Still Writing

Author: Dani Shapiro
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 0802121403
Size: 42.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 3691
Examines the process of creative writing and storytelling through the author's personal stories and experiences of living a writer's life and offers lessons and insights to aspiring authors.

Writing Picture Books Revised And Expanded Edition

Author: Ann Whitford Paul
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1440353778
Size: 70.91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 2260
Master the Art of Writing Enthralling Tales for the Youngest pre-and emerging readers! Fully updated and thoroughly revised, Writing Picture Books Revised and Expanded Edition is the go-to resource for writers crafting stories for children ages two to eight. You'll learn the unique set of skills it takes to bring your story to life by using tightly focused text and leaving room for the illustrator to be creative. Award-winning author Ann Whitford Paul helps you develop the skills you need by walking you through techniques and exercises specifically for picture book writers. You'll find: • Instruction on generating ideas, creating characters, point-of-view, beginnings and endings, plotting, word count, rhyme, and more • Unique methods for using poetic techniques to enrich your writing • Hands-on revision exercises (get out your scissors, tape, and highlighters) to help identify problems and improve your picture book manuscripts • Updated tips for researching the changing picture book market, approaching publishers, working with an agent, and developing a platform • All new quizzes and examples from picture books throughout • New chapters cover issues such as page turns, agents, and self-publishing Whether you're just starting out as a picture book writer or have tried unsuccessfully to get your work published, Writing Picture Books Revised and Expanded Edition is just what you need to craft picture books that will appeal to young children and parents, and agents and editors.

Poem Central

Author: Shirley McPhillips
Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers
ISBN: 1571109633
Size: 20.28 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 1161
In Poem Central, Shirley McPhillips helps us better understand the central role poetry can play in our personal lives and in the life of our classrooms. She introduces us to professional poets, teachers, and students--people of different ages and walks of life--who are actively engaged in reading and making poems. Their stories and their work show us the power of poems to illuminate the ordinary, to nurture, inspire and stand alongside us for the journey. Poem Central is divided into three main parts--weaving poetry into our lives and our classrooms, reading poems, and writing poems. Shirley has structured the book in short sections that are easy to read and dip into. Each section has a specific focus, provides background knowledge, shows poets at work, highlights information on crafting, defines poetic terms, features finished work, includes classroom examples, and lists additional resources.

Cultivating Creativity In Methodology And Research

Author: Charlotte Wegener
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319602160
Size: 50.78 MB
Format: PDF
View: 4930
This book presents a variety of narratives on key elements of academic work, from data analysis, writing practices and engagement with the field. The authors discuss how elements of academic work and life – usually edited out of traditional research papers – can elicit important analytical insight. The book reveals how the unplanned, accidental and even obstructive events that often occur in research life, the ‘detours’, can potentially glean important results. The authors introduce the process of ‘writing-sharing-reading-writing’ as a way to expand the playground of research and inspire a culture in which ‘accountable’ research methodologies involve adventurousness and an element of uncertainty. Written by scholars from a range of different fields, academic levels and geographic locations, this unique book will offer significant insight to those from a range of academic fields.

Design Your Life

Author: Ellen Lupton
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1429994231
Size: 25.13 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 4548
Design Your Life is a series of irreverent and realistic snapshots about objects and how we interact with them. By leading design thinker Ellen Lupton and her twin sister Julia Lupton, it shows how design is about much more than what's bought at high-end stores or the modern look at IKEA. Design is critical thinking: a way to look at the world and wonder why things work, and why they don't. Illustrated with original paintings of objects both ordinary and odd, Design Your Life casts a sharp eye on everything from roller bags, bras, toilet paper, and stuffed animals to parenting, piles, porches, and potted plants. Using humor and insight Ellen and Julia explore the practical side of everyday design, looking at how it impacts your life in unexpected ways and what you can do about it. Speaking to the popular interest in design as well as people's desire to make their own way through a mass-produced world, this thoughtful book takes a fresh and humorous approach to make some serious points about the impact of design on our lives. Find out what's wrong with the bras, pillows, potted plants, and the other hopeless stuff you use, buy, clean, water, or put away everyday. Discover how to secretly control the actions of those around you by choosing and placing objects carefully. Find out how roller bags are threatening civilization, and how the layout of your own house might be making you miserable. Use the tools of self-publishing to take the power of branding into your own hands. Taking a fresh, funny look at parenthood, housekeeping, entertaining, time management, crafting, and more, Design Your Life shows you how to evaluate the things you use, and how to recognize forms of order that secretly inhabit the messes of daily life, be it a cluttered room or a busy schedule. Use this book to gain control over your environment and tap into the power of design to communicate with friends, family, and the world.

