Sterling Test Prep Ap Chemistry Practice Questions

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Practice questions with detailed explanations for all topics tested on AP Chemistry. Electronic and atomic structure of matter; Periodic table; Chemical bonding; States of matter: gases, liquids, solids; Solution chemistry; Acids and bases; Stoichiometry; Equilibrium and reaction rates; Thermochemistry; Electrochemistry

Sterling Ap Chemistry 1 700 Practice Questions

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AP Chemistry prep best seller! Guaranteed higher score or your money back! We've helped thousands of students improve their AP scores This AP Chemistry prep book contains over 1,700 Chemistry practice questions that will help you to: - master important chemistry concepts - assess your knowledge of all AP Chemistry topics - improve your test-taking skills - prepare for the AP Chemistry exam comprehensively and cost effectively AP Chemistry 1,700+ Practice Questions by Sterling Test Prep is comprised of all Chemistry topics tested on the AP Chemistry exam. Scoring well on the AP exam is important for you future placement credit for college chemistry and for admission into college of your choice. To achieve a high score, you need to develop skills to properly apply the knowledge you have and quickly choose the correct answer. You must solve numerous practice questions that represent the style and content of the AP questions. Understanding key science concepts is more valuable than memorizing terms. All the questions are prepared by our science editors that possess extensive credentials, are educated in top colleges and universities. Our editors are experts on teaching sciences, preparing students for standardized science tests and have coached thousands of undergraduate and graduate school applicants on admission strategies. Topics covered in this book: electronic structure and periodic table, bonding, phases and phase equilibria, stoichiometry, thermodynamics and thermochemistry, rate processes in chemical reactions: kinetics and equilibrium, solution chemistry, acids and bases.