but is a gift to each of us, saint or sinner. Woven throughout the book are teachings and anecdotes about the angels from a Catholic perspective. For anyone interested in angelology, hagiography, history, theology, or just an inspiring read, Partners in Holiness satisfies on many levels.

Saints Of The Church

Author: Michael G. Allen
Publisher: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 1681494205
Size: 19.40 MB
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The Vision Books are one of the most popular and well-written series of saints' lives ever produced for young people. This Teachers' Guide now offers teachers and parents a practical means to stimulate both the spiritual growth and intellectual development of students through an organized, systematic study of seventeen biographies of holy men and women in the Vision Books series. This guide facilitates student interaction with the spiritual insights, moral lessons, and sound academic content found in each book. It is divided into sections, each of which contains an overview of the saint's life and activities that illustrate the person's impact on the Church and his time. These activities are destined to challenge student thinking, to promote the application of spiritual insights to the reader's personal life, and to expand the reader's understanding and appreciation of the holiness of the saints. Teachers can select any combination of activities for individual students, for small groups, or for class-wide discussion. The activities include chapter vocabulary, language in context, time line, outline maps, topics for written reports, biographical sketches, using Scripture and the Catechism, and discussion questions.

Spiritual Warfare For Catholics

Author: Jeffrey J. Steffon
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1556352123
Size: 18.44 MB
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How to use the weapons in your spiritual arsenal Dave was a faithful husband and a model parishioner, yet he suffered guilt and shame over a secret addiction to pornographic movies and magazines. Sue suffered from recurring nightmares, having dabbled in the occult years earlier. It never occurred to either Sue or Dave that evil spirits might be at work to heighten their problems, or that spiritual warfare might help in combating their besetting sins. Like many Catholics, they were unaware of how to use the weapons in their spiritual arsenal. 'Spiritual Warfare for Catholic' is an invaluable guide to the unseen conflict we all face. It includes helpful advice on a variety of topics: -angelic protection -the sacraments -the intercession of Mary and the saints -daily prayer

Saint John Bosco

Author: F. A. Forbes
Publisher: TAN Books
ISBN: 1618904752
Size: 73.32 MB
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The story of "The Friend of Youth" is told here in a brief, popular manner for teenagers and adults. A practical joker with a great sense of humor in his youth, St. John Bosco (1815-1888) grew up to become a priest and the founder of the Salesians (the largest order in the Church). Relates the many prophetic dreams he had, how Our Lady called him and helped him to become a priest, his struggles with the devil, and much more! An easy read, and a great book for any Catholic.

Emmylou Finds Her Voice

ISBN: 9781940209357
Size: 23.49 MB
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Talented hen Emmylou comes to appreciate the gift God gave her despite the criticism of her peers, who don't appreciate her singing voice.

The Gift In The Manger

Author: Sherry Boas
ISBN: 9781940209180
Size: 12.43 MB
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When their feeding trough ends up serving as a bed for a tiny baby, the animals get a glimpse into God's loving plan to save the world. Like every one of us, each of the animals gathered around the manger has a struggle to overcome. They, like us, find the answer in Jesus, the only one who can fix our brokenness, heal our imperfections and give us the gift that makes us whole - the gift of himself. No matter what our flaws and limitations, Jesus has the remedy, if only we trust in him. In this charming fable by seasoned story teller Sherry Boas, the animals in the stable get a chance to see all the gifts Jesus has brought into the world, all revealed in the tiny baby's eyes.

The Critic

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The Intelligence Of Dogs

Author: Stanley Coren
Publisher: New York : Free Press ; Toronto : Maxwell Macmillan Canada
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Coren examines the mental abilities of dogs, including memory, the ability to understand human language, and emotion, as well as how the varios breeds differ in intelligence.