The Last Supper

Author: Rachel Cusk
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 1429930594
Size: 60.16 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 3138
A vivid and elegant account of a family's season abroad by one of our finest contemporary authors Casting off a northern winter and an orderly life, a family decides to sell everything and go to Italy to search for art and its meanings, for freedom from routine, for a different path into the future. The award-winning writer Rachel Cusk describes a three-month journey around the Italy of Raphael and rented villas, of the Piero della Francesca trail and the tourist furnace of Amalfi, of soccer and the simple glories of pasta and gelato. With her husband and two children, Cusk uncovers the mystery of a foreign language, the perils and pleasures of unbelonging, and the startling thrill of discovery -- at once historic and intimate. Both sharp and humane in its exploration of the desire to travel and to escape, of art and its inspirations, of beauty and ugliness, and of the challenge of balancing domestic life with creativity, The Last Supper is an astonishing memoir.

What Is A Kiss Anyway

Author: Susan Lewis
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469100584
Size: 49.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 3028
Why does my six year old son hate kisses? Why does my three year old daughter want to wear the equivalent of ball gowns to the playground? Why does my husband limp when he has a sore throat? What is a Kiss, Anyway? is a collection of humorous and poignant stories about one womans attempt to make sense of family life.

The Writer S Portable Therapist

Author: Rachel Ballon
Publisher: Adams Media
ISBN: 9781593375447
Size: 12.51 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1037
Drawing on Dr Ballon's years of experience in psychotherapy and proven writing exercises, 'The Writer's Portable Therapist' is a must have for writer's facing all kinds of creative challenges.


Author: Jennifer Grant
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1617950998
Size: 59.57 MB
Format: PDF
View: 2842
Celebrating the joyous art of being a mother, MOMumental offers an inspiring, honest, and infectiously humorous look at the perils and pleasures of raising a family in the real world. Once a devout believer in the myth of the perfect mother, author Jennifer Grant now has a more realistic yet still upbeat view of parenting and families. Instead of focusing on creating a conflict-free home, raising picture-perfect kids, and being an ideal mother, Grant offers a wiser and more down-to-earth way to love your children that makes room for mistakes and imperfections. She says, "I share stories about family life and how I've come to appreciate the mess of it. I am grateful for my own happy, idiosyncratic, and imperfect family." MOMumental is one mother's account of the unpredictable, creative, sometimes hilarious, and always rewarding process of raising a family. It's filled with funny and poignant stories from her everyday life-a life that mothers everywhere can identify with. MOMumental is a book about parenting, family, and intentional relationships for readers who normally avoid such fare like an overzealous street evangelist. (Raises hand.) Its wit and wisdom completely enraptured me. A delightful and surprising gift to us all. Cathleen Falsani award-winning journalist and author

The Pleasures And Perils Of Genius

Author: Peter F. Ostwald
Publisher: International Universities PressInc
Size: 54.84 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 7329
Few subjects have been more intriguing and more puzzling than that of genius, a very rare but very powerful human phenomenon: From time immemorial people have suddenly come on the scene who have incredibly superior mental capacities and the ability to see things in a totally new way, to contribute useful and original things and ideas, and to change the course of history. To be such a person, endowed with highly unusual gifts and so noticeably different from ordinary or normal people, imposes great responsibility as well as stress not only on these individuals themselves but also on those who are close to them, interested in them, or affected by them: their parents, siblings, friends, teachers, co-workers, spouses, and children. Although geniuses may have serious psychiatric problems, little has been done to study them psychologically. An interdisciplinary conference was the foundation of this work. There was a desire to explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of being a genius, and to bring things to a more concrete level by focusing on one particular genius, viz. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He was a highly successful child prodigy, and was encouraged, taught, and controlled by his musician-father. Despite his amazing capacities as a boy, he ran into serious difficulty as an adult, partly because of his complicated and rather ambivalent relationship with his father, partly because of his unlucky marriage, and partly because of changing socioeconomic circumstances in eighteenth-century Vienna. Contributions are from psychologists, physicians, historians, musicologists, psychiatrists, and musicians and range from fairly extensive surveys (e.g.. the special characteristic of geniuses: the genius-madness controversy) to some quite specific problems (e.g. the limitations of medical practice in Vienna at Mozart's time: the psychodynamics of his family). In addition to the issues mentioned here, the volume also features a panel of outstanding performing artists who talk about their own childhood and professional experience as highly gifted and somewhat exploited people. This collection will appeal to parents, teachers, psycho-therapists, artists, musicians, scholars, and others who are curious about what it means to be a genius and what it was like to be Mozart. The book may also stimulate some thinking about how to help people who have the qualities of genius and run into subsequent difficulties as a consequence.