Stay In The Fight

Author: Kyle E. Lamb
Publisher: Trample & Hurdle Publishers
ISBN: 9780615166544
Size: 30.28 MB
Format: PDF
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"Drawing on Combat experiences from Mogadishu, Somalia to Mosul, Iraq, I want to pass lessons learned to fellow Warriors. Common sense and combat proven, these are the criteria for my techniques. This book is intended to enhance your shooting skills and refine the tactical employment of your Combat Pistol. Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilian alike will find a wealth of information, and numerous tools for their Tactical Toolbox. We also discuss the Training Mentality and Mindset that will help you not only survive your next gunfight, but thrive."--Cover

Video Sourcebook

Author: Thomson Gale
Publisher: Gale Cengage
ISBN: 9781414400990
Size: 31.21 MB
Format: PDF
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From classroom aids to corporate training programs, technical resources to self-help guides, children's features to documentaries, theatrical releases to straight-to-video movies, The Video Source Book continues its comprehensive coverage of the wide universe of video offerings with more than 130,000 complete program listings, encompassing more than 160,000 videos. All listings are arranged alphabetically by title. Each entry provides a description of the program and information on obtaining the title. Six indexes -- alternate title, subject, credits, awards, special formats and program distributors -- help speed research.

Aces Warriors And Wingmen

Author: Wayne Ralph
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 047015814X
Size: 24.93 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A celebration and a tribute to the warriors of the air who as young men served their country with unselfish devotion. Hear their words. Join these young Canadians in combat. AN EXCERPT FROM THE ACCOUNT OF GROUP CAPTAIN RAYNE SCHULTZ, 410 SQUADRON. It was heading home very fast, a Junkers 188, in thin cloud, well out over the North Sea. We hit it badly, and it was flaming, two-three hundred yards [of] flames streaming behind... my navigator, being a serious-minded individual said, "Let's get in closer and take a good look at it, as it is a different type of aircraft and I can report on it when we get down." So I closed in, which was the stupidest thing I ever did.... The mid-upper gunner was not dead; he was sitting inside of the flames. The next thing I saw the gun traversing down toward us. I broke as fast as I could, but he put forty to forty-four 13mm cannon shells into us. I had pistons blown out of one engine and the constant speed unit blown out in the other. We were going to bail out! We jettisoned the door and the navigator was halfway out when the chap came back from the Ground Control Intercept (GCI) and said, "There is a Force 9 to 10 sea and we will never be able [to rescue] you." So we brought that aircraft back to Bradwell Bay and I can tell you it near flew again. My navigator was wounded, bleeding from the face. I could see the engines running red hot, one was actually running on molten metal... the whole thing glowing inside. The air bottles were shot away and I had no brakes for landing. The Mosquito was in ribbons.

The Video Games Guide

Author: Matt Fox
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 078647257X
Size: 48.67 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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"The Video Games Guide is the world's most comprehensive reference book on computer and video games. Each game entry includes the year of release, the hardware it was released on, the name of the developer/publisher, a one to five star quality rating, and a descriptive review of the game itself"--Provided by publisher.

The Army S Sioux Campaign Of 1876

Author: Major Mark V. Hoyt
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 1786251582
Size: 65.85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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During the first half of 1876 the Army conducted three expeditions against the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians. The results of these three expeditions were: the first expedition destroying a small village, the second expedition being defeated in a meeting engagement, and the third expedition suffering the annihilation of five companies. The results lead to questioning the Army’s focus on attacking and destroying villages as the primary target of their expeditions. If the Army had a complete understanding of the Sioux they would have realized that the “hub of all power” or center of gravity of the Sioux was the horse, which every major aspect of Sioux life was augmented and dependent upon. The first three expeditions of the Sioux Campaign of 1876 demonstrate that: senior Army commanders planned their campaigns, expeditions, and organizations around their knowledge of Sioux mobility, the primary source of power for the Sioux warrior was mobility gained from the horse, Army forces could not bring their advantage in firepower to bear on Sioux warriors. Army commanders understood the mobility of the Sioux village and their warriors, but they failed to take the next step—challenging the old assumption that attacking villages and using a strategy of exhaustion was the correct way to subdue the Sioux. Instead, Army forces should have concentrated their attacks on center of gravity of the Sioux—the horse.

Real World Self Defense

Author: Jerry VanCook
Size: 76.23 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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A streamlined approach to developing a working personal defense system, with a focus on survival. Includes discussion of legal aftermath of successful self-defense.

Prima S Authorized Gameshark Pocket Power Guide

Author: Prima Temp Authors
ISBN: 9780761539919
Size: 24.71 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Good, The Bad, and the CodeBoy Over 14,400 New Codes Including Nintendo 64: ·Aidyn Chronicles ·Mario Party 3 ·Tony Hawk's Pro Skater v1.1 Game Boy: ·Dragon Warrior 3 ·Pokemon Crystal ·Roswell Conspiracies ·WWF Betrayal Game Boy Advance: ·Castlevania: Circle of the Moon ·Fire Pro Wrestling ·Pinobee: Wings of Adventure ·Super Mario Advance PlayStation: ·Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare ·Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX ·NFL GameDay 2002 ·Tomb Raider Chronicles PlayStation 2: ·Gaunlet: Dark Legacy ·NASCAR Heat 2002 ·Red Faction v1.1 ·Twisted Metal: Black *IMPORTANT: You must own a GameShark Video Game Enhancer to use these codes!