Author: Robert B. Reich
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 9780307267856
Size: 65.36 MB
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From one of America's foremost economic and political thinkers comes a vital analysis of our new hypercompetitive and turbo-charged global economy and the effect it is having on American democracy. With his customary wit and insight, Reich shows how widening inequality of income and wealth, heightened job insecurity, and corporate corruption are merely the logical results of a system in which politicians are more beholden to the influence of business lobbyists than to the voters who elected them. Powerful and thought-provoking, Supercapitalism argues that a clear separation of politics and capitalism will foster an enviroment in which both business and government thrive, by putting capitalism in the service of democracy, and not the other way around. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Historia Del Peronismo

Author: Eva Perón
Publisher: Fundacion Pro Universidad de la Produccion y del Trabajo
Size: 60.21 MB
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Hist Ria Econ Mica Da Primeira Rep Blica

Author: Sergio Silva
Publisher: EdUSP
ISBN: 9788531406898
Size: 76.93 MB
Format: PDF
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Este é o terceiro volume de uma série contendo os trabalhos apresentados no I Congresso Brasileiro de História Econômica, que abordam, de perspectivas teóricas diversas, temas fundamentais para a compreensão de nossa História Econômica no período entre 1890 e 1930. Colaboram neste volume especialistas de várias nacionalidades como Manuel Correia de Andrade, Maria Stella Bresciani, Nilo Odália, Angela de Castro Gomes, Colin Lewis e Heraclio Bonilla, entre outros.

Hist Ria Econ Mica Da Primeira Rep Blica

Author: Sergio Silva
ISBN: 9788527103572
Size: 71.52 MB
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"Excellent collection of essays by Brazilian and foreign authors originating from a 1993 conference. Among chapter titles are 'O Brasil na América Latina' (general essays on coffee, rubber, and business history); 'A Questão da Terra' (land appropriation and disputes); 'O Processo de Industrialização' (covering immigrants and labor supply, the textile industry, foreign investment); and ' O Mundo do Trabalho' (surveying labor markets)"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 58.

Fictions Of Youth

Author: Simona Bondavalli
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442627077
Size: 17.51 MB
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Fictions of Youth is a comprehensive examination of adolescence as an aesthetic, sociological, and ideological category in Pier Paolo Pasolini's prose, poetry, and cinema. Simona Bondavalli's book explores the multiple ways in which youth, real and imagined, shaped Pasolini's poetics and critical positions and shows how Pasolini's works became the basis for representations of contemporary young people, particularly Italians. From Pasolini's own coming of age under Fascism in the 1940s to the consumer capitalism of the 1970s, youth stood for innocence, vitality, and rebellion. Pasolini's representations of youth reflected and shaped those ideas. Offering a systematic treatment of youth and adolescence within Pasolini's eclectic body of work, Fictions of Youth provides both a broad overview of the changing nature of youth within Italian modernity and an in-depth study of Pasolini's significant contribution to that transformation.

Non Standard Employment And Quality Of Work

Author: Tindara Addabbo
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783790821062
Size: 11.65 MB
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The international literature on non-standard employment has mostly focussed on its impact on employment, and more recently on working and living conditions. This volume explores these issues with special reference to Italy. Italy is characterized by very low participation rates (particularly women’s), a high degree of fragmentation of labour contracts and a very intense non-standard work diffusion that make this context a particularly interesting case for analysis. New elements of discussion are provided with reference to the interaction of non-standard work, employment probability and living conditions. Interesting insights on the impact of non-standard work on the transition to stable employment and workers’ careers emerge, suggesting a possible failure of companies’ internal systems of work evaluation. The effects on labour productivity and on companies’ performance are analysed. Within this framework, a new perspective on quality of work is suggested